Attack Rep. Allen West and THIS Happens. Will CREDO get the Message?



Allen West Campaign Outraises Almost Every Other House Member; Money Coming From Everywhere

By Rich Abdill

February 2, 2012

Say what you will about Allen West as a legislator; as a fundraiser, there’s no doubting that he’s very, very good. Finance documents submitted to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday complete a picture of 2011 fundraising that reveals he’s raised about $5.8 million so far in the election cycle. That’s more than any member of the U.S. House of Representatives other than Speaker John Boehner, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Campaigns are required to disclose donor information for contributions totaling more than $200; of West’s $5.8 million, just under $2.7 million is itemized as these large donations — and a New Times geographic analysis reveals that well more than half of it isn’t from Florida.

West has received at least $1,631 from every state in the republic. While he raised just over $1 million in Florida, he raked in more than a quarter million dollars in itemized donations from Texas and $213,000 from California. Below, you’ll find a map of all of his donations; if it doesn’t work properly in your browser or you’d like to see a bigger version, click here.

Stats and Charts HERE



Rep. West Declares ‘Days Of Conservatives Being Punching Bags – That’s Over’

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.

February 1, 2012

On the Sean Hannity radio show today, Rep. Allen West said that “the days of conservatives being punching bags-that’s over.”

“As I shared with you last night and I will continue to say, the days of conservatives being punching bags-that’s over, Rep. West (R-) said. “And we have to stand up-we have to stand up on principle.”

“We have to identify this message and this ideology which is counter to the principles and values of this Constitutional republic.”

Hannity and West were discussing the recent comments made by the congressman in which he told Democratic leaders to take their message “the hell out of the U.S.”  West believes the uproar in the media surrounding these comments is an example of the “duplicitous hypocrisy” and the “double standard” from those on the left.

“We got to draw that contrast and we have to be bold and daring in doing so that we can inspire people to stand up and also get people to answer questions-what do they believe in?”




Sometimes the Truth is Uncomfortable: Interview of Allen West January 30, 2012 **PLUS** Progressive Super PAC targets Tea Party House Members. Why? They are the Antithesis of Socialism/Marxism



**Imagine if you will ALLEN WEST running against the likes of Romney and Gingrich for the Republican ticket***



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  1. Oh how I long to here the words President West. It sounds so right…..get it…right! I find myself so disapointed he will not run. He is our GEORGE WASHINGTON.

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