Corporations are Worse than Sheeple….Caving to Alinsky Tactics: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”



Now the Communists and Socialists think that Corporations are DUMB as ROCKS!

Does the bowing to intimidation by the likes of Van Jones and Color of Change prove this?

What can be found totally disgusting is: The Communists and Socialists have EXPLOITED the death of Trayvon Martin to the highest extent.

Have the Corporations in America “surrendered” to the Mob mentality of Alinsky tactics?




Americanism vs. Communism:

From the Communist Party USA newsier People’s World:

Civil rights activists force corporations to flee ALEC

April 6, 2012

An online petition campaign-gone-viral this week has triggered an exodus by giant corporations out of ALEC, the right-wing legislative group behind hundreds of voter suppression, anti-union and “stand your ground” laws across the country.

Within hours after the launch of a petition campaign yesterday by the progressive advocacy group Color of Change, Coca Cola and Kraft Foods announced they were pulling support from the American Legislative Exchange Council, the right wing group that has pushed successful voter restriction bills in more than 26 states. After only a few hours online the petition drew close to a quarter of a million signatures.

Trying to distance themselves from the extreme right wing legislation, Coca Cola said, in a statement, “Our involvement with ALEC was focused on efforts to oppose discriminatory food and beverage taxes, not on issues that have no direct bearing on our business.” The soft drink giant’s decision to pull out of ALEC came only five hours after Color of Change announced its petition, which read:

“ALEC has pushed voter ID laws which disenfranchise large numbers of Black voters. Along with the NRA (National Rifle Association), ALEC also pushed a bill based on Florida’s ‘shoot first’ law – which has shielded Trayvon Martin’s killer from justice – into two dozen states across the country.”

The statement by Coca Cola said nothing, however, about the company having backed the anti-union measures pushed by ALEC, or, of course, the targeting by anti-union death squads of workers at its plants in Colombia.

On the heels of the abandonment of ALEC by Coca Cola, Kraft Foods also withdrew from the group. Pepsico had withdrawn a few weeks earlier.

Applauding Kraft’s decision to bail, Color of Change Executive Director Rashad Robinson said, “Kraft’s announcement is proof that as more corporations come to understand what they are supporting through membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council, they don’t want to be associated. We continue to call on all major corporations to stop supporting voter suppression through ALEC and our members are prepared to hold accountable companies that continue to participate in ALEC.”

Robinson said that Trayvon Martin’s death, and the law that prevented his killer from being arrested, “is another example of how ALEC’s agenda is dangerous for people of color. The National Rifle Association and ALEC exported Florida’s stand your ground’ law to more than 20 states across the country, jeopardizing the safety of Americans nationwide.”

Fox News, as could be expected, was one of the first outfits to come out and defend ALEC.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly provided ALEC with a forum, essentially, to paint itself as a harmless non-partisan lobbying group. Kelly failed, in her interview with ALEC communications director Kaityln Buss, to avoid asking anything about funding ALEC receives from the notorious Koch brothers, anything about why the group pushes for voter ID laws even in the absence of any evidence of voter fraud and anything about why the group is pushing the ‘shoot first’ gun laws.

On MSNBC, Ed Schultz said corporations are learning first hand from this that “they cannot expect to profit from the hard- earned money of African Americans on the one hand and undermine the rights of those same people with their other hand.”



From Discover the Networks:


  • Founded by Van Jones and James Rucker, a former director of

  • Accuses the Republican Party and the Tea Party Movement of engaging in “fear-mongering and coded racism”

  • Part of the Net-neutrality lobby

Founded in 2005, Color of Change (COC) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation and an Internet grassroots organization. Van Jones (President Obamas former “green jobs czar” and founder of Green For All) and James Rucker (a former director of Political Action and Civic Action) created COC “to strengthen Black America’s political voice.”

COC advocates such empowerment as a means of combating what it depicts as America’s systemic racial oppression. According to the COC website, “Hurricane Katrina made it clear that our lack of a political voice has life-and-death consequences. With no one to speak for them, hundreds of thousands of people—largely Black, poor, and elderly—were left behind to die.” As COC saw things, the supposed abandonment of Louisiana’s African-American population illustrated the problem of racism in America. COC’s leaders, moreover, have consistently accused their opponents of being racists and bigots, portraying instances of hate not as isolated aberrations in American culture, but as a central feature of conservatism itself.

COC’s founders are connected to some of the most powerful groups in the progressive movement and to the Democratic Party. Van Jones — a close associate of Joel RogersGeorge Soros, and the Center for American Progress — was instrumental in creating the concept of “the green economy.” James Rucker, the current Executive Director of COC, followed his work at by co-founding (in 2006) the Secretary of State Project,“527” organization supporting Democratic candidates.

Like Rucker’s other organizations, COC aims its criticisms chiefly at prominent conservative and Republican figures. In 2005, the organization attacked Republican leader Bill Bennett for uttering “racist lies” and attempted to have him boycotted from the Salem Radio Network (which aired his radio show) and from CNN (where he worked as a commentator).


During the 2008 presidential elections, COC was part of the progressive effort to associate the presidential ticket of Senator John McCain (and his running mate, Sarah Palin) with racism. In an open letter which it widely disseminated, COC declared:

“Senator McCain and Governor Palin, rhetoric at your campaign events has taken an increasingly dangerous tone that seems to ignore the precarious state of our progress when it comes to race and ethnicity. […] Supporters at your rallies and other events have used hateful language and called for violence against Sen. Obama yelling ‘kill him!’ ‘off with his head!’ and ‘bomb Obama.’”

Subsequent investigations, however, showed no evidence that these racial slurs and threats of violence had ever been uttered.


In March 2010, COC began a campaign against the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party. Said James Rucker: “[T]he Tea Party movement has been marked by racially inflammatory and violent outbursts since its inception.” Added Rucker, the movement had vincreased its “venomous rhetoric” when “angry mobs flooded town hall meetings” in the summer of 2009. At a later date, Rucker described the Tea Party movement as “part of a growing pattern of violent rhetoric, racially charged imagery, and paranoid conspiracy theories.” Rucker also claimed that the Republican Party was complicit in this allegedly hateful phenomenon:

“Republicans officials have contributed to this atmosphere with fear-mongering and coded racism, and they have actively courted this element of their party.”

COC also champions “Net neutrality,” progressive legislation that would allow government regulatory control over the Internet.


Now ADD a little Saul Alinsky

From a Playboy interview of Saul Alinsky

By the late Sixties, Alinsky was leaving most of the field work to his aides and concentrating on training community organizers through the Industrial Areas Foundation Training Institute, which he calls a “school for professional radicals.” Funded principally by a foundation grant from Midas Muffler, the school aims at turning out 25 skilled organizers annually to work in black and white communities across the nation. “Just think of all the hell we’ve kicked up around the country with only four or five full-time organizers,” Alinsky told newsmen at the school’s opening session. “Things will really move now.”

I found out that criminology was just as removed from actual crime and criminals as sociology was from society, so I decided to make my doctoral dissertation a study of the Al Capone mob — an inside study.

PLAYBOY: What did Capone have to say about that?

ALINSKY: Well, my reception was pretty chilly at first — I went over to the old Lexington Hotel, which was the gang’s headquarters, and I hung around the lobby and the restaurant. I’d spot one of the mobsters whose picture I’d seen in the papers and go up to him and say, “I’m Saul Alinsky, I’m studying criminology, do you mind if I hang around with you?” And he’d look me over and say, “Get lost, punk.” This happened again and again, and I began to feel I’d never get anywhere. Then one night I was sitting in the restaurant and at the next table was Big Ed Stash, a professional assassin who was the Capone mob’s top executioner. He was drinking with a bunch of his pals and he was saying, “Hey, you guys, did I ever tell you about the time I picked up that redhead in Detroit?” and he was cut off by a chorus of moans. “My God,” one guy said, “do we have to hear that one again?” I saw Big Ed’s face fall; mobsters are very sensitive, you know, very thin-skinned. And I reached over and plucked his sleeve. “Mr. Stash,” I said, “I’d love to hear that story.” His face lit up. “You would, kid?” He slapped me on the shoulder. “Here, pull up a chair. Now, this broad, see . . .” And that’s how it started.

Big Ed had an attentive audience and we became buddies. He introduced me to Frank Nitti, known as the Enforcer, Capone’s number-two man, and actually in de facto control of the mob because of Al’s income-tax rap. Nitti took me under his wing. I called him the Professor and I became his student. Nitti’s boys took me everywhere, showed me all the mob’s operations, from gin mills and whorehouses and bookie joints to the legitimate businesses they were beginning to take over. Within a few months, I got to know the workings of the Capone mob inside out.

PLAYBOY: Why would professional criminals confide their secrets to an outsider?

ALINSKY: Why not? What harm could I do them? Even if I told what I’d learned, nobody would listen. They had Chicago tied up tight as a drum; they owned the city, from the cop on the beat right up to the mayor. Forget all that Eliot Ness shit; the only real opposition to the mob came from other gangsters, like Bugs Moran or Roger Touhy. The Federal Government could try to nail ’em on an occasional income tax rap, but inside Chicago they couldn’t touch their power. Capone was the establishment. When one of his boys got knocked off, there wasn’t any city court in session, because most of the judges were at the funeral and some of them were pallbearers. So they sure as hell weren’t afraid of some college kid they’d adopted as a mascot causing them any trouble. They never bothered to hide anything from me; I was their one-man student body and they were anxious to teach me. It probably appealed to their egos.

PLAYBOY: What tactics did you use?

ALINSKY: Everything at our disposal in those days — boycotts of stores, strikes against the meat packers, rent strikes against the slumlords, picketing of exploitive businesses, sit-downs in City Hall and the offices of the corrupt local machine bosses. We’d turn the politicians against each other, splitting them up and then taking them on one at a time. At first the establishment dismissed us with a sneer, but pretty soon we had them worried, because they saw how unified we were and that we were capable of exerting potent economic and political pressure. Finally the concessions began trickling in — reduced rents, public housing, more and better municipal services, school improvements, more equitable mortgages and bank loans, fairer food prices.

PLAYBOY: What was your own relationship with the Communist Party?

ALINSKY: I knew plenty of Communists in those days, and I worked with them on a number of projects. Back in the Thirties, the Communists did a hell of a lot of good work; they were in the vanguard of the labor movement and they played an important role in aiding blacks and Okies and Southern sharecroppers. Anybody who tells you he was active in progressive causes in those days and never worked with the Reds is a goddamn liar. Their platform stood for all the right things, and unlike many liberals, they were willing to put their bodies on the line. Without the Communists, for example, I doubt the C.I.O. could have won all the battles it did. I was also sympathetic to Russia in those days, not because I admired Stalin or the Soviet system but because it seemed to be the only country willing to stand up to Hitler. I was in charge of a big part of fund raising for the International Brigade and in that capacity I worked in close alliance with the Communist Party.



Saul Alinsky and the Tactics of Organizing:

Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.” —Letter from L. DAVID ALINSKY, son of Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky

Obama helped fund ‘Alinsky Academy’: “The Woods Fund, a nonprofit on which Obama served as paid director from 1999 to December 2002, provided startup funding and later capital to the Midwest Academy…. Obama sat on the Woods Fund board alongside William Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization….  ‘Midwest describes itself as ‘one of the nation’s oldest and best-known schools for community organizations, citizen organizations and individuals committed to progressive social change.’… Midwest teaches Alinsky tactics of community organizing.”

Hillary, Obama and the Cult of Alinsky: “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, Alinsky taught. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within. Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties…. Many leftists view Hillary as a sell-out because she claims to hold moderate views on some issues. However, Hillary is simply following Alinsky’s counsel to do and say whatever it takes to gain power.

Obama is also an Alinskyite…. Obama spent years teaching workshops on the Alinsky method. In 1985 he began a four-year stint as a community organizer in Chicago, working for an Alinskyite group called the Developing Communities Project…. Camouflage is key to Alinsky-style organizing. While trying to build coalitions of black churches in Chicago, Obama caught flak for not attending church himself. He became an instant churchgoer.”(By Richard Poe, 11-27-07)


Alinsky’s tactics were based, not on Stalin’s revolutionary violence, but on the Neo-Marxist strategies of  Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist. Relying on gradualism, infiltration and the dialectic process rather than a bloody revolution, Gramsci’s transformational Marxism was so subtle that few even noticed the deliberate changes.


Alinsky Tactics:

“Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”


“Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”


“The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”


Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and ‘frozen.’…

     “…any target can always say, ‘Why do you center on me when there are others to blame as well?’ When your ‘freeze the target,’ you disregard these [rational but distracting] arguments…. Then, as you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all the ‘others’ come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target…’

More here……..



George Soros ties and funding:

One of Soros’ stealth PACs was an anti-gun group called Campaign for a Progressive Future (CPF). This group sought to neutralize the influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA) by targeting for defeat any political candidate, at any level, whom the NRA endorsed.

Soros personally seeded CPF with $500,000.

Soros’s “Shadow Party” Takes Shape

There was no official birth announcement when the Shadow Party was launched on July 17, 2003 at El Mirador, George Soros’ Southampton estate on Long Island. But it was the most significant development in American politics in decades. At this meeting of political strategists, wealthy donors, left-wing labor leaders and progressive activists, Soros laid out his plan to defeat George Bush in the 2004 presidential election.

Attendees included such luminaries as OSI director Morton Halperin; former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta; former Clinton speechwriters Jeremy Rosner and Robert Boorstin; Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope; labor leader and former Clinton advisor Steve RosenthalEMILY’s List founder and abortion-rights activist Ellen Malcolm; and major Democrat donors such as Lewis and Dorothy Cullman, Robert McKayRobert Glaser, and Peter Lewis.[37]

The consensus among those in attendance was that voter turnout¯particularly in 17 “swing” or “battleground” states[38] would be the key to unseating President Bush. This California-based entity was the only one of the Shadow Party’s core groups that was not a new startup operation. Launched in September 1998, MoveOn is a Web-based political network that organizes online activists around specific issues, raises money for Democratic candidates, generates political ads, and is very effective at recruiting young people to support Democrats.[55] In November 2003, Soros pledged to give MoveOn $5 million to help its cause.[56]

Radicalizing America, One State at a Time: “PLAN” and the Secretary of State Project

In August 2005, when the Democracy Alliance was just getting off the ground, George Soros’s Open Society Institute helped establish yet another new Shadow Party organization¯the Progressive Legislative Action Network, or PLAN. Furnishing state legislatures with prewritten “model” legislation reflecting leftist agendas, this group was part and parcel of Soros’s methodical campaign to shift American politics and public attitudes toward the left¯by gaining a foothold inside the corridors of power on a state-by-state basis.[77]

Then, in July 2006, Democracy Alliance partner Michael Kieschnick collaborated with Becky Bond (who also had affiliations with Working Assets and the New Organizing Institute) and James Rucker (who co-founded Color of Change and formerly served as director of grassroots mobilization for Political Action and Civic Action) to launch a major new initiative called the Secretary of State Project (SoSP), a rather unique addition to the Shadow Party. This “527 committee” was devoted to helping Democrats win secretary-of-state elections in crucial “swing” states¯i.e., states where the margin of victory in the 2004 presidential election had been 120,000 votes or less.[78] One of the principal duties of the secretary of state is to serve as the chief election officer who certifies candidates as well as election results in his or her state.[79] The holder of this office, then, can potentially play a key role in determining the winner of a close election. Numerous Democracy Alliance partners became funders of SoSP. George Soros was one of them. In 2008, for instance, he personally gave $10,000 to the Project.[80] For a comprehensive look at SoSP, click here.

More here…….


James Rucker:

Co-founder of Color of Change

James Rucker is the executive director of, an online citizens’ lobby of over 500,000 dedicated to “amplifying the political voice of Black America”. He also serves as co-director of the Citizen Engagement Laboratory, an “incubator for new online organizing projects based on the model of ColorOfChange, largely focused on empowering currently underserved identity and issue based communities”.

Prior to ColorOfChange, James Rucker served as Director of Grassroots Mobilization for, where he played a lead role in technology and organizing strategy. He is also co-founder of Secretary of State Project, an “effort to elect progressive Secretaries of State at the state level”, and Video the Vote, a citizen-journalism project that enables everyday people to serve as the eyes and ears for the public on Election Day.[2]



***All the groupies of RADICALS are all in this together:**

Van Jones

James Rucker

George Soros

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton


Online Petition?

HOW MANY names were verified on these petitions? HOW MANY dead people were signed up?

A Petition is JUST A TACTIC. IT HAS NO POWER (Only what YOU perceive as power).

Coca-Cola ® caved to Color of Change supposedly within five hours of being told about a petition?

Kraft Foods® have now joined the action of Color of Change.

Pepsico® had already caved.

Do these Corporations realize that the PETITION SIGNERS will NOT give up their Pepsi®, Coke® or Macaroni and Cheese?

Do these Corporations realize the “The end justifies the means” is to Nationalize all Corporations in America?  That their profits will be part of “Sharing the Wealth”?

These Corporations just earned the award of being USEFUL IDIOTS.

Amazing…….just amazing.



The elections of November 2012 WILL NOT be Democrat vs. Republican; it WILL BE Marxism/Socialism and tyranny   VS.  Liberty, Freedom and the preservation of Capitalism!



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