Hypocrisy at its BEST: DNC Convention In Charlotte To Feature Million-Dollar Tickets, Luxury Suits And Concierge Services For The Party’s One-Percenters…



Via Weasel Zippers:

DNC Convention In Charlotte To Feature Million-Dollar Tickets, Luxury Suites And Concierge Services For The Party’s One-Percenters…

In other words, Obama’s class warfare shtick is a crock of sh*t aimed at the uninformed masses.

Via Free Beacon:

The organizers of the upcoming Democratic National Convention are doing everything possible to get around the same financial restrictions they once promoted in a concerted effort to make sure that America’s wealthiest individuals, corporations, and lobbyists contribute their “fair share” to the convention.

Host committee spokeswoman Suzi Emmerling, formerly of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, insisted that convention leaders were not attempting to sidestep the fundraising restrictions. Kerrigan, she said, had simply been “educating Beltway types about the new rules.”

“All of this is brand new,” Emmerling tells the Washington Free Beacon. “A convention has never been funded this way before, so there are a lot of false assumptions about what we’re doing.” […]

Democratic National Convention Committee CEO Steve Kerrigan recently convened a meeting with lobbyists and other Beltway power brokers at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington D.C. Democratic sources told Bloomberg that Kerrigan, a former national political director for Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), touted an expensive array of convention “packages” that were aimed at attracting ultra-wealthy donors.

One of the options is the $1 million “Presidential” level, which includes a “premier uptown hotel room” and “concierge services,” as well as the $500,000 “Gold Rush” package.

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Can we guess WHO might be partaking of the DNC elite treatment?

Michael Moore

Barabara Streisand

Matt Damon

Oprah Winfrey

Arianna Huffington

George Soros or Matthew Valchon representing “Open Society”

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Nancy Pelosi

Harry Reid

Richard Trumka

Will the DNC  “comp” Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and John Podesta?

…….ALL while they bloviate about the “poor” and “Fairness” for Americans in the middle class!






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