Hey Patrick Murphy, Who is Running Against Rep. Allen West…..THIS is WHY We Love Allen West


Can YOU guess which party Patrick Murphy is associated with?

**Note: the FIRST Youtube posted by Patrick Murphy was taken down because there were an overabundance of PRO Allen West comments there. Now the video has returned**


A comment under the above video on YOU TUBE:

THIS MAN ROCKS!!! Allen West is the man, I see you all felt the need to remove the older video so the comments would disappear, no worries, the date of the video has changed but the people SUPPORT ALLEN WEST AND THIS VIDEO shows them exactly why they should. I agree with CM Sackett and swetty4020 I will NOW GO DONATE HERE allenwestforcongress This negative propaganda IS Goebbel style tactics and you show the people of Florida exactly why HE should be re-elected. GO WEST 2012



To Donate to Allen West’s re-election campaign, go HERE.



Allen West: The “Velvet Steamroller” and the Liberal’s Worst Nightmare.



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  1. Allen West is the only conservative in congress with enough guts to call it like he sees it. Note to Patrick Murphy: Kiss my grits!

  2. Sheesh this guy has balls! Gotta love his boldness to say what many of us are thinking! I support West all the way to the White House … whenever that might be!!! In the meantime, MORE like him, please!

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