A Fallen Marine’s Message of “Hope”……..Obama Cuts Hazard Pay for Soldiers Serving in Harm’s Way


Before YOU read the following, a pause to HONOR a Marine killed while serving for the U.S.

Killed Seattle U.S. Marine Leaves Behind a Message of Hope: “I Know That It Was All Worth It”

February 5, 2012

By Christopher Santarelli

Killed Seattle Marine Leaves Behind Letter of HopeSgt. William Stacey. Photo from KOMO-TV

We often hear elected officials attempt to galvanize the American people by delivering messages of “hope” and “change,” that critics on both sides of the aisle in turn disparage as simple campaign rhetoric that will inevitably fade away or go unaccounted for.

After making the ultimate sacrifice, Sgt. William Stacey’s words will not only provide some comfort to his family, but undoubtably live on as an inspiration to men and women who fight for the freedoms he held most dear and was willing to defend at all costs.

“My death did not change the world; it may be tough for you to justify its meaning at all,” Sgt. Stacey wrote in a letter he left to be sent to his parents if killed in the line of duty. “But there is greater meaning to it.”

Sgt. Stacey tragically died on January 31. He joined the Marines in January 2007 and had completed a total of five deployments. Sgt. Stacey was set to return home to Washington state after his final deployment in Afghanistan this spring.

KOMO reports that Sgt. Stacey was killed when an enemy bomb went off while the 23-year-old was on foot patrol in Afghanistan Tuesday.

“None of us who love him know how to measure the vastness of this pain,” his mother, Robin, said in an email to ABC News. “He is but one of a number of men and women who have risked and sometimes lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq, just as we are but one of thousands of families whose hearts are breaking today.”

Sgt. Stacey was the son of two teachers, who released their son’s letter with the 23-year-old’s obituary in his hometown Seattle Times. Sgt. Stacey’s stirring “in case of death” letter was found by his family Thursday, it reads:

“My death did not change the world; it may be tough for you to justify its meaning at all. But there is a greater meaning to it. Perhaps I did not change the world. Perhaps there is still injustice in the world. But there will be a child who will live because men left the security they enjoyed in their home country to come to his. And this child will learn in the new schools that have been built. He will walk his streets not worried about whether or not his leader’s henchmen are going to come and kidnap him. He will grow into a fine man who will pursue every opportunity his heart could desire. He will have the gift of freedom, which I have enjoyed for so long. If my life buys the safety of a child who will one day change this world, then I know that it was all worth it.

Semper Fidelis means always faithful. Always faithful to God, Country and Corps. Always faithful to the principles and beliefs that guided me into the service. And on that day in October when I placed my hand on a bible and swore to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, I meant it.”

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***Emphasis added***


By Jim Hoft of Gateway:

February 6, 2012

They will now only get the $7.50 daily proration for the individual days they are actually serving in harm’s way instead of for the whole month. (DOD)

Barack Obama cut pay for military men and women serving in harm’s way starting this month.
The Army Times reported:

Starting this month, some troops will begin receiving less Imminent Danger Pay when a new policy takes effect that will prorate the standard $225 monthly IDP stipend.

Under the new policy, troops will be paid only for the actual days they spend in the danger pay location, defense officials said Thursday.

Under the previous policy, troops who spent any portion of the month in a danger pay location received danger pay for the entire month.

The proration amounts to $7.50 per day. So, for example, if a service member spends only 7 days of the month in Afghanistan, he or she will have only $52.50 in Imminent Danger Pay added to their paycheck.

Doug Ross reminds us:

This follows efforts by the president to make veterans pay for their own health insurance — even those injured in combat — and his calls last month for raises for millions of federal paper-pushers.

In other words, the president continues to siphon off more and more money from our defense infrastructure — hitting our warriors first, last and hardest in the process — to fund his green energy scams and public sector union cronies (which, coincidentally, also contribute heavily to his campaign).

And yet Obama will be more than happy to use these same soldiers for a photo op.

Hat Tip Joey


***Written by Jim Hoft**




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  1. As a former soldier in the U.S. Army, I thank you for your thoughts and concerns for my sisters and brothers in arms. I do, however disagree with you on this issue. While serving in Iraq, I met individuals that were flown into Iraq for one day, specifically to recieve the stipend. Personally I don’t think taking advantage of that stipend is very professional and my understanding is that there were many soldiers taking the opportunity. To say that one soldier spending one or two days in a Combat Zone (CZ) should get the same stipend as a soldier who is there the entire month is a little ridiculous. How could you justify that? As someone who spent months, day in and day out, in Iraq, i didn’t think it was right that one could fly into a CZ for a day and get he benefit of bein there he entire month. President Obama is trying to cut wasteful spending and in my opinion this is one excellent way of doing so.



    I come from a long line of military service members. My son has done THREE tours of Iraq. After 8 years in the Army, he is getting out of the military. Between the new “Rules of Engagement”, and the “New” Combat pay system, he feels that Obama is NO LONGER on the side of the military men and women who serve our country.

    When you have bullets whistling by your head and members of your team blown to bits from IED’s; whether you are in the “OPs arena” for one minute, one hour, one day or a month, combat pay should be for the ENTIRE MONTH. Soldiers are PAID by the MONTH…..

    I believe this is yet another indignant slap in the face to our military brothers and sisters.

    How about Obama NOT being involved in Crony Capitalism and wasteful spending on the “Green Jobs” with companies receiving MILLIONS of $$ in loans only to claim bankruptcy just months after their loans: Solyndra, Lightsource, Tonopah comes to mind. You want to save $$$ stop the wasteful spending on the failed Green sector instead.



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