Obama wants to Negotiate with this Vermin? Pakistani Taliban Release Brutal Execution Video Showing Soldiers Handcuffed, Blindfolded And Shot In The Back of The Head…


Via Weasel Zippers:

January 23, 2012

With the obligatory “Allahu Akbar” chants are they are shot.

(Daily Mail) — Blindfolded and handcuffed to each other on a barren hilltop, Pakistani soldiers wait for death at the hands of a merciless Taliban fighter.

Fifteen men were lined up for execution, the chilling scene captured on film by the Taliban for a video released as a warning to the Pakistani army operating near the Afghan border.

The Frontier Corps soldiers were seized last month in what the Taliban said was an operation to avenge the deaths of insurgents in Pakistan.

The video shows one of the killers from the Pakistan Taliban, or TTP, holding an AK-47 rifle and speaking with fury about revenge.

‘Twelve of our comrades were besieged and mercilessly martyred in the Khyber Agency [area],’ said the militant. ‘Our pious women were also targeted.

‘To avenge those comrades, we will kill these men. We warn the government of Pakistan that if the killing of our friends is not halted, this will be the fate of you all.’

One of the men shoves a clip into his assault rifle and fires a few rounds into the back of the heads of some of the soldiers. ‘God is greatest,’ the Taliban yell.

Other fighters step up and take turns pumping bullets into the men, some wearing green military uniforms. Each time a soldier collapses, the man standing next to him is pulled in that direction by the handcuffs. After the executions, the Taliban militants stare at the bodies slumped on the ground.

‘If the killing of our friends is not stopped, this will be the fate of all infidel armies, God willing,’ says one militant.

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Yet Biden states the Taliban are NOT our enemy?

Obama wants to negotiate with this vermin?

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Yet the Liberal Bias explodes with “news” about Marines, after a heated battle with the Taliban, peed on the dead Taliban corpses?

Murder, Mayhem and Tinkling on Terrorists




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