Violent Union Rhetoric Against Gov. Walker. Obama’s Reaction? One of them is a FRIEND of Obama’s.



First Watch THIS: Do YOU see Civility expressed here?

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“Cut his head off”…..”Knuckle up”……

At 3:00 min. into video you see William McNary of USAction.

From Keywiki (Trevor Loudon)

William McNary:

William McNary is the pro socialist president of USAction and a long time friend and colleague of Barack Obama.

According to the organization’s website;

William McNary has been called one of the most electrifying and inspirational speakers of our time. McNary serves as the President of USAction, the nation’s largest coalition of progressive grassroots organizations working together to win social, racial, economic and environmental justice.

Citizen Action/Illinois

McNary is also the Co-Director for Citizen Action/Illinois, an affiliate of USAction, working on an ambitious agenda that includes health care reform, environmental safety, public education and campaign finance reform.[1]

One of the leading advocates for health care reform, McNary has traveled extensively across the country addressing churches, labor unions, health care providers, senior citizen organizations and community groups.

McNary serves on the boards of the Center for Budget and Tax AccountabilityWomen’s Voices Women Vote, and Public Campaign, a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to public financing of elections. He has run Leadership Training forums where he teaches everyday citizens how to effectively lobby the legislature. These groups have included the AARP, the Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs and the NAACP.

McNary was a labor union member of UNITE HERE where he was elected as the president of his local for two years. Over five election cycles, McNary has worked with the Rainbow/Push Coalition where he co-directed targeted voter registration and Get Out the Vote”campaign efforts[2].


In November 1999 William McNary, became the president of USAction at the organization’s founding conference in Arlington Heights Illinois. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky also addressed the convention. Schakowsky urged delegates to demand the “the rich start sharing their wealth with us”.[3]

Radical IPA

Before joining USAction McNary served for 12 years as Legislative Director of Illinois Public Action(IPA)-now known as Citizen Action/Illinois.

Both IPA and USAction were and are heavily infiltrated by Marxists-several of whom have close connections to Barack Obama.

In the mid 90s IPA’s board included Obama’s long time friend, Democratic Socialists of America member Quentin Young, his one time boss and Communist Party USA/Soviet front activist Alice Palmer, long time supporter, “DSA friendly” Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Obama supporting, DSA linked unionist Tom Balanoff.

Several other DSA members were active in IPA and two Chicago Communist Party USA members, Frank Lumpkin and Bea Lumpkin are credited with major roles in building the organisation.

Radical USAction

USAction was founded by Heather Booth, who now serves as vice president under McNary. A former member of the 1960’s radical organisation Students for a Democratic Society, Booth was closely connected in the ’70s to the Chicago socialists who went on to help found DSA in 1982. Booth went on to found the DSA run Midwest Academy, an infamous training school for agitators, unionists and activists.

USAction’s board includes several radicals including former Chicago DSA activist John D. Cameron. USAction Program Director Alan Charney was formerly DSA’s National Director.

Northeast Action conference

The 2001 regional conference of Northeast Action on February 9-10 “brings together hundreds of progressive leaders, activists and elected officials for two days of discussions and workshops on public education, universal health care, clean elections, criminal justice reform, etc. Speakers included

The conference took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Braintree.[5]

DSA connections

2005 debs Dinner

Every year Chicago Democratic Socialists of America hosts an awards dinner, named after prominent socialists Eugene V DebsNorman Thomas and Michael Harrington. Most of the speakers and award recipients are DSA members, sympathetic socialists or communists.

William McNary was guest speaker at the 2005 Debs-Thomas-Harrington Dinner, with Frank Llewellyn[6].

The 47th Annual Eugene V. Debs – Norman Thomas – Michael Harrington Dinner was held on Friday evening, May 6, 2005, at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza in Chicago… Our featured speaker was William McNary, who spoke on the theme of the Dinner, “A Perfect Storm Rising: The Crisis in Health Care, Defending Social Security”. The Dinner also heard from Frank Llewelleyn, the National Director of DSA

2011 Debs Dinner

The 53rd Debs Thomas Harrington Dinner was held in 2011, at the Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro on Friday the 13th of May.

William McNary of Citizen Action/Illinois was Master of Ceremonies.

Sandra Shimon, a Greater Oak Park DSA member and an Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty board member, presented the Dinner award to ICADP’s Jeremy Schroeder. In accepting the award, Schroeder made reference to the politics and values represented by Eugene V. Debs. Despite the victory in abolishing the death penalty in Illinois, the work of Illinois Abolitionists is not over. Not only is there the Federal death penalty, but proponents of the death penalty in Illinois are already attempting to bring it back.

Chicago DSA co-chair Ron Baiman presented the Dinner award to AFSCME’s John Cameron. In accepting the award, Cameron noted that while both public and private employees may be represented in the workplace by a union, public employees, as voters, have some say in the meaning of their work, and this is the essence of socialism.

U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky seized the time and the podium to second the Dinner’s endorsement of Cameron’s work. Despite now being in the minority in Congress, Schakowsky noted in passing, she was extremely optimistic as the conservatives in Congress have seriously over-reached themselves.

Featured speaker was Ralph Martire, the Executive Director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability. Martire, who began his career as a corporate lawyer. “Mergers and acquisitions,” he sighed. But Martire wielded statistics with passion and clarity to reveal the intersection of tax policy, education, class, and racism.

The Dinner closed with the singing of “Solidarity Forever,” this time led by Christine Steyer, a singer who graciously donated her talents.[7]


Communist Party connections

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***LISTEN CAREFULLY from 3:10 to 4:00 min.*** “Aggressive Progressives” speaking at Communist Party USA Convention…….

**AND from 5:15 to 5:55 min.  **

William McMary, 28th Communist Party USA Convention, Chicago 2005

William McNary – Greetings from the President of USAction. Audio of Speeches from CPUSA 28th National Convention

William McNary has close ties to the Communist Party USA.

McNary wrote an article opposing drug company profiteering for the February 16 2002 edition of the Communist Party USA newspaper Peoples Weekly World.

Every year the Illinois branch of the Communist Party USA hosts a banquet to raise funds for the party paper.[8]

Honoring legendary fighters for social justice, the annual Illinois People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo banquet raised $6,100 for the 2002 Fund Drive here Oct. 20. William McNary, president of USAction and veteran of countless successful union and community battles, gave the keynote address. In his speech McNary told of his own personal tragedies, from which he has found the strength to fight until social justice is won, and gave a call to all present, “We must be in it to win it.”

Also in October 2002, McNary was interviewed in Peoples Weekly World.

No matter the issue, if it affects working people, William McNary, president of USAction, is there, fighting the good fight for social and health security, quality public schools and against the right-wing agenda.
“That’s a big order but it can be won with leadership and organization. If we had elected leaders who would stand as firmly for these issues as others stand for Wall Street, we’d be well on the road to winning them,” he said in a recent interview. “If we are to win these things we must build political power at the grass roots,”

In July 2005 William McNary was a keynote speaker at the Communist Party USA National Convention in Chicago. Of the fifteen speakers and panellists listed, only McNary and James Thindwa were not confirmed Communist Party members[9].

McNary/Obama ties

William McNary has worked closely with Barack Obama over many years.

In May 2008 McNary told the Huffington Post[10];

I am also a voter. And in this election, I am supporting Barack Obama, whom I’ve known and worked with for years. I am also an elected delegate to the Democratic Convention for Barack Obama.

According to David Moberg, a writer for the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America linked magazine In These Times;

He collaborated with United Power for Action and Justice (UPAJ), a metropolitan Chicago faith-based organization formed in 1997 by the IAF, to expand children’s health insurance in Illinois. For its part, UPAJ gave Obama a prominent platform to address its multiracial, metropolitan membership during his 2004 bid for the U.S. Senate. William McNary, co-director of Citizen Action/Illinois, a coalition of labor, community and citizen groups, says, “Barack was not just willing to meet with community-based groups, not only to be a good vote for us, but he also strategized with us to help move our position forward

Also from David Moberg in In These Times;

William McNary, president of USAction, a national network of statewide progressive citizen groups, personally—but not organizationally—supports Obama as a “genuine progressive” who will “expand the boundaries of American democracy,” and heal the rupture with the rest of the world Bush caused with the war in Iraq.

According to the pro-Democratic Party blog TPM Cafe;

William McNary is…one of Obama’s personal friends and long time supporters – someone Obama went to when considering his run for Senate and for president. William loves Obama and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt he would not serve on an organization board that was trying to favor Clinton over Obama.

At the 2008 Democratic Party Convention in Denver, McNary compared Obama to Martin Luther King[11].

When this country was first started, the only ones who could vote were white men with property. The we extended the boundaries of democracy to include women and people of color and religious minorities. Who would have thought we would have expanded the boundaries of democracy so wide that someone like Barack Obama, an African American, could run and win. So Barack Obama is not just a culmination of King’s dream, he’s the culmination of the American dream.

McNary and the Communist Party USA both supported Barack Obama in his 2004 Senate race. While outside the Democratic Party mainstream, Obama was able to win by stitching together a coalition of socialist/communist dominated unions and “community organizations.

More here………..


Mentioned above…..The MIDWEST ACADEMY

Radical USAction

USAction was founded by Heather Booth, who now serves as vice president under McNary. A former member of the 1960’s radical organisation Students for a Democratic Society, Booth was closely connected in the ’70s to the Chicago socialists who went on to help found DSA in 1982. Booth went on to found the DSA run Midwest Academy, an infamous training school for agitators, unionists and activists.


Uncovering MORE of Obama’s Radical Past (Stanley Kurtz). **Plus Marxism Invasion of our Churches**


Now, let’s move to Chicago, because that’s exactly what Barack Obama did.  And a lot of what I say in the book covers a remarkable community organizer training institute in Chicago that very few people have heard of.  It’s called the Midwest Academy.  The Midwest Academy – remember that name.  I hope someday that will become a famous name and phrase.  If it does, the moment everyone knows what the Midwest Academy is, is the moment that Barack Obama is in some serious trouble.

I truly was amazed because what we really had here was a living, breathing, Socialist front group as if it had been taken from the 1930s and transported into the ’80s and the ’90s and beyond in the United States.

The Midwest Academy was run by community organizers who were not only Socialist.  They were really some of the most prominent and influential Socialists in the United States in the post-’60s era.  And they really were the originators in many ways of the theories that were touted at those Socialist conferences in New York.  In many ways, the theories of community organizing and Socialism that were touted in those conferences in New York were really talking about these organizers in Chicago from the Midwest Academy.  It was a direct connection.

And who by coincidence did Obama end up working with after he left those conferences in New York but the community organizers in Chicago who really were the leaders and creators or contemporary Socialist strategy.  Now, the most important element of their strategy was keep quiet, don’t talk about your Socialism.  

They believe that you should not tell the people you are organizing about your Socialism.  Just use it for your own private strategic purposes.  Instead, as I said earlier, call yourself a Populist, call yourself a Communitarian, use Alinskyite language and say that you’re democratizing power.  But when you read their memos to each other and their letters, it’s Marx, it’s Lenin, it’s Mao, the whole deal.

So I was going through the files of Midwest Academy and I started hitting on names that I was familiar with from my earlier research, names like Alice Palmer.  Alice Palmer was the Illinois State Senator whom Barack Obama replaced.  She anointed Obama as her successor at that infamous party at the home of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn.  And I was amazed when I found that Alice Palmer had been a high official in the Midwest Academy network and that she had worked directly with another fellow named Ken Rawling.   Ken Rawling is the fellow who during the campaign of 2008 that tried to keep me out of the files, the archives of the Bill Ayers Foundation.  And Ken Rawling worked running that foundation with Bill Ayers and Barack Obama for years and years, and in other ways had been in charge of the funding of Barack Obama and the training of Barack Obama.

This is important actually to the argument of the book because, as I’ll say in a moment as I’m saying now, Barack and Michelle Obama were very, very closely tied to the Midwest Academy.  And you really had to trust someone if you were going to bring them into the inner circle of the Midwest Academy.  They were very secretive and you can see why, because they sing songs to each other about Marx’s theory.  You can’t just bring anyone into that context.

Keep reading here……….

***From Page 2**

So the Democratic Party has been in this transformation to a leftist party for 30 or 40 years.  That’s how to answer the question of how Barack Obama got in there.  The Progressive Caucus, so this was a Marxist Caucus in the party, where there’s 160 members of the congressional–of the House, that’s the vast majority.

Nancy Pelosi gave a speech on the floor to honor her personal hero, Harry Bridges, who was a member of the Central Committee of the American Communist Party and a Soviet Agent.  So that’s how bad it is, and that’s why when I met with Jeremiah then, I said, oh, my God, this country is in trouble and for 20-odd years that’s what the Center has been doing is trying to educate people.  And then we, by putting up Discover the Networks and things we’ve done, we’ve allowed people who are now beginning to realize that access to the networks and the dots and the agendas.

And these people are professional liars.  To be on the left, you have to be a liar.  You are always for peace, justice, of course, because you know if you tell people what you are for, at best they’re not going to listen to you, at worst they could get really angry.  I had this experience–I will close with this. Cardinal Menzenti was a hero because he refused–he was the Cardinal in Budapest.  And when the Russians and the Communists took over the country, instead of leaving the country, he stayed in the American Embassy and led–he was the symbol of the anti-Communist struggle.

And when I had my second thoughts and started to speak on the conservative circuit, one of the first invitations was to the Cardinal Menzenti Foundation in St. Louis where I was introduced by my host as a former civil rights worker and peace activist.  In truth, I was a bloody Marxist revolutionary.  And that applies to all these people.  And if you read Stanley’s book, I mean, Jan Schakowsky, they’re all part of this Midwest Academy out there and they know who they are and they know each other and they understand the dangers, the third rail of foreign policy and things like that.

***Emphasis added***




A Man and woman are known by the company they keep.



***William McNary, a friend of Obama’s in a speech to the Communist Party USA Convention stated the Communists were “Aggressive PROGRESSIVES”

Is Rep. Allen West right?




Eagle I will fight socialism




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