Is Sarah Palin Right? Obama now Claiming to be the Poster Child for the Middle?



The Leftists have a big problem.  It is called Sarah Palin.

You see, during the 2008 election cycle, they vetted her (probably down to the color toilet paper in her bathrooms), flew in lawyers by the dozens interviewing people, digging into her background and came up with NOTHING.  Only a bloviator saying “Sarah did this…..Sarah did that”.  It even came down to when the McCain/Palin ticket lost in 2008, the attacks didn’t end there.  No sirree….the attacks on Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska actually intensified.  Why?  Because the Left couldn’t stand what Sarah stood for; free enterprise, “Drill baby, Drill”, Christianity, and anti-abortion.  Sarah Palin had to spend thousands of dollars to fight the smears.  It eventually led to her abilities to maintain  a focus on her Governorship an actual hardship.  So in the best interest of the PEOPLE of Alaska, she resigned her Governorship.  The Leftists cheered; however for a short time.  You see, they now gave free time to Momma Grizzly.  She now travels about the United States promoting Conservatism and Strong Female leadership positions.

Wherever Sarah goes, the crowds obviously respect her, adore her and listen to her every word.

Listening to Sarah Palin’s speech at CPAC was inspiring.  Even when she was confronted with an Occupy “Mic Check”, she and the crowd went into a chant of “USA”, “USA”, “USA”!  The Occupier eventually was ushered out and her first words were; “You just won”;”See how easy that is?”

For those that missed her CPAC speech; Watch it and listen to the very end. (It was her birthday)

Anyone having difficulty viewing go HERE.


“We are not Red Americans, we are not Blue americans, We are Red, White, and Blue Americans and Obama we are through with you.”

“Government is too big to bear any more.”

“Not a failure of American people, it is not the failure of America itself, it is a failure of the leadership.”

“So help me God, it is a future we will never accept.”

“Obama promises an economy built to last; we want an economy built to grow ; we want your Administration to end.”

” 7 in 10 Americans; those with their boots on the ground and nose to the grindstone ; we believe recovery cannot get underway until government gets out of the way.”

” We will never apologize for America’s strength and our greatness.  We will refuse to accept that a weak America means a better and safer world.”

“Washington’s housing market booming.” “Washington’s job market growing”  “Washington does not create wealth; it takes it.”

“Call Washington a wetland; maybe it will slow down the growth of government.”

“Crony Capitalism is the root of our economic problems.”

“In 2010 the Tea Party Patriots gained an important victory.”

“Conservatives in Congress needs reinforcements; will you help them?”

“Tea Party Patriots are alive and well.”

“And now….Obama will reinvent himself as the champion of the working man; like Car-hart and steel-toed boots R Us.”

“Obama is the champion of the power players who will bankroll his billion dollar campaign.”

“A Candidate’s true intentions, their real answers, they can be found in the Candidate’s view of government.”

“We must stand united whomever our nominee is.”

“A government that works for us, not against us.”





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