The Origins of Obama’s New, Stunningly Fawning, Documentary (Campaign Short Movie)? Does it Emulate Stuart Chase?


From The Blaze:

by Tiffany Gabbay

March 19, 2012

The Road We’ve Traveled is an Obama campaign short movie — or alternatively dubbed docu-ganda — that, to many, is a stunningly fawning 17-minute account of what the filmmaker posits are the president’s myriad “accomplishments” during his first term.

“Remember how far we’ve come,” opens director Davis Guggenheim’s film. Guggenheim, of course, made waves recently when he asserted that the only “negative” about President Obama is that he has too many positives.

But where does the title and theme for Obama’s mini propagandist piece hail from? Glenn Beck went digging and thinks he might have found the answers in a book from 1942.

First, a recap of the film. From the movie’s YouTube page:

This film gives an inside look at some of the tough calls President Obama made to get our country back on track. Featuring interviews from President Bill Clinton, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Elizabeth Warren, David Axelrod, Austan Goolsbee, and more. It’s a film everyone should see.

For reference, “The Road We’ve Traveled” is featured below in its entirety.

LINK to Video.

During his Monday morning radio broadcast, Beck reiterated an important observation he made last Friday, and discussed the uncanny resemblance Obama’s movie bears to a book titled, The Road We Are Traveling 1914-1942.”

Glenn Beck Compares Stuart Chases The Road We Are Traveling to Barack Obamas The Road Weve Traveled on GBTV

Written by FDR-admirer Stuart Chase, the book focuses on America once it has dispensed with free enterprise entirely. Chase wrote that while he could call this new society “communist, state capitalist, or fascist,“ he preferred the more ambiguous ”Political System X.”

But who is Stuart Chase?

According to historical records, Chase was an American economist and MIT-trained engineer whose writings covered topics running the gamut of semantics to the economy. His mindset was said to have been shaped by Fabian socialism and he was an open admirer of the planned economy of the former Soviet Union. Chase’s early political career advocated birth control and socialism, to name a few.

Often credited with being the originator of the term “New Deal,” a glimpse at a closing quote from his book by the same name just might reveal this author’s mindset: “Why should Russians have all the fun remaking a world?”

Glenn Beck Compares Stuart Chases The Road We Are Traveling to Barack Obamas The Road Weve Traveled on GBTV

Stuart Chase

Beck mapped out “Political System X’s” main characteristics:

  • A strong centralized government 
  • An executive arm growing at the expense of the legislative and judicial arm
  • Control of banking, credit and security exchanges by the government
  • Underwriting of employment through armaments or by public works
  • Underwriting of Social Security by the government
  • Underwriting of food, housing and medical care by the government
  • Use of deficit spending to finance underwritings
  • Abandonment of gold in lieu of managed currency
  • Government control over trade, natural resources, transportation, agricultural production, organized labor unions, and youth corps-enlistments, to name a few
  • A youth and people dedicated to the ideology of government authorities
  • Heavy taxation of estates and incomes of the wealthy
  • State control over communications and propaganda

Chase wrote that if executed correctly, the ship could not be veered off its course once en route.

Continue reading here:


Stuart Chase & the Fabian Society

Stuart Chase was a Fabian socialist and adviser to President FDR. He wrote a book called “The New Deal” and may have been the originator of the phrase.

I’ve gathered links to many of Stuart Chase’s books on this page, as well as books about Fabian Socialism. If you are looking for the book “When the War Ends: The Road We Are Traveling, 1914-1942” by Stuart Chase, you may find it linked here. (see below)

Perhaps most interesting is what Stuart Chase said in the 1920s after visiting the Soviet Union: “Why should Russians have all the fun remaking the world?”



Circa 2004

From Harvard Magazine

**Note:  Considered to be a positive article about Stuart Chase**

Short Biography of Stuart Chase



Remember Obama’s near plagiarism of Gov. Deval Patrick’s speech “Just Words”?

Link to Video


Longer video of Just Words speech:

LISTEN CAREFULLY to the first 1.25 min of this video!

Link to video

“The most important thing we can do right now is to re-engage the american people in the process of governance; to get them excited and interested again in what works and what can work in our government.”

“Make politics cool again, and important again, and relevant again”


Obama is known to quote former Presidents like Abraham Lincoln.


Obama’s Oswatomie speech was to give Americans the “Impression” of Teddy Roosevelt’s politics/policies.

BUT was there also a symbolism/background there unreported by the MSM’s?

The Osawatomie Coincidence? Will The MSM’s Make a Connection? The Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn Connection: Oswatomie = Weather Underground Publication


Left Calls for Huge Defense Cuts – Just as Predicted by Former Terrorist Mark Rudd. A Bernadine Dohrn connection to the Obamas?


Robert Redford’s project:


By Buck Sexton

July 20, 2011



Seek the TRUTH and VERIFY





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  2. […] The Origins of Obama’s New, Stunningly Fawning, Documentary (Campaign Short Movie)? Does it Emulat… […]

  3. […] The Origins of Obama’s New, Stunningly Fawning, Documentary (Campaign Short Movie)? Does it Emulat… […]

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