A Reason to Defund PBS? Bill Moyer Interviews George Goehl and Promotes Ideology of 99%.



Bill Moyers Journal: The 99% Spring (VIDEO)


By Bill Moyers Journal

Activist George Goehl on People Power from BillMoyers.com on Vimeo.

The Issue: Democratic Reform, Workers Rights

The Initiative: The 99% Spring is a weeklong series of trainings in April about economic inequality and non-violent action techniques.
Bill Moyers interviews organizer George Goehl.

Background: The 99% Spring is being organized by a coalition of over 40 national and local groups and movement leaders — including George Goehl, Sarita Gupta and Ai-jen Poo — who “envision a new economy that the 99% can count on.”

From April 9-15, 2012, 99% Spring organizers plan to gather 100,000 people across America, in homes, places of worship, campuses and the streets to join together in the work of reclaiming our country. They are organizing trainings to:

  • Tell the story of our economy: how we got here, who’s responsible, what a different future could look like, and what we can do about it
  • Learn the history of non-violent direct action, and
  • Get into action on our own campaigns to win change.




George Goehl is a co-organizer of  The 99% Spring

George Goehl is executive director of National People’s Action, a network of grassroots organizations using direct action to battle economic and racial injustice.


“Standing Up for Democracy”

Bill Moyers talks with three activists about an initiative to open Americans’ eyes about income inequality. Moyers also delivers an essay on on how the broadcasting industry has neglected its responsibility to the public.

Listen to Bill Moyer’s essay from 47:50 to 54:12.

At 54:01…..Even mentions teacher’s using students to get information about sponsors for local TV stations and forward to ProPublica and New America Foundation.


Do YOU agree with this?

PBS Ranks #1 in Public Trust – Twice the Level of Trust Than Courts of Law

More than 3 in 4 people trust PBS (76% “trust a great deal” or “trust somewhat”). The 2012 study marks the ninth time in a row that PBS was called the nation’s most-trusted institution. The study found that respondents had twice the level of trust in PBS (26% “trust a great deal”) over the nearest institution, Courts of Law (13% “trust a great deal”).(1)

PBS Considered Top Use of Tax Dollars

• Only military defense outranked PBS as the best value for the American tax dollar. Over two-thirds of those polled (64%) called PBS an “excellent” (20%) or “good” (44%) use of their tax dollars. Military defense was described as “excellent” or “good” by 73% (31% “excellent” or 42% “good”).

• Nearly 3 in 4 participants (74%) believe federal funding for PBS is money well spent.(3)

PBS Named the Most Fair Network

• 4 in 10 respondents (40%) called PBS’ news coverage, investigations and discussions of issues “mostly fair” (when asked to choose among “liberal,” “mostly fair” and “conservative”). PBS outscored all other sources in the “mostly fair” category, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX News.(2)

• Less than one-third (32%) described PBS as “liberal.” Every other source besides FOX News was considered more liberal than PBS.(2)



Has Bill Moyer become an activist for the Left?

YOU Decide.





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