Has Obama’s FCC Czar Mark Lloyd Influenced Fox News? Is “Fairness Doctrine/Net Neutrality” Coming True Through the “Back Door”?



A backgrounder on Mark Lloyd:

Lying Liars: Media Access Project


Remember Mark Lloyd, Obama’s controversial DiversityRedistribution of Wealth Czar at the FCC? I first wrote about him back in August and September 2009.

You may recall, Lloyd’s agenda includes defanging the overwhelming power of conservative talk radio. (His concept, not mine.)

**A MUST WATCH VIDEO before going forward in this post***

Mark Lloyd, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress, LCCREF board member, and author of Prologue to a Farce: Communication and Democracy in America


From Canada Free Press:

The Fox News Feminists

By Cliff Kincaid

January 23, 2012

As tens of thousands of Americans stage a “March for Life against abortion in Washington, D.C., new Fox News Channel paid contributor Sally Kohn will be singing the praises of the abortion industry. Kohn, a lesbian feminist, is an alumnus of the Women’s Media Center, which celebrates the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that struck down all laws against abortion.

Kohn, the latest addition to the “Fox News Family,” has argued that the Republican Party is trying to “kill women” by cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S. The Women’s Media Center was founded in 2005 as a “progressive women’s media organization” by writers/activists Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem.

The goal of the Women’s Media Center in “making women visible and powerful in the media” has achieved a noticeable objective in the hiring of Sally Kohn by the Fox News Channel. But it’s not the only feminist breakthrough with Fox. Jehmu Greene, who became a Fox News contributor in 2010, is a former president of the Women’s Media Center. She is also a Democratic Party operative who was the national director of Project Vote, a group with close ties to the corrupt ACORN organization.

ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief, a former Project Vote/ACORN employee, says Project Vote acquired funds to run voter registration drives through ACORN. But the ACORN connection has been curiously omitted in Jehmu Greene’s bios, and she gets extremely upset when it is mentioned, Moncrief told Accuracy in Media.

Moncrief wrote about Greene’s previously unknown relationship to ACORN through Project Vote in a column, “Former ACORN insider infiltrates Fox News,” which appeared on the website Hot Air and other sites on September 7. “In 2006 ACORN was running a massive campaign across the country to raise the minimum wage,” she said. “Their efforts were tied in with Project Vote’s voter registration drive and the subsequent takeover of the House of Representatives by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.”

Moncrief goes on, “As a tax exempt nonprofit, Project Vote acquired funds to run ‘non-partisan’ voter registration drives but ‘contracted’ with partisan ACORN.” She reproduced a 2004 “Joint Effort Agreement” that provided legal cover for the two organizations “that, during my tenure, operated seamlessly as one.”

The Jehmu Greene connection to the corrupt entity is upsetting to Moncrief, who is trying to hold the organization and its operatives accountable. It is also upsetting, she said, because of Greene’s current employment at Fox News Channel, at a time when some conservative contributors to the channel have been writing and speaking critically about ACORN.

Moncrief wrote, “Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and other Fox News personalities have been vilified in the mainstream media and threatened in their personal lives for exposing ACORN. It is an insult to them and average Americans to have a former ACORN insider using Fox News to espouse her liberal bias. From attacking Tim Tebow to smugly ‘representing’ blacks during segments called ‘Has Obama Abandoned the African-American Community?’ one has to question the judgment of Fox when folks like Walter Williams, Star Parker, Alfonzo Rachel and a host of others like them exist in the Conservative movement.”

Beck, of course, was fired from the channel last year after he did numerous exposés of the “progressive” community, including ACORN, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Soros-funded entities and Soros himself.

While Greene’s ACORN connection is just starting to attract media attention, Sally Kohn’s involvement in one of the leading Soros-funded groups, the Center for Community Change, is causing concern among long-time viewers of the popular cable channel. Many see her hiring as evidence of Soros acquiring control of, or influence over, the channel. Some believe Fox News is being blackmailed to accommodate the far-left.

The reaction to my January 19 column on this topic has been one of shock and surprise at Fox News hiring far-left personnel. Under the headline, “Fox News Hires Soros Subversive,” a reference to Kohn, Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Geller wrote, “Unbelievable. Rational voices are continually given the shaft, prohibited from the airwaves, and these agitators and subversives are given respect, salaries and the imprimatur of legitimacy. The right does not have ONE network. Not one.”

Described by one of her fans as “totally the next Rachel Maddow—only funnier,” Kohn once recorded a video mocking Glenn Beck for his political views, during which she claimed that Hitler and Mussolini were “conservative political heroes” and implying that Beck was a fascist. Kohn is now appearing regularly on the channel and writes for the channel’s popular website. Beck, on the other hand, now hosts an Internet TV program, GBTV.

On WorldNetDaily, which posted my column on Kohn’s official hiring as a member of the “Fox News Family,” the reaction included comments like this:

  • Looks like Fox News had fallen into the same black hole as the rest of the mass media. I wonder how much it cost Soros to buy Fox.
  • FOX has sold out to Soros, I am saddened by this.
  • Most likely Fox knuckled under to blackmail. Soros went after Murdoch’s Empire with the hacking investigation against News of the World using the left-wing Guardian newspaper.
  • Let’s see, they hired Juan Williams, kept Colmes and are hiring Kohn. Add them to Beckel, along with firing Beck, and it seems like Fox wants the liberal viewers more than they want to be “fair and balanced.”

Readers of my column at GOPUSA.com said:

  • We have been seeing a left turn by Fox News. I recommend GBTV, Glenn’s new network is looking good, and Glenn is back in great form. GBTV is more than worth the small subscription fee.
  • I have noticed this for a while. Every time I turn on Fox News there seems to be a new liberal guest commentator. If I wanted liberal I’d turn on MSNBC, so I rarely watch Fox anymore.
  • I think it’s fine to have reasonable liberals like Juan Williams and even Beckel on Fox News, but this woman has been bothering me and actually turning me off to Bill’s shows.
  • What a shame! We are so disappointed in Fox News…I wonder if Soros got to them as he did with Glenn Beck!  What else is there to watch???  Maybe someone needs to start a new conservative cable news channel????

The popular Moonbattery blog, whose slogan is, “Driving a stake through the heart of the lunatic left,” commented, “Even with Geraldo Rivera, Shep Smith, Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, et al., the suits at Fox News apparently feel they don’t provide soapboxes to enough flaming moonbats to qualify as Fair and Balanced. Now they are importing George Soros-financed ultra-radical Rachel Maddow types. If we wanted to listen to leftists shriek, we would turn the channel to MSNBC. At least if Fox News goes full moonbat, we can save the money spent on cable bills by putting our TV sets out with the trash.”

Fox News Insider, the official blog of the Fox News Channel, hailed her addition to the line-up. It said, “Congratulations to the newest member of the Fox News Channel team, Sally Kohn. Today she joined Alisyn Camerota on America Live for the first time as a contributor. Kohn is the founder and chief education officer of the Movement Vision Lab.”

She has already written 20 columns for the Fox News website.

But the “Movement Vision Lab” appears not to exist. Clicking on the group’s website takes you to Kohn’s personal website.

The Movement Vision Lab was once a special project of the Center for Community Change, one of the major Soros-funded groups in the country. It was described as an effort “To create a space in which grassroots organizers and social justice activists can share, rate, and debate progressive, visionary ideas for the future.”

Keep reading here………

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Date: August 17, 2011

Tea Party Leader Heckles President Obama — Sally Kohn Comments on Fox News’ America Live

Political commentator and progressive analyst Sally Kohn weighs in on the tone and civility of political discourse today.

**Uploaded to You Tube BY SALLY KOHN***




Date: June 12, 2006<<<<<<

Jehmu Green…..National Director of Project Vote, a part of ACORN, former President of “Rock the Vote”






Other Guests/Analysts at FOX News:

Another Fox “Guest/Analyst”:  Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill Speaks About New Book With Mumia Abu Jamal

**A Must watch video***


Jehmu Greene is a Contributor to Fox News.

What YOU don’t know and Jehmu Greene won’t tell you are her connections to and “best buds”:


Jehmu Greene Axelrod and Sandra Fluke


David Axelrod, Jehmu Greene and Sandra Fluke

Are you getting the sense here America that Fox has become the “politically correct” Leaning (Left) Tower of Pisa channel?


Another Fox News contributor/analyst:

Geraldo Crowns Himself Race Card KING




Video: Did Brian Williams (NBC) bow to Barack Obama? Is True Journalism Dead?


First Brian Williams “Bows” To Obama: Now This! Obama Nationalizes The Free And Independent Press


ABC Connection To White House for Dummies


Other obvious Liberal Biased Media:







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  1. […] Has Obama’s FCC Czar Mark Lloyd Influenced Fox News? Is “Fairness Doctrine/Net Neutrality” Com… […]

  2. […] Has Obama’s FCC Czar Mark Lloyd Influenced Fox News? Is “Fairness Doctrine/Net Neutrality” Com… […]

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