Al Qaeda Attorney Becomes the Number Three Man at Department of Justice



Is this newsworthy?  Yes.

Will it be brought into the public’s attention.  Not likely.


From the Independent Sentinel:

Al Qaeda Attorney Becomes Number Three Man in the DOJ

April 14, 2012


Tony West, From Al Qaeda 7 to DOJ 3

Obama’s new appointee, friend and major campaign donor, Tony West, believes terrorism is a matter for criminal courts and not military tribunals. He does not believe any enemy of the United States is a terrorist. He has a history of vigorously supporting Al Qaeda terrorists and is now in charge of the GITMO terrorists’ trials. It puts him in a supervisory position of the government lawyers charged with prosecuting the terrorists.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Tony West was the aggressive defense lawyer for John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban. Despite his alarmingly vigorous and sometimes irrational defense of Lindh, Lindh is serving 20-years in prison, though it should have been life.  Lindh colluded with al Qaeda in Afghanistan and took up arms against U.S. troops.

West is also a major Obama campaign bundler and has raised a great deal of money for him. His sister-in-law, Kamala Harris, is in line for the next important government job, perhaps as eventual head of the DOJ.

According to the Free Beacon –

President Obama appointed West as the DOJ’s acting associate attorney general, a posting that does not require Senate confirmation. He formally began the job on Monday.

As the department’s third in command, West is tasked with defending a broad array of legal matters, such as Obama’s controversial health care law and civil rights issues. He also will be in charge of “litigating national security cases, such as habeas corpus petitions brought by detainees at Guantanamo Bay,” according to the DOJ.

This extremist will be the number three man with access to highly classified documents and information. He will be in charge of highly sensitive security matters though he has already shown his support for our enemies. He has fought hard for habeas corpus for detainees.

His controversial past makes him unfit to oversee GITMO and he will now be in charge of military who will be litigating the very people he supports.

“In any other Justice Department, in any other administration, representing the enemies of the United States would have been a disqualifier for a job inside DOJ setting detainee policy,” said J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ official in the department’s civil rights division. “But in [Attorney General] Eric Holder’s DOJ, it seems to be the chief prerequisite.”

Rep. Joe Walsh of Ill. said –

“When I first learned of this, I thought it is outrageous; but it’s getting redundant with this president,” Walsh, who said he plans on authoring a letter to Holder expressing his dismay, told the Free Beacon. “They’re not taking this war on terrorism seriously to put a guy like this in that position—it almost seems like a real conflict of interest.”

According to various reports and those familiar with the Lindh case, West went far beyond a lawyer’s call of duty by accepting the case pro bono and maintaining to this day that Lindh “is not a terrorist.”

Even though Americans can be deprived of citizenship and habeas corpus under the NDAA, West wants habeas corpus for all detainees, no matter how dangerous or violent and no matter how serious their crimes. Currently, West is overseeing at least 140 active habeas corpus cases involving Gitmo detainees—and his support for expanded rights is well documented.

Free Beacon:…West favors a policy that would make it easier for detainees to legally detonate the government’s case against them.

“We in the Civil Division [of DOJ] have embraced procedures to help ensure a meaningful review and fair process,” West further explained in his speech. “We’ve worked hard to create a process that allows habeas council to review classified evidence; we have taken on significant discovery obligations to provide access to classified material in the government’s files that could be helpful to the detainee in challenging the government’s case.”

He adds: “The burden of proof rests with the government—not the detainee—and we must demonstrate that detention is lawful by a preponderance of evidence.”

These views—combined with his emphatic defense of Lindh—have left legal observers to wonder whether the administration is serious about defending the country against enemy threats.

“If you volunteer your services to the enemy in wartime, … that’s not performing the traditional role of an attorney in the U.S. justice system,” said Andrew McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney who led the 1995 prosecution of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman—the so-called “Blind Sheik”—and several other terrorists. “That is helping the enemy in wartime.”…Keep Reading

One GOP observer said, “We should not be surprised that an attorney general whose law firm defended several Gitmo detainees would put the American Taliban’s lawyer in charge of detainee policy,” a senior GOP adviser in Congress who declined to be named told the WFB. “While frightening and appalling, the attorney general knows full well that this appointment is mere window dressing for the president’s liberal base and that the Congress will never back down from its prohibition on detainee transfer to the United States.”

 Read more: Obama elite taking over


Tony West — United States Department of Justice Third-in-Command — Confederate of Willie Brown and Kamala Harris — Under Even Greater Scrutiny Re Sham Non-Profit CaliforniaALL Amid New Revelations (Part 1)

by lesliebrodie

april 7, 2012

Derek Anthony West (AKA Tony West) — Acting Associate Attorney General, the third highest official at the United States Department of Justice — is under scrutiny in connection with non-profit entity CaliforniaALL.

Sources with knowledge, speaking on condition of anonymity, maintain a red flag has been raised over West due to the overall circumstances surrounding non-profit entity CaliforniaALL; Voice of OC; Morrison & Foerster (“MoFo”); MoFo’s James Brosnahan of Voice of OC ; California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) ; State Bar of California executive-director Joe Dunn and Martha Escutia of Voice of OC ; CaliforniaALL’s Kamala Harris ; Willie Brown and protégés — State Bar of California Board of Governors member Gwen Moore of Shrimpscam, as well as CPUC Commissioner Timothy Simon also of CaliforniaALL.

Tony West

Mr. Derek Anthony West (AKA Tony West) Acting Associate Attorney General, the third highest official at the United States Department of Justice. He joined Morrison & Foerster in 2001. While at MoFo, West represented “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh alongside partners James Brosnahan and Raj Chatterjee. His sister-in-law, Kamala Harris, is the California attorney general who was part of sham non-profit entity CaliforniaALL.

Tony West, Wilie Brown,

Mr. West shares a laugh with sister-in-law Kamala Harris former paramour who is like an albatross hanging around her neck — Willie Brown ( an otherwise a confederate of CPUC insider and State Bar of California Board of Governor member Gwen Moore.)

Tony West, John Burris

From left, Ms. Lateefah Simon (spouse of CPUC Commissioner and Golden Gate University Professor Timothy Alan Simon); Mr Tony West; Mr. John Burris, a well-known and well-respected civil rights attorney whom TLR previously introduce to its readers in connection with former crack-addict Mike Nisperos during a trip to CNMI HERE.


Ms. Ruth Ashley, a former member of the State bar of California Board of Governors, arranged with others the subrosa transfer of $769,247.00 from the State Bar to a chritable entity — CaliforniaALL — which was under her control. (Photo: courtesy)

In approximately 2007, Ruthe Catolico Ashley — an attorney from Sacramento and a member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors — was employed by CalPERS as a “Diversity Officer.” Prior to her employment with CalPERS, Ms. Ashley was employed as a diversity officer at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. While at McGeorge, Ms. Ashley met diversity expert Sarah Redfield.

In April 2007, Ashley, along with Sarah Redfield, met Peter Arth (Chief of Staff to CPUC President Michael Peevey) at a restaurant in San Francisco. During that meeting the idea to create CaliforniaALL was conceived. According to Ashley, all three arrived for the “brainstorming session” without any notepads; they quickly improvised and resorted to recording notes on a paper napkin which were the cornerstones of CaliforniaALL. See an excerpt from CaliforniaALL’s now defunct website below:

history of californiaALL..

Urban legend notwithstanding, Ashley’s version of events is slightly inaccurate, as Sarah Redfield (a visiting professor from New Hampshire who Ashley met at McGeorge School of Law) is not a member of the California Bar, and was not representing any governmental agency. In actuality, Ruthe Ashley acted on behalf of both the State Bar California and CalPERS — where she was at the time employed as a Diversity Officer. Pete Arth, an attorney with the CPUC, spoke on behalf of the CPUC.

On June 26, 2007, Ruth Ashley presented to the BOG the concept of California ALL, and recommnended that the State Bar support the organization.

Ashley Proposes to the BOG

Eventually, CalPERS, CPUC, and the State Bar of California endorsed in principle the creation of CaliforniaALL – a Section 501(c)(3) entity that would raise funds to be used to support a more diverse workforce in California.

Serving as CaliforniaALL legal counsel were two partners from Morrison & Foerster, Ms. Susan Mac Cormac and Eric Tate. See below:

MoFo Legal Counsel

MoFo Team

Morrison & Foerster Team (L-R) Ms. Dian Grueneich — Former Commissioner with California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”); Mr. Raj Chatterjee — current board member of the Foundation of State Bar of California (DBA California Bar Foundation, entity headed by Arnold & Porter’s Douglas Winthrop formerly of Howard Rice) ; Ms. Susan Mac Cormac — part of legal team which created entity CaliforniaALL, Mac Cormac was recently awarded “Rainmaker of the Year” by James Brosnahan’s alleged former mistress Marty Africa of Major Lindsey & Africa; Mr. Tony West; Mr. James J. Brosnahan of “Voice of OC” who represented El Paso Corp during California energy crisis opposing Pierce O’Donnell, Joe Cotchett, and Thomas Girardi of Joe Dunn’s Voice of OC; Ms. Annette Carnegie, formerly member of the board of California Bar Foundation during the Hush-Hush subrosa transfer of $780,000 to CaliforniaALL; Ms. Diane Pritchard who practiced extensively before the CPUC while at MoFo. (image: courtesy photo)

In the meantime, with a green light to proceed with the plan and with the credibility of state agencies behind her, Ruthe Ashley marched on. Ashley, however, wanted to maintain a low profile AND make it appear that her subsequent hiring was purely coincidental. As such, she delegated the task of forming the entity to be known as CaliforniaALL to Sarah Redfield and Victor Miramontes.

Miramontes, a resident of San Antonio, Texas is associated with CityView, a Los Angeles-based entity controlled by former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros.

Keep Reading here……




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#Vet Obama





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