The Radical “Has Beens” Stirring The Pot: Kent State 1970 Revisited? WHO is Behind this?



First watch this video about the Kent State riots in May 1970:

Kent State protests May1, 2, 3, and 4th 1970 SDS weatherman

Trouble viewing video?  Click Here.

Listen from beginning of video to 1:20 min. Mention of Bernadine Dohrn and the SDS.

Listen carefully from 2:30 to 3:45 min.

The Radicals will call this a “massacre”; yet the National Guard was under stress and there was proof of a shot FROM the CROWD toward the National Guard.


Abbie Hoffman on Yippie Tactics – 1968

Trouble viewing video?  Click Here.

**Warning for language in video**

Compare this to present day OCCUPY movement


Chicago 1968 Riots at DNC Convention

Trouble viewing video?  Click Here.

Note:  the words by the crowd……”The whole world’s watching”……4:30 to 4:50 min.


Now TODAY in 2012:


by Madeleine Morgenstern

April 22, 2012

Kent College Fest kentwired

Image source:

Police in Kent, Ohio deployed tear gas and flash-bang devices to clear out large groups of students near Kent State University after fights broke out at an annual “College Fest” celebration Saturday night.

Students attending the party reported beer bottles were being thrown and that ambulances were called to the scene, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Police in Riot Gear Use Tear Gas to Break Up Violent College Fest Crowds at Kent State

Image source: Daily Kent Stater

Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC-TV reported some of the 3,000 attendees threw beer bottles at police officers and that the Kent Fire Department was dispatched after a couch was set on fire near a roadway.

There were also reports of a man with a gun at the gathering, though police didn’t find anyone, according to the Kent Record-Courier.

A Kent State spokeswoman told WKYC the university was “closely monitoring” the events and “supports the city in its efforts to keep celebrations safe for everyone involved.”

Most of the partygoers were cleared out by 8 p.m., the Record-Courier reported. At least four people were believed to have been taken to local hospitals as a result of injuries.


More here including more video….



WHO or what group is behind this?

“Radical means to the radical ends”………

“The ends justify the means”…….


Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn?

Color of Change (Van Jones)?


Midwest Academy with former SDS’ers Heather and Paul Booth?

Or all of the above?

Will Obama use the college students as he did in 2008 to energize his base for 2012?  Will Obama use a speech to promote this agenda?

Will History Repeat Itself?







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