Is Ron Paul an Alinskyite and Cloward-Piven Disciple? Be Careful America




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Much thanks to Atlas reader Laura S, for her on-scene coverage of the Ronulians putsch at the Christian County Republican caucus. This is the Ronulian MO at caucuses around the country. They are a pox on our house.

Hubby and myself were in the Christian County Republican caucus today.  It was insane.

Nobody got arrested like in St Charles, because our sheriff was the sargent in arms–but it got nutso from the get go….

The Ron Paulites tried to take over the process by bastardizing Robert Rules of order, objecting to every teeny tiny thing.

Their leader stood up and threaten to take their votes to Obama if the the majority did not respect the Ron paul minority and elect the chosen Ron paul delegates.

Six freakin’ hours it lasted. And another tactic they used was to call for a bathroom recess, right after a motion had been seconded to go to vote…since recess took precedent, we had no need to go to the bathroom if you aren’t drinking any flippin’ beverages.

My hubby was attacked by a major nicotine fit.  It was not pretty and accompanied by much grumbling.

Through it all the moderators kept their cool and bent over backwards for those rowdy Paulites.

The Paulites have their Alinsky down pat and it was obvious they had studied well.

6 freakin’ hours looked in the local HS with these maniacs.

The clencher was when the Paulites claimed “voter fraud”…as the one paper ballot was collected and the Pailites demanded there be a head count of qualified voters in the room.

The head count demand was pretty much 15 minutes AFTER the paper ballots were collected….and after several of the Paulites had turned in their ballot..they left

resulting in a four vote descepancy that did not affect the outcome in any reasonable way shape or form since the paulites were out voted by over 150 votes.

It was like dealing with leftists.  Same tactics..right down to calling the one of the delegate slates..the “fair delegate” slate.

They wasted a lot of ppl’s time with the insane antics.

here is the deal, you came in and presented voter card/or driver license. It was then verified you were a qualified voter via the voter order on the computer system.
one verified you got a sticker to wear that showed you were qualified to vote in the caucus.

Then you went to a second line and you were asked to sign a sheet of paper that pledged you were a dedicated Republican etc and you got the little piece of orange paper with a punch stamp flower in the corner. You no signed the sheet, you no get any little orange sheet of paper.

The speaker in the video is saying that people could have access to more than one paper ballot–not so, you signed the sheet then got your paper to write you vote on.

Voter Fraud Declared at Christian County, Missouri Republican Caucus: Rick Santorum Wins Fraudulent Caucus
The posting is a lie and gross misrepresentation of the truth.  i was there and I witnessed the was sad..Republicans will have an awful time of it at RNC if this happens, consider this is just county level–jay Nixon has to be popping champagne cork right now—this will be employed next presidential election….all of the Dem governors will put the primary election dates at the time when the RNC will penalize the state for having their primary election too early–this will make the left dance with glee because it is another way to impart chaos and disruption upon conservatives.

It should be of note that prior to the caucus the paulites demanded that a paper ballot be used in the first place.
Now there were a couple of old ladies who did not know they were supposed to get in second line to get their paper ballot–they had not signed the sheet and they did not get their little paper ballot, so before the caucus started, the register did not add up to the signatures for ballots receipt, off by a couple, so an announcement was made and the little ladies went up and SIGNED the register sheet and got their ballot…they only signed once and only got one ballot.

If someone had gotten more than one paper ballot their name would have been signed twice on the register sheet.

Again the ones who turned in their paper ballot and then left were the paulites….paulites were also the ones that demanded a head count of all legit caucus voters about 15 minutes after the ballots had been turned in.

The guy at the podium the Committee Chairman, was told by several eyewitnesses that some people either gave their piece of paper to another person to vote for them and left or wrote their vote down and gave the piece of paper to someone to turn in, thus NOT being present for the actual proper vote time–which would be qualified as a fraudulent vote as the caucus voter was not present to turn in their own ballot.

The head count was off by four, being there were four more ballots than people counted, which meant that four people either gave their ballot to someone and left or voted turned the ballot in and left before the headcount 15 minutes later.

like the difference was by about over 150 votes………this video is a gross misrepresentation of the truth and it is disgusting.
The guy they are saying is crooked is my neighbor for 11 years and he is honest as the day is long.  The man had the patience of Job and he bent over backwards to be fair for 6 hours of BS.

It makes me sick that these dishonest tactics are being employed by the Paulites, I saw it with my own eyes, i thought we were in the middle of some OWS protest, no shit.

It was textbook Alinsky tactics.

Keep reading here…….




Have some of the Ron Paul supporters been co-opted by the far left fringe (Anarchists)?


“Progressive Left and Libertarian Right…..We are  coming together”~~Ron Paul  Video at 3:35 to 3:43


Where is a Ron Paul statement about what his supporters are doing at these Caucuses?

Does Ron Paul support this disruption/sedition   

 (The distinction between sedition and treason consists in this, that though its ultimate object is a violation of the public peace, or at least such a course of measures as evidently engenders it, yet it does not aim at direct and open violence against the laws, or the subversion of the Constitution.) at Caucuses?

Is Rick Santorum right when he made his statement about Ron Paul is out of the Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democrat Party?





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  1. Everyone in a seat of power hate’s Dr. Paul because his presidency will take their power away and give it back to American individuals. Dr. Paul is looking to help America, while everyone else is looking to help themselves, or their business affiliates or their church or their donors or to support some radical “liberation theology” agenda. The American people see just how rabid people in positions of power get when the topic of Ron Paul comes up. This is because they know that they can’t argue with him. They know they’re wrong and he’s right when it comes to just about anything. They either can’t accept that they’ve been a tool their whole lives or have a huge interest in Americans losing more of their freedoms to social engineering and crony capitalism. Older genberations don’t like Dr. Paul because they’re all afraid of losing thier welfare. You all should be ashamed-look at the example you’re setting for your kids. “Don’t vote your conscience because you might lose your free-stuff”-sickening.

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