The New Black Panthers are angry. Do they have a reason? The Connection of the Black Panthers to Charles Ogletree, Michelle and Barack Obama and Eric Holder



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From The Blaze:


April 2, 2012

by  Erica Ritz

The chairman of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz, appeared on the syndicated radio show “The Muslim Street Sunday night to discuss his party’s initiatives regarding Trayvon Martin. Not only did he announce a “national day of action” — where the the group will conduct “county-wide and state-wide defense training,” followed by a national strike — but he also attacked the famed Southern Poverty Law Center when asked about being a hate group.

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Shabazz’s organization made national news recently for the $10,000 “reward” it offered for the capture George Zimmerman, who shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin, and the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” posters they issued around the same time.

Radio host Laila Abdelaziz, then, took time to press Shabazz on whether the New Black Panther Party is a hate group, saying, “According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is fairly respected on a national level…[The New Black Panther Party] is described as a racist and anti-Semitic organization with leaders that encourage violence against the white Caucasian community, that encourage violence against Jews, that encourage violence against law enforcement officers.  What do you have to say about this?”

Shabazz responded: “I would say that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a pack of lies and it is an operation of deception to the highest of wickedness. It is an operation that is designed to suppress our liberation movement. And it is an operation controlled by liberals who seek to define an confine our struggle to white liberal accepted norms of civil rights struggle and they are vehemently against nationalists and they are vehemently against Muslims, but they claim that they are against hate and racist groups.”

New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz Attacks Southern Poverty Law Center

“I’m like the Palestinian Liberation Organization, [the] Palestinian Liberation Organization [is] Muslim but they’re fighting for the liberation of Palestine.  I‘m a Muslim I’m fighting for the liberation of the black nation,” Shabazz concluded.

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper questioned New Black Panther Party spokesman, Minister Mikhail Muhammad, over his group’s involvement in the Trayvon Martin case, exposing the party’s racism.



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Charles Ogletree:  Protecting former Panthers

On December 8 2005, former Black Panther Party members, John L. BowmanHank Jones and Ray Boudreaux held a meeting at the Washington, DC office of Trans-Africa Forum. They were complaining about re-newed police investigations of a 1971 police killing in San Francisco that they had been accused of.

They had been indicted at the time by a grand jury, but were released when the court rendered a decision stating the methods used to obtain information were illegal.

The former Panthers were flanked by Danny Glover,“reparations” activist Ron DanielsDemocratic Socialists of America member Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Charles Ogletree.

Charles Ogletree, said that the community should protect the rights of the former Panthers with their lives[8].

“These gentlemen, Ray Boudreaux, Hank Jones and others have been victims of the most vicious forms of American terrorism and torture…It takes a village to protect its elders. We tell them today, through our presence here and through our commitment that we will provide a protective blanket over them. They will not come in this village and take these elders, except over our dead bodies.”

Obama’s Black Advisory Council

Cornel West, Charles Ogletree

Cornel West, Charles Ogletree

Barack Obama called on Ogletree and Democratic Socialists of America member Cornel West, during his 2008 Presidential campaign. Ogletree and West both joined Obama’s Black Advisory Council[9].

Ogletree has advised Obama on reforming the criminal-justice system as well on constitutional issues. He is a member of the Obama campaign’s black advisory council, which also includes Cornel West, who teaches African-American studies at Princeton University. The group formed after Obama skipped a conference on African-American issues in Hampton, Va., to announce his presidential candidacy in Illinois.

Charles Ogletree:

Charles Ogletree is a long time friend and mentor to both Michelle and Barack Obama.

It also turns out that Ogletree was a hard core radical with roots in the Maoist influenced Black Panthers movement. It also seems that Ogletree is still a militant leftist and is still called on by the Obamas for advice.

In 1970, Charles Ogletree enrolled at Stanford University near San Francisco, then a major center of black activism. Ogletree became a campus radical, organizing an Afrocentric dormitory and editing a campus Black Panthers newspaper called The Real News. He also traveled to Africa and Cuba with student activist groups. In 1973 Ogletree was president of the radical Black Student Union.

Ogletree’s first interest in the law came when he attended the trial of Black Power activist and then Communist Party USA member Angela Davis.

By 1986 Ogletree was director of Harvard’s introduction to trial advocacy workshops, where students were taught that law can be “an instrument for social and political change…a tool to empower the dispossessed and disenfranchised… and a means to make the privileged more respectful of differences,

Ogletree also began a Saturday School Program so that “African-American students could learn from other professionals of their own heritage“. Barack Obama became one of his regular students.

Ogletree claims to have mentored  both Michelle and Barack Obama during their time at Harvard. According to Ogletree the Obama’s have called on him for advice since that time.

Michelle Obama and Charles Ogletree

I met Michelle when she started her legal career here at Harvard in the fall of 1985, and I was able to watch her develop into a very strong and powerful student leader. She was an active member of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, where she served as a student attorney for indigent clients who had civil cases and needed legal help…”

I met Barack three years later when he arrived at Harvard Law School in fall of 1988. He was quiet and unassuming, but had an incredibly sharp mind and a thirst for knowledge. He was a regular participant in a program that I created called the Saturday School Program, which was a series of workshops and meetings held on Saturday mornings to expose minority students, in particular, to critical issues in the study of law. Even then I saw his ability to quickly grasp the most complicated legal issues and sort them out in a clear, concise fashion.

I was faculty adviser to the Harvard Black Law Student Association. I routinely gave career advice, and often personal advice, to students who would come in with questions about where they should work, how they should use their legal skills and talent, and was it possible to do well and do good…My advice to people like Barack and Michelle was that they could easily navigate the challenges of a corporate career and find a variety of ways to serve their community—through financial support, through volunteer legal services, and through getting involved in community efforts. So this advice started then, and I guess it must have been useful enough. They have not hesitated to call on me over the past 20-plus years as needed.



Probe reveals New Black Panther ties to Hezbollah. Hezbollah at our Southern Border?




Trayvon Martin case: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman

So does this mean Eric Holder will let the Black Panther’s skate again with offering a “bounty” for Zimmerman? Isn’t this solicitation for kidnapping?  OR domestic terrorism?


Double Standard: Black Men Named Trayvon Get Killed all the Time, But The Left Doesn’t Care





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  1. We should send all blacks back to africa where they belong



    First, you need to LOSE your Democrat/Slave mentality dude.

    Second, did you know the Democrats started the KKK? Are you a participant of this group?

    Did you know that Republicans actually were the ones to pass through legislation and Dwight D. Eisenhower the Civil Rights Act?

    As a former Reagan “Blue Dog” Conservative democrat, I was awakened by studying history. Maybe you should too.

    The Progressives Like to Use The Word Racist: Let’s Discuss Racism and the DEMOCRATS:

    The purpose of the article of which you responded is this: The Marxists/Communists have co-opted the Democrat Party and started calling themselves Progressive Democrats (the “Better Democrats). Progressives exhibit their own forms of “racism” to push their agenda.

    Statism Needs Division and Discontent to Push Their Progressive Agenda:

    Suggest you educate yourself Kyle and stop looking at the “pretty lights”



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