This Should Make some American Workers Cringe: NLRB Wants to FORCE Companies to Turn Over Employee Contact Information



From The Blaze

By Becket Adams

January 27, 2012

Peter Schaumber appeared on Fox’s Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss a troubling new development within the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Board Chair Mark Pearce is introducing a series of new regulations. One of these regulations, if passed, would require businesses to surrender their employee’s personal contact information to campaigning union heads.

“If the National Labor Relations Board gets its way, companies could be forced to hand over your contact information, whether you like it or not, to union leaders,” Fox host Neil Cavuto said. “Union leaders having access to your phone number, your email address?”

Schaumber, himself a former NLRB chairman, joined Cavuto to discuss his great fear: that unions will use that information to harass people not in a union.

“I think it’s terrible. Workers have a right to be left alone,” Schaumber said.

“They have a right not to be harassed during a union organizing campaign. If a worker has given his or her employer their home phone, their personal email address, their cell phone, it was in the expectation that it wasn’t going to be given to third parties but was going to be used by the employer for the purposes of what it was intended to be given for. And in most instances that’s to contact the employee under emergency situations.”

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As a worker, would YOU like your boss giving away YOUR personal information?

Once the UNION gets your information, you may experience what these workers experienced when a Union tried to Unionize a business:


Workers Experience Card Check, Warn About Lies, Harassment and Intimidation


Union Organizing Victims Speak Out




President Barack Obama & President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka


Someone should ask Obama’s bud Richard Trumka about Eddie York:

Trumka — The Eddie York Slaying




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