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A Kiwi and a Patriot; working to eliminate the tyranny of Communism and promote Freedom!


Anti-communist researcher Trevor Loudon discusses the Marxists who have backed Barack Obama from the start of his political career and continue to support and influence his administration. Loudon discusses how and why the FBI investigations of U.S.-based Marxist groups could lead to the White House and Obama himself.


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by Trevor Loudon:

I will be speaking in Florida from February 12 to 25 and the following week in Texas.

I will then be speaking in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and possibly other northeastern states in early March, before heading to Colorado, Nevada and possibly Arizona in mid to late March.

I plan to spend much of April in Washington State, Oregon and California, before returning to New Zealand in early May.

I will begin posting specific meeting times and places in the next week.

I plan to return to the US in August for another three months.

Last year I spoke to several Tea Party, GOP and conservative groups in Oregon, California, Arizona, Washington DC, Arkansas, New Jersey, Alabama and Florida, where I addressed the state Tea Party convention and several other smaller gatherings. All modesty aside, my message, exposing Obama’s agenda and the grave danger to America’s survival should the anti-American left succeed in its plan to cripple US defense preparedness, was very well received.

If you’d like to interview me, or wish me to address an audience, or conference in your state, please contact me through this website, or directly at

I have addressed groups ranging in size from 15 to 1500. Obviously the bigger the audience the better, but this tour is essentially about helping to make a difference in a critical year. If I can fit your group into my itinerary I will.


Trevor Loudon’s Texas itinerary

After Florida, I have two engagements in Texas.

The first is Wednesday, Feb. 29 at 6:30 PM at the Alamo Fiesta RV Park. It’s right on the interstate access road and is easy for people to find. Address is 33000 IH10 West, Boerne, TX (just northwest of San Antonio). Contact Michelle Horstman,

March 1, a 9/12 group is hosting me at 7 PM at 9552 Hempstead, Houston, TX 77092. Contact Stephanie Cruz at





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