Eric Holder Fights Against Voter ID Laws. Does Holder Treat Minorities as Mentally Challenged Voters?



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From Canada Free Press:

Eric Holder Fights Against Voter ID Laws

By David Lawrence

January 17, 2012

Eric Holder thinks that voter identification laws will disenfranchise minorities.  He says that Voter ID laws discriminate against poor blacks and Hispanics.

Eric Holder is the reason that minorities are disenfranchised.  He treats them like mentally challenged people who are incapable of getting ID’s.  Does he feel that his own people are idiots?  Are they so incompetent that they can’t get a license, a picture ID or sign an affidavit?

It I were black I’d tell Holder to go represent some other group of failures instead of making excuses for me when I don’t need excuses. I only want my opportunity to prove that I am a citizen and to vote.  I would get my own darn ID.

Holder shows the same disdain to minorities that a white liberal does.  They all feel that ethnic groups are inferior and need to be pushed along. They get paternal and like to feel superior to their underlings.

Of course there is an ulterior motive here.  Holder and his boys want to abolish ID’s so that the Democrats can continue forcing voter fraud and Acorn-ing the ballot, pushing along Obama’s propaganda-driven, meretricious reelection.

Hey, Obama’s a rock star.  Too bad he keeps cutting his fingers on the guitar strings.

Holder made no effort to stop voter intimidation by the Black Panthers but he is all jolly about allowing people to vote without ID’s.  You can’t drive a car without a picture ID but you can change the course of your government because Holder allows you to vote without proof, considering you are too inferior to come up with evidence of who you are.

And who is Holder.  A toad for Obama.  A liberal hopping around from one sanctimonious pod of self-righteous puffery to another.  He insults his own people.  He belittles his government. His very principles criticize all of us. Isn’t it time we stripped him of his job for seditiously trying to realign the government according to his simple-minded principles?  When is he going to be punished for Fast and Furious? When is he going to be fired for putting corny left-wing principles above the reality of pragmatic governing?

Obama would never fire Holder.  He is the toad he keeps beneath his pillow.


**This post written entirely by David Lawrence***





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