With Gas Prices over $4.00 per Gallon, the Obama Administration Does THIS: OBAMA KILLS ATLANTIC OFFSHORE DRILLING FOR FIVE YEARS



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Obama railed at gas prices when Bush was president and it was headline stories as all bush’s fault. Now the Obama propaganda media ignores the even greater gas prices costing consumers a quarter trillion dollars.

Obama killed the American oil pipeline and most drilling for domestic oil. The threats from Iran are driving up the price of gasoline and oil. Thank an environmentalist wacko and Obama for $7 gas.

The Obama administration seems to be doing everything it can to raise the price of energy. This is slowing the economy, killing jobs, hurting the poor and the middle class and raising the cost of virtually everything.

Environmentalists don’t want oil drilling and they don’t care that this reduces supply and raises prices. In fact, they want prices to rise.

So we have a president who promised a plan that would ‘skyrocket’ electricity rates, an EPA that bases its illegal and tyrannical power grab on fraudulent data and suppressed any dissent, and an administration that is collectively working to ruin the oil, steel, coal, and cement industries. An administration that ignores the will of the people and its congress and seems to be doing all it can to destroy jobs and the economy while promising to make jobs and economic growth its first priority.

Just look at the ideologues Obama chooses as his advisers. His cabinets are pushing “environmental justice” as a scheme for redistributing wealth. His energy secretary Steven Chu is on the record as having said we need higher gas prices like those in Europe. Obama warned us during his 2008 campaign that “under my plan electricity rates will necessarily have to skyrocket.” Obama hired an anti-commerce commerce secretary in John Bryson.

Senator Inhofe has called Obama’s EPA a “growing menace to the economy.” John P. Holdren, who then-President-elect Barack Obama nominated as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in December 2008, called just five months before his nomination for a global climate-change agreement that would allow wealth to be redistributed from countries in the global “North” to countries in the “South.” Obama also picked a “spread the wealth” progressive lawyer for his top economist.

Are we going to believe what they SAY or what they DO?





March 30, 2012

Yesterday the Obama administration announced a delaying tactic which will put off the possibility of new offshore oil drilling on the Atlantic coast for at least five years:

The announcement by the Interior Department sets into motion what will be at least a five year environmental survey to determine whether and where oil production might occur.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell notes that a planned lease sale, which the administration cancelled last year, will now be put off until at least 2018. As you might expect, Republicans were not impressed with the decision:

“The president’s actions have closed an entire new area to drilling on his watch and cheats Virginians out of thousands of jobs,” said Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee. The announcement “continues the president’s election-year political ploy of giving speeches and talking about drilling after having spent the first three years in office blocking, delaying and driving up the cost of producing energy in America,” he said.

Finally, given that this is the Obama administration, you won’t be surprised to learn that oil and gas exploration is not the only aim of the survey:

In addition to assessing how much oil and natural gas is in the area, seismic testing would help determine the best places for wind turbines and other renewable energy projects, locate sand and gravel for restoring eroding coastal areas, and identify cultural artifacts such as historic sunken ships.

The Post reports that environmentalists are already opposing the survey which, conveniently, won’t begin until after the election.




We have heard the argument that it takes 5-10 years to get oil flowing from a new drilling operation.

Obama has been in office…. 3 YRS. and 2 mos.


Remember the high cost of oil affects your everyday lives: the vehicles you drive, the bus you ride, the groceries you buy, the plastic containers some of your food comes in (milk, plastic wrap, etc).


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  1. Checkout these preprinted packs of sticky notes at note2voter com

  2. Perhaps it’s a way to make us drive less and therefore emit less pollution? I think it’s working because less people are driving nowadays.


    OR could this be another way of our government controlling what YOU do?

    Be careful what YOU accept.


  3. […] With Gas Prices over $4.00 per Gallon, the Obama Administration Does THIS: OBAMA KILLS ATLANTIC OFFS… […]

  4. […] With Gas Prices over $4.00 per Gallon, the Obama Administration Does THIS: OBAMA KILLS ATLANTIC OFFS… […]

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