Out of the Mouth of the Communist Party USA’s Leader: Socialism Leads to Communism



Communists discuss U.S. path to socialism

April 21, 2012

Sam Webb Communist Party USA Chair

NEW YORK – The Communist Party USA has opened a national conference here this weekend. The logical assumption is that the 140 delegates present today from all over the country will focus on what they can do to defeat the right wing in this year’s elections. And while this is, in fact, very true, the delegates note that they intend to go much, much further.

“This conference will not ignore the elections, to be sure,” Sam Webb, the party’s chair, declared in his opening remarks. “But it has, at the same time, a grander design. It will connect the dots between our immediate and longer-range political tasks.

“Or to put it differently, we hope to connect the struggle at the ballot box today with the struggle for socialism tomorrow.”

There were many new faces present at the conference, as Webb noted: “Many of the new delegates are young people, who are as committed now to a socialist future as were the older generations of Communists in the past.”

One of the things driving their commitment is concern about the growing threat to humanity’s future coming from environmental degradation. “Almost daily,” he said, “we hear of species extinction, global warming, deforestation, resource depletion, and on and on to the point where we are nearly accustomed to the gathering catastrophe.

“Our planet cannot indefinitely absorb the impact of profit-driven, growth-without-limits capitalism; the earth is sending distress signals to its inhabitants. And they will become louder, still, as long as the reproduction of capital dominates the reproduction of nature.”

The Communists gathered here today say that capitalism – which once generated jobs and rising income – has devolved into a generator of unemployment, inequality, and insecurity. And with that understanding, they don’t believe that the future offers a restoration of growth and rising income – that can only come, they feel, with a turn in the balance of class and social forces.

Socialism – more than a good idea, is “imperative,” as Webb put it, “to preserve peace and our planet, expand democracy, eliminate gross racial, gender, and other forms of inequality, and to provide a secure life for the billions living on this earth.”

Given their commitment to this goal, the delegates are preparing to discuss the various stages through which they see the struggle for socialism progressing.

Defeating right-wing extremism is seen as simply the first stage of the fight. Webb warned of that stage’s critical nature. “If you don’t believe me,” he added, “take a look at Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio, where Republicans took control of the levers of power in 2010 and then ruthlessly rolled back rights, eliminated social programs, and attacked the labor movement.

Assuming an eventual victory over the right wing, the Communists see workers and allies then being able to enter an “anti-corporate” stage of the struggle, where they expect the fight for a peoples’ agenda will bring the labor movement at odds with corporate/economic political power.

“This stage of struggle doesn’t supplant capitalism,” Webb remarked. Instead, it “brings the socialist stage closer as tens of millions become convinced in the course of the struggle that capitalism doesn’t work for them.”

In the next stage (the socialist stage), Communists see a substantial shift to the left among the “core forces” of social change, a deepening of anti-racist consciousness and practice, the consolidation of the anti-corporate alliance, and the growth of the Communist Party and other left organizations.

“This stage will culminate in the election of a peoples’ government,” Webb stated.

Important parts of this stage, he noted, are “steps to control the movement of capital, to institute a tax policy that weighs heavily on the wealthy, and to place under democratic control sectors of the economy, such as finance, that are a threat to the peoples’ government and a socialist revolution.”




April 23, 2012

By  Tiffany Gabbay


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Communism in America

“They have been working on this for about 100 years,” Beck said.

Reminding viewers of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto reflected in American life, Beck asked what one who wants to destroy the free market would do in order to remold it “closer to the heart’s desire.” In order for Van Jones, et al, to wipe the slate clean and “rebuild the dream” that has been in motion for the last “100 years,” progressives have had to become “more adept at duping people,” Beck noted. After reviewing the 10 tenets, he then asked viewers to examine how in-sync many of them are with current American policies. “Look at the things that you are being told are good for you.”

But it’s “all for the greater good.”

Drawing from another recent occurrence in which Communist Party of America members unveiled their long-term plans for the nation, Beck noted that Florida Congressman Allen West is on the group’s radar given his recent comments about Communist Democratic lawmakers. Communist Party leader Sam Webb said they would make it a point to defeat ”right-wing extremism” in the form of the Congressional freshman.

Of course, the media has come out in full force to assail West over his comments, despite the fact that the GOP lawmaker is, according to Beck “100%” accurate.” Reviewing various the Congressional Progressive Caucus, he then asked how many of the 76 members have “raved about Fidel Castro” and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The question was of course, rhetorical.

A matter of grave importance 

Reviewing these chilling developments of late, Beck said that America is dangerously close to the precipice, with “one foot in the free market and the other in Communism.” There is no free market “as we know it” anymore and this election is of utmost importance.

He also reminded viewers that progressives will play hardball this election and that complacency through not voting simply isn’t an option if Americans wish to head down the path of the Founding Fathers and not see the destruction of the free market.

This next president will chart that course. “In four years it will be too late to decide.” Beck added that ensuring a decisive, rather than close victory is essential to sending progressives the message that Americans do not wish to discard the Constitution.

More including additional VIDEO here………


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  6. […] The Communist Party USA had its origins in 1919.  Out of the Mouth of the Communist Party USA’s Leader: Socialism Leads to Communism […]

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