Sometimes the Truth is Uncomfortable: Interview of Allen West January 30, 2012 **PLUS** Progressive Super PAC targets Tea Party House Members. Why? They are the Antithesis of Socialism/Marxism



The Progressives/Liberals and even Republican establishment are against Allen West.  Why?  Because he speaks the truth and doesn’t want Americans to be lemmings?

Interview of Rep. Allen West on January 30, 2012 and the purposeful destruction of individualism, freedoms, and the destruction of entrepreneurial spirit.

This is Allen West at his best.

Congressman West even mentions Ayn Rand’s great novel “Atlas Shrugged”.

The Truth is in the interview; but will YOU Listen and comprehend it to the end?


Super PAC Targets West

The leftwing demogogues have begun their 2012 attack on conservatives. Huffington Post announced the establishment of a liberal-progressive Super PAC, the aim of which is to destroy the characters of 10 conservative heros! The PAC, named “Take Down The Tea Party 10”, announced the selection of its first 6 targets, and have spelled-out their despicable accusations against those heros.

Huffington Post says, “The first six lawmakers targeted by the group are Reps. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), Steve King (R-Iowa), Allen West (R-Fla), Joe Walsh (R-Ill.),Frank Guinta (R-N.H.), and Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.). Four more will be chosen by CREDO’s members.”

Following are the announced intentions and the accusations being made against the 6 conservatives that are targeted at this date, and the emphasis are mine:

“We’re going to empower local activists to organize their friends and neighbors to lay out the truth about their representatives in the most basic terms,” Arnold added. “They are anti-woman.They are anti-science. They are hypocriticalbigoted, and have said and done things that are downright crazy. They’ve done more to embarrass their constituents than they have to govern or work toward solutions. They are unfit for Congress, and we’re going to help their constituents hold them accountable.”…n_1241084.html


CREDO Action, the one targeting the Tea Party 10 are ACTUALLY only part of the Working Assets group; the other group is ACT BLUE, an organization that is behind Progressive Candidates.

Credo action states on its website: More than network; a movement and is a publication for Working Assets.

ABOUT Working Assets:

  • Provides more than 300,000 customers across the United States with long-distance telephone services, wireless telephone services, and credit cards
  • Gives a percentage of its revenues to leftist groups and causes
  • Has raised more than $50 million for what it terms “progressive causes” since 1985
  • Opposes oil exploration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Opposes America’s involvement in Iraq War
  • Opposes the Patriot Act

Established in 1985, Working Assets is a company that provides more than 300,000 customers across the United States with long-distance telephone services, wireless telephone services, and credit cards. Working Assets gives a percentage of its profits to leftist groups and causes. One of its original founders was Drummond Pike, who established the Tides Foundation in 1976.

The groups that Working Assets funds fall under five categories: Peace & International Freedom; Education & Freedom of Expression; Environment; Economic & Social Justice; and Civil Rights.

In 2004 its aggregate donations totaled $7 million. From its 1985 inception through 2005, the company has raised more than $47 million for what it termsprogressive causes.” The process of deciding who will receive these funds is initiated by Working Assets’ customers, who nominate groups they deem worthy of financial support. Once the nominations have been made, the company’s employees and board members narrow the field of recipients to fifty groups. In turn, the customers vote to determine how the available money will be apportioned among those fifty.

Recent recipients of Working Assets funding include:  Global Fund for Children; Global Fund for Women; Human Rights Watch; International Medical Corps; Ipas — Global Reproductive Health & Rights; the Ploughshares Fund; the Union of Concerned Scientists; Women for Women International; the American Progress Action Fund;Democracy Now!Free Press; the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN); Independent Press Association; Media Matters for America; the Public Education Network; the Coral Reef Alliance; Earthjustice; ForestEthics; the Global Greengrants Fund; Greenpeace International; the International Rivers Network; the Natural Resources Defense Council; the Oil & Gas Accountability Project; the Organic Consumers Association; the Rainforest Action NetworkACORN; the Center for Policy Alternatives; the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; the Drug Policy Alliance; the National Coalition for the Homeless; the National Employment Law Project; Oxfam America; the Project on Government Oversight; Wellstone Action; the American Civil Liberties Union; the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy; Americans United for Separation of Church and State; the Center for Constitutional Rights (a pro-Castro organization); the Children’s Defense Fund; the Feminist Majority Foundation; Human Rights Campaign; the NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation; People for the American Way; the Planned Parenthood Federation of America; and Project Vote.

Because of its candidly partisan nature, Working Assets takes a stand on many contemporary political and social issues. It is a member organization of the United For Peace and Justice antiwar coalition and the Win Without War antiwar coalition. Working Assets has also produced a letter (for which it had collected some 30,000 signatures as of November 2005) titled Congress: Admit You Regret Voting for Iraq War.” 

More here……….


LINK to CREDO Super-Pac

Did YOU notice that the targets of the CREDO Super-Pac are ONLY House members?  Why?  Because the Progressives already have the majority in the SENATE.

***Note also that ACT BLUE is taking the donations.***


From its inception, ActBlue was utilized by the “Netroots nation,” the progressive blogging community, as a way of “leveling the playing field” with major political action committees like and EMILY’s List. “The blogosphere was our earliest adopter, co-founder Rahn recounted. “They helped push $250,000 into federal campaigns [in the summer of 2004], and by the end of [the year] we were printing $1 million in checks out of Matt’s [DeBergalis’] living room.”

In 2006, the Daily Kos (founded by Markos Moulitsas) and raised $1.5 million for their preferred candidates through ActBlue.

Don’t be fooled America.


The Tea Party is NOT a “Party”, but a movement.  It is regionalized, yet bound in national purpose.

Tea Party Mission Statement (from Teton Valley):

Whether Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or Republican, our members share the following mission statement:

The impetus, or the launch and force, for the Tea Party movement, is a response to excessive government spending, debt, and control. Added regulation and taxation will further destroy our economy. Our goal is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three CORE VALUES:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility

  2. Constitutionally Limited Government

  3. Free Markets

We Believe these principles will restore our economy, this will require some undoing of our government.

To take back our country, we must learn history and government philosophies. Understand the miracle of our founders, our Republic, our laws, our faith, our individualism that led to the greatest nation of all times. We now are required to grow our own leaders and politicians that are willing to fight the machine in both parties, refuse special favors, and honor the position they serve. We must vow to join this effort with our lives and fortunes.








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