Some Pointed Advice From Ronald Reagan (Circa 1964) Compare Reagan’s Words to America Today



This speech is long……BUT listen carefully and compare this speech in 1964 to what we see and hear today.




 – AUGUST 17, 2010

Circa 1964

Ronald Reagan gave this speech in 1964 at the Republican National Convention but he could have given it yesterday. The issues he covered are the very same issues that face us today. He spoke of war, taxes, unchecked government, welfare, social security/medicare and socialism.

I sorely miss the unabashed conservatism that Reagan represented. He was unafraid to speak of God and country with pride. When we pull the lever in November we need to elect those who are similarly unafraid to speak of right and wrong in absolute terms. There exists evil in this world and we need leaders who are not afraid to call it out. We need leaders who understand that this country is still great; still a beacon to the rest of the free world.

I know this speech is a bit long but it is well worth your time to watch it through. You will see that what we face is not new, only repackaged to look new. We have face these threats before and prevailed. If we persevere we will do so again.





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