Attack on First Amendment Rights or Goebbel’s Style Propaganda at Work via Media Matters?



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Is Obama Programing Media Matters Or Is It The Other Way Around?

By Warner Todd Huston

February 13, 2012

There has been a lot of chatter about the blockbuster report at the Daily Caller revealing the extent to which the self-proclaimed “media watchdog” outfit Media Matters for America is joined at the hip with the White House. Many are shocked at just how much Obama is seemingly programming the media with the supposedly independent Media Matters acting as its pipeline to the Old Media.

Shockingly, Daily Caller notes that MMFA is even holding teleconference briefings with members of Obama’s administration and the subsequent salting of the results of those meetings among the Old Media’s coverage seems to be a weekly occurrence. If true this is in contravention to MMFA’s tax-exempt status, too.

The report points out that at least up until last fall, an Obama administration official participated in weekly strategy sessions to plan out what the Old Media should know about the Obama agenda. Daily Caller notes that Obama’s recently resigned com director Jen Psaki was “a frequent participant” on those strategy calls.

Media Matters also began a weekly strategy call with the White House, which continues, joined by the liberal Center for American Progress think tank. Jen Psaki, Obama’s deputy communications director, was a frequent participant before she left for the private sector in October 2011.

Every Tuesday evening, meanwhile, a representative from Media Matters attends the Common Purpose Project meeting at the Capitol Hilton on 16th Street in Washington, where dozens of progressive organizations formulate strategy, often with a representative from the Obama White House.

Some may remember back in July of last year when several White House interoffice memos written by Psaki and other White House officials were discovered by Watchdog group Judicial Watch. The memos were filled with attacks on Fox News in general and Brett Baier in particular.

That moth, Fox News contributor Brett Baier wrote a story pointing out that the White House had specifically excluded them from being able to interview Treasury pay czar Ken Feinberg:

Emails released by Judicial Watch, obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, show Deputy White House Communications Director Jennifer Psaki writing in reference to the dustup, “brett baier just did a stupid piece on it—but he is a lunatic.” Another email from Psaki reads in part, “I am putting some dead fish in the fox cubby–just cause.”

Other memos seemed to confirm that Obama’s White House was going out of its way to exclude Fox News despite public claims to the contrary.

With the revelations about Psaki’s participation on MMFA strategy sessions, it makes clear the campaign against Fox News waged by the White House as well as Obama’s attempt to control the news media’s coverage.

Of course, this pipeline can go both ways, too. Is Media Matters pushing its own George Soros-funded, far left ideas on the Administration in these weekly strategy sessions? And how independent is MMFA if it is being included in strategy sessions led by the White House? This all too cozy relationship certainly eviscerates any expectation that MMFA’s reports can be trusted. And with claims that MSNBC is fully programmed by the White House and MMFA, and that the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and the L.A. Times are also spoon-fed the Obama agenda on a daily basis, well, it calls into doubt everything in the Old Media’s coverage of Barack Obama’s White House.

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Interject THIS:

Propaganda by Obama Czar Cass Sunstein—–

Obama czar proposed government should ‘infiltrate’ social network sites, chat rooms, message boards.

Posted on January 12, 2012 at 8:39 AM EST

In a 2008 Harvard law paper, “Conspiracy Theories,” Sunstein and co-author Adrian Vermeule, a Harvard law professor, ask, “What can government do about conspiracy theories?”

“We can readily imagine a series of possible responses. (1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.”

In the 30-page paper – obtained and reviewed by KleinOnline – Sunstein argues the best government response to “conspiracy theories” is “cognitive infiltration of extremist groups.”

Continued Sunstein: “We suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity.”

Sunstein said government agents “might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.”

Sunstein defined a conspiracy theory as “an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role.”…



February 14, 2012

By Mike Opelka


In just the past week, we have received emails from various Tea Party groups around the country alerting us to the oppressive demands being sent to them from the IRS.

And so we ask the question: Is the Obama administration using the IRS to wage a war against opposition voices like the Tea Party?

One of the groups currently dealing with the government’s overreach is the Ohio Liberty Council Corp.

Is the IRS trying to silence Tea Party groups?

The OLC’s President, Tom Zawistokowski, posted a letter on the group’s website detailing the timeline of the their efforts to gain non-profit status and the recent demand for documents made by the IRS. In the letter Tom states:

My own Portage County TEA Party has been waiting for over a year just to get a response from the IRS so we can file our 2010 tax return! In the attached PDF I share with you, the “Additional Information Requested” of the Ohio Liberty Council from our June 30th, 2010 application which we just received on January 30, 2012. Yes, they took a year and a half to respond to our application and they are giving us two weeks to respond back. As you will see, this is no simple request.

The IRS had the application from the OLC back in the summer of 2010. At the end of last month they finally received a response that required so much information that a small organization would need to stop almost everything else they were doing to try and collect the listed information. And much of it is not just disturbing in its reach, it raises questions of the intent of the request.

What has the IRS demanded?

A hard copy printout of the website – A PDF file emailed to the IRS will not suffice (and this is the high-tech Administration)

List all Social Media outlets being used (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and include hard copy printouts of every posting

A narrative description of every activity of your organization since June 30, 2010 (filing date) – And they do not want a mere description of the event, but full details – including; who conducted it, their qualifications, who was allowed to take part in the activities and how they were selected, was there a fee? (how much)

The IRS also wants to know about the members of the group and their roles and more, asking specifically for the “name, address, and corporate federal ID of all organizations that are members of our organization”

But wait, there’s more.

Public events are also under scrutiny with the IRS demanding to know the time, location and content schedule of each event.

Copies of any and all handouts must be included.

Names and credentials of all instructors and copies of any workshop materials used.

All speakers must be identified and copies of every speech must be included.

The cover letter sent to the OLC by the Feds also states that once they receive the information from the non-profit hopefuls, the information will be made public and posted on the Internet.

Does that sound like a threat? Anyone who is part of a non-profit or even has attended a gathering held by a non-profit will have their information posted on the internet by the government. It makes you wonder if the same information will be asked of other non-profits?

Will everyone who buys a box of Girl Scout cookies now be listed online?

If churches are non-profits, will weekly attendance be posted by the government too?

This is not an isolated incident either. The timing of the IRS demands also makes you wonder about their intent. Tea Party groups across the country have written to us sharing similar information. One Texas group filed their application for non-profit status in late 2007, but only received the information demand letter last month. As stated above, the Ohio Liberty Council submitted paperwork over 18 months ago, their demand was received at the end of January. Florida groups (who we have spoken with, but have requested anonymity) report similar experiences.

Many different groups applied for non-profit status at very different times – (over a three year period) and yet, they all seem to have gotten the IRS replies within the last month.

Could it be that there is coordinated effort to tie the hands of these groups and silence them with requests for documents that would overwhelm a small non-profit?

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Of Note:

Progressive States Board of Directors

Joel Barkin, Progressive States Executive Director

Steve Doherty, Founding Co-Chair, Former Montana State Senate Minority Leader.

David Sirota, Founding Co-Chair, Author of Hostile Takeover; Editor at In These Times

Wes Boyd, President

David Brock, President and CEO Media Matters for America

Asm. Adriano Espaillat, New York Assembly

Rep. Garnet Coleman, Texas State Assembly

Leo Gerard, President United Steelworkers

Ellen Golombek, SEIU Director of state affairs.

Lisa Seitz Gruwell, Political Director for Skyline Public Works

Joe Hoeffel, former PA Congressman and state legislator

Steve Kest, Executive Director ACORN

George Lakoff, Senior Fellow Rockridge Institute

Robert McChesney, President of Free Press

Rep. Hannah Pingree, Maine House of Representatives

John Podesta, President Center for American Progress

Lee Saunders, Executive Assistant to the President of AFSCME

Naomi Walker, State Legislative Issues Coordinator for the AFL-CIO

Rep. Neva Walker, Minnesota State House

Rep. David Zuckerman, Vermont State House





Still aren’t convinced the minds of Americans can be “molded” by Democrat  propaganda machine?

How Obama Got Elected… Interviews With Obama Voters



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LISTEN to the People The LEFT doesn’t want you to listen to.

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  1. […] Attack on First Amendment Rights or Goebbel’s Style Propaganda at Work via Media Matters? […]

  2. Great work, as always.
    Can someone research and publish an expose’ on the leftist non-profit orgs, who they are, their agendas, their executive directors, when they got the 501c3 status, why, their tax filings, donations/salaries, etc.?
    Also, foreign non-profits in this country.
    Thx so much, keep on, guys!

  3. […] Attack on First Amendment Rights or Goebbel’s Style Propaganda at Work via Media Matters? […]

  4. […] Attack on First Amendment Rights or Goebbel’s Style Propaganda at Work via Media Matters? […]

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