From The Blaze:

By  Erica Ritz

April 11, 2012

Portland State University is offering a number of controversial courses this semester, the likes of which include “Revolutionary Marxism: Theory and Practice,“ and ”Art Within Activism” (though students are also welcome to take “Exploring Buffy the Vampire Slayer”).

Portland State University Offering Revolutionary Marxism, Course Where Students Work with Occupy Wall Street

The “Revolutionary Marxism” course is introduced in what appears to be the syllabus:

The onset of the Arab Spring, revolts in European capitals against austerity, and the emergence of Occupy Wall Street here in the US have made the need for understanding revolutionary political theories [more] urgent than ever.

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of Marxist thought with an emphasis on the practical applications of Marxist Theory in local political struggle.  We will focus on four major areas throughout the semester, including theFundamentals of Marxist Theory, Marxism and Oppression, Revolutionary Practice, and The Future of Socialism.  In exploring these four areas of focus, the course will compare and contrast revolutionary Marxism to Stalinism, reformist socialism, leading academic interpretations of Marxism, as well as other radical leftist ideologies. [Emphasis added]

The course’s instructors, Grant Booth and Wael Elasady, are both admitted socialists.  They define the course’s goals as:

1.  Students will learn the fundamentals of Marxist theory

2.  Students will apply a Marxist analysis to current events

3.  Students will apply Marxist theory to local political and community organizing

Moreover, students will seemingly be required to forge a “community connection” with a local community/political organization from a specified list.  Some of the “approved” organizations include: Occupy PSU, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights, Occupy Portland, Portland Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions Coalition (BDS), Jobs with Justice, and the May Day Coalition.

Similarly, the “Art Within Activism” course is described:

Rediscover your radical imagination! This course will focus on creating art within Portland-based activist initiatives, such as marches, actions, and causes different grassroots community groups are working on, like the Occupy and Decolonize movements. We will experiment with applying diverse mediums—graphic design, social practice, printmaking, and sculpture—to actions seeking to resolve diverse problems—hegemony, biodiversity loss, immigrant detention, animal exploitation, debt, insufficient healthcare, etc.

Portland State University Offering Revolutionary Marxism, Course Where Students Work with Occupy Wall Street

The controversial courses are part of the Chiron Studies program, where qualified students can“propose and instruct official, for credit classes” with the university.

Someone at the school recently took some video of the marketing material for the courses:

Trouble viewing video? Click Here.

Keep reading here…….

(H/T: OWS Exposed)



One of the Course’s instructors Grant Booth:

PSU U-Choose: Post Event Interview with a Communist

March 30, 2011: Following a U-Choose Event the videographer is given the opportunity (with the subject’s consent) to interview a Communist, Grant Booth. Booth is a member of the International Socialists Organization (ISO) which advocates Trotsky Communism. The group was caught on tape last Tax Day leading an angry, violent counter protest to the TEA Party. The group’s President Neil Thomas Loehlein is featured standing with those who made racist and homophobic comments. Portland State University conducted an official investigation into the incident. Booth was recently arrested as a part of the Occupy Portland movement in downtown Portland. Occupy’s illegal protest cost the city of Portland in excess of $1.75 Million dollars.

Trouble viewing video?  Click Here.


Portland State University is a public, taxpayer funded school.

Think that this is an isolated issue?  THINK AGAIN.  Besides Bill Ayers teaching Marxism at the University of Chicago….

From UCLA:

Peter McLaren

Peter McLaren has his own organizational website:


Suggested reading from the University of Miami (click here).


New Book of Bill Ayers’ published in 2008:

Handbook of Social Justice in Education



The handbook contains 52 articles and is divided into nine sections. Each section focuses on an aspect of social justice in education such as theory, international issues, specific groups, teacher training and social justice in practice.

The preface sets the overriding emphasis of the book. It begins with two quotes. The longest one starts, “In our dreams we have seen another world… a world decidedly fairer than the one in which we now live.”

This quote of inspiration was written by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, who is an outspoken opponent of capitalism, whose politics are characterized as Marxist, and who claims that the neo-liberalism and globalization constitute the “Fourth World War.”


Bill Ayers Teaches Radical Theory At #OccupyChicago

Trouble viewing video?  Click Here.


Yessiirree……..Obama:  “Bill Ayers?”  He is just a guy from my neighborhood…….

***Obama’s political career launched from Bill Ayers’ living room……***




Ayers 2012: “I Get Up Every Morning and Think I’m Going to end Capitalism. Obama 2008: Ayers is Just a Guy From My Neighborhood. Vetting Obama 2012…..


Remember Obama’s recent speech trying to emulate Teddy Roosevelt in Osawatomie, Kansas?

The Osawatomie Coincidence? Will The MSM’s Make a Connection? The Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn Connection: Oswatomie = Weather Underground Publication


Another ’60s Radical – Once Featured On PBS – Finds His Place Teaching Our Children. Is Obama Condoning Indoctrinating our U.S. Children Through the Dept. of Education?



Eagle I will fight socialism




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  1. When I saw this news article about the Marxism class that Portland State was about to offer I thougt I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone. “Where is the Energizer Bunny?”

    Do these clowns understand anything about the realities of what actually happens in Marxist Revolutions? How about the consistent and well-documented slaughter of innocents and political dissidents who won’t accept Marxist re-education? There were 100 million people that died starvation or were exterminated by their glorious Marxist leaders in the past 100 years, no kidding. For those of you that think this class is “cool”; you need to read “The Black Book of Communism” so you can hear the argument from the other side before you form your opinions.

    Teaching young our young adults how to unhinge ourselves from global stability with no plan and no leadership, all based on a THEORETICAL form of governance that has failed in massive, bloody fashion every time it has been tried is complete madness…

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