Poll Data Skewed for Obama? Don’t Believe the Hype America. Do Dems Think Americans are Dumb?




From Politico:

Poll: Obama over 50% vs. Mitt Romney


February 6, 2012

President Barack Obama holds a clear lead over Mitt Romney in a hypothetical general election match-up, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Among all Americans, Obama leads Romney 52 to 43 percent, whereas among registered voters, the presidents has a narrower edge over Romney, 51 to 45 percent. This is the first time that Obama has more than 50 percent of the votes in a match-up against Romney among all Americans since July, when the president led the GOP candidate, 51 to 44 percent.

But the president has progress to make in instilling economic confidence in Americans – asked which candidate can be trusted to do a better job in handling the economy, 48 percent of the general population picked Romney over 45 percent that picked Obama. The Republican frontrunner also fared better job creation, narrowly beating Obama 47 to 45 percent, as well as the handling of the federal budget and deficit, 51 to 41 percent.

It is the first time that the president has topped 50 percent in a match-up against Romney among registered voters.

The survey also showed, however, that people trust Obama will be a better champion of the middle class than Romney, 55 to 37 percent. Also, 56 percent of the general population said they trust that the president would do a better job handling international affairs compared to just 37 percent that picked Romney. Similarly, the majority said the president’s handling of terrorism will be better than Romney’s, 56 to 36 percent.


NOW THIS FROM News Busters:

‘Does Axelrod Poll For ABC?’

By Mark Finkelstein 

February 6, 2012

Joe Scarborough had a jocular way this morning of pointing out the pro-Dem bias in ABC/Washington Post polls.

On Morning Joe, after Mark Halperin cited a new poll from the conglomerate with many findings favorable to President Obama, Scarborough facetiously asked “does Axelrod poll for ABC?” He went on to detail the way the polling combine consistently puts its fat left thumb of the scales for Dems.

MARK HALPERIN: There’s a new ABC/Washington Post poll that David Axelrod tweeted last night was, quote, worth a read.  I can see why he likes it.  It shows the president up over Mitt Romney by a lot, and doing particularly well on the question “who understands the economic problems of the middle class?”


HALPERIN: ABC News/Washington Post. It’s filled with good stuff for the president.  Head-to-head against Romney, and strong on almost every issue. Romney’s going to have to do a lot, if he’s the nominee, to put himself in a better position.  There’s still plenty of time —

SCARBOROUGH: Does Axelrod poll for ABC?

HALPERIN: [chuckling] No he does not.

SCARBOROUGH: Oh. I’m just curious.  I joke about it, but again, last time I said this other polls followed.  But ABC News/Washington Post polls always have about a three, four, five-percent point tilt in the president’s direction.  There are others like Rasmussen that go the other way.


Note: Halperin was citing a poll of an organization of which he is an alum.  Halperin was once political director of ABC News where he infamously stated in an email to his reporters that they should not “artificially hold George W. Bush and John Kerry ‘equally’ accountable” to the public interest, and that complaints from Bush supporters were an attempt to “get away with … renewed efforts to win the election by destroying Senator Kerry.”







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