Is Obama Essentially the “Union’s President”? Or is Obama promoting Forced Unionism on American Businesses? Whatever Happened to Freedom to Choose?



Obama professes the Corporations create Class warfare.

Yet, unbeknownst to the “Middle Class” families, Obama pushes for Unionization of workers.  Is Obama more for the power that Unions represent or FOR the workers across America?

Forced Union dues upon workers is NOT the way to gain popularity amongst workers across America.

The Unions are Socialists/Communists; those that don’t profess this outwardly are Socialists/Communists by proxy (in union that want that form of government).


A backgrounder of the National Labor Relations Board:

The National Labor Relations Board (nlrb) is a five-person federal agency charged with regulating the process of collective bargaining between American employers and their workers. The nlrb serves, in effect, as a court of appeals, investigating and resolving charges of unfair labor practices and disputes over the delineation of bargaining units and elections for union representation. Members of the board are appointed to five-year terms by the president, with the approval of the Senate.

A forerunner of the nlrb, the National Labor Board, was established in 1933 to enforce the collective bargaining provisions of the National Industrial Recovery Act (nira), but it had little power and was in any case invalidated when the Supreme Court struck down the nira in the spring of 1935. Senator Robert Wagner of New York had been pressing for some time for a more comprehensive labor law (including a strong three-person National Labor Relations Board), but had received little support from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Then, in the summer of 1935, during a period of dramatic reform initiatives that came to be called the Second Hundred Days, Roosevelt suddenly announced his support for the Wagner-Connery Labor Relations Act. Despite conservative opposition, the bill passed both houses easily and was signed on July 5, 1935.

The nlrb, established under the Wagner Act, took an active role in supporting and extending labor’s right to organize during the late 1930s. In earlier years, the Supreme Court had struck down a succession of New Deal laws; its upholding of the Wagner Act in NLRB v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. (1937) marked the beginning of a series of decisions favorable to New Deal reforms.

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The NLRB’s stacked deck

December 31, 2011

President Barack Obama appointed Lafe Solomon acting general counsel in June 2010 during a congressional recess. The timing was no accident. Mr. Solomon’s blatantly pro-union — and anti-business — record precluded any possibility of Senate confirmation, though his nomination is still pending.

Mr. Solomon lived down to that reputation by filing a highly dubious legal complaint against Boeing in April, charging that the company’s 2009 decision to put a 787 Dreamliner plant in North Charleston violated federal law.

His far-fetched case: By saying that the availability of a non-union work force here was a significant factor in the site choice, Boeing officials illegally “retaliated” against a union in Washington state — a union that got roughly 2,000 more jobs from the company in that state after the decision was made.

Fortunately, the NLRB withdrew that complaint three weeks ago, a week after Boeing reached an agreement with the union for it to provide workers to a 737 MAX facility near Seattle.

Unfortunately, though, after dropping the action against Boeing, Mr. Solomon said that “if we were ever faced with a similar pattern, we might well issue a complaint.”

South Carolina Sens. Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham, along with nine Republican colleagues, rightly responded to that remark by writing a Dec. 19 letter to President Obama, asking him to withdraw his nomination of Mr. Solomon.

The senators wrote: “American employers should have the freedom to make private business decisions without the threat of a government-appointed official filing disparaging and costly litigation. Especially during this economic climate, this sort of bullying by a federal official whom you have handpicked cannot be tolerated.”

And: “Instead of serving as an unbiased adjudicating body that protects the rights of employees and employers, the NLRB has demonstrated an unprecedented and unacceptable overreach of authority. Mr. Solomon’s recent threat is further pressuring every employer to think twice about relocating within the U.S., while facing no retribution for moving outside the country.”

In another Dec. 19 letter, all 47 Republican senators urged the president not to again circumvent their chamber’s “advise and consent” role by taking the recess-appointment route for his two recently announced NLRB appointees, Sharon Block and Richard Griffin.

Certainly Senate questioning of those two nominees would be instructive: Ms. Block is a former aide to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, a staunch union supporter. Mr. Griffin is general counsel for the International Union of Operating Engineers.

And under this president, the NLRB’s zeal in promoting organized labor at the expense of the business community hasn’t been limited to its misguided complaint against Boeing.

Last week, the agency announced that new unionization election regulations will go into effect on April 30.

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Obama has been circumventing Congress and their legislative authority.


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Are most Unions in America run Cosa Nostra (mafia style)?

Cosa Nostra Chart


United Mine Workers President, 25 Years Ago

**Always be a need for Coal and mine workers?**


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How can Obama say he is for the working middle class man/woman, yet backs the tactics… of the (Cosa Nostra style) Unions that force workers to join Unions in ambush elections?


Whatever happened to the Freedom to Choose

 in America?



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