While Richard Trumka Trumpets About “out of control CEO pay”: Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy



Even wonder what YOUR UNION BOSS makes a year?

All while using you member dues for political purposes and NOT boosting your retirement or benefits?


From Workforce Fairness Institute:

Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy

April 25, 2012 by WFI Staff

Union Boss Richard Trumka’s generous paycheck is raising some eyebrows.  An article published yesterday in the Washington Free Beacon, titled “Trumka’s Big Bucks,” details AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s latest strategy to encourage his members to fight “out-of-control CEO pay.”  But with all this rhetoric about getting executive salaries under control, Trumka still makes eight times as much as the average American worker, while their pensions go bankrupt.

From the Washington Free Beacon,

“Trying to stir union members into protesting the disparity between the wages of CEO’s and the worker’s they manage, Trumka’s email said, “Runaway CEO pay isn’t just bad for our economy, it’s bad for the morale of working families, too. All workers, from the executive suite down to the shop floor, contribute to making a company successful. But these corporations are buying into the myth that the success of a corporation is the result of its CEO alone.”

As President of the union, Trumka makes over eight times as much as the average American worker.


In 2011, Trumka earned $293,750.

According to the recent email from Trumka’s desk, the average American worker makes about $34,000 a year.”

Unfortunately Richard Trumka isn’t the only Big Labor boss with a salary that’s out of control. In fact, his very generous income of $293,750 in 2011 is about average.  According to the Labor Department’s total compensation figures, many of the top labor leaders make even more than Trumka:

  • Mary Kay Henry, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), earned $290,334 in 2011;

  • Gerald McEntee, President of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal employees, AFL-CIO (AFSCME), earned $512,369;

  • James Hoffa, General President of the Teamsters, earned $372,489;

  • Dennis Van Roekel, President of the National Education Association (NEA), earned$460,060;

  • Joseph Hansen, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), earned $361,124, and

  • Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), earned$493,859.

While Trumka calls on his members to get “CEO pay under control,” he should take a hard look at the dollars he and other union bosses are pocketing compared to the American workers they claim to represent.

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  1. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Union Boss Richard Trumka’s generous paycheck is raising some eyebrows. An article published yesterday in the Washington Free Beacon, titled “Trumka’s Big Bucks,” details AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s latest strategy to encourage his members to fight “out-of-control CEO pay.”

  2. […] While Richard Trumka Trumpets About “out of control CEO pay”: Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy […]

  3. […] While Richard Trumka Trumpets About “out of control CEO pay”: Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy […]

  4. […] While Richard Trumka Trumpets About “out of control CEO pay”: Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy […]

  5. […] While Richard Trumka Trumpets About “out of control CEO pay”: Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy […]

  6. this isn’t crap. i read where a campbells soup company left ad got a golden parachute payment of $300,000,ooo . the plants producing the products are’nt that well paid.



    Would you care to back up your statement with a link about Campbell Soup Company?

    What do you consider the workers at the plant salary should be? Should it be commensurate with job level, education and experience?

    What is your level of education? Did you get a college degree?

    I provided a link of where I obtained my information…..You?



  7. This is the most idiotic argument I have ever heard. Trumka makes eight times what the average worker gets?! CEO pay in the US averages over 500 times what their average employees get. And that is up from only 40-50 times in the 1980s. CEO salaries have risen over 500%, when adjusted for inflation, since 1979. In the same period, workers salaries have risen only 5%. CEO salaries and the growing disparity incomes, the obscene concentration of wealth in the hands of an ever-smaller group, is what causes our economic woes today. Not to mention that the wealthiest Americans pay lower tax rates than at almost any time in the last hundred years. By the way, according to the right-wingers, Trumka doesn`t make enough to be considered `wealthy`…they argue that raising taxes on people who earn more the $250,000 is unfair. Get your head out of your ass!



    Why are you and the Democrats so angry?

    You win elections and still bloviate anger over anyone and anything.

    So Brian; the CEO’s do make a lot of money. Their job is production; they answer to their Board and stockholders.

    Richard Trumka only instigates/organizes union members through incitement, envy and hate. That is not production; that is incitement to feed his ego (Power) and the money to line his own pocket.

    Let’s turn this argument back towards you. Do YOU feel that Richard Trumka shares his wealth? Would he accept only $1 for a year’s worth of work? Would Richard Trumka give up his own jet? His visits to the White House and his connections to Obama?

    I am NOT against Unions. I am against Unions turning into “Union Corporations” run Cosa Nostra style. Sending out his “enforcers”/thugs to incite and at times proliferate violence. Union forced dues; those that don’t want to join the Union still have to pay 75% of what the annual dues are for members.

    Richard Trumka’s ties to the Eddie York slaying while he was head of the United Mine Worker’s Union should give ANY AFL-CIO union member pause.

    Raising taxes on the wealthy will produce approximately $80 Billion of Revenue a year. Obama SPENDS $1.5 TRILLION dollars a year. $80 BILLION vs.$1.5 TRILLION. If YOU make $50,000 per year, but SPEND $200,000 per year; where does that leave YOU financially?

    Our military has already been cut $500 Billion; with another $500 Billion in cuts kicking in January 2013. Don’t try to give me the Bush crap about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Obama is STILL in Afghanistan AND has sent troops to Libya, Jordan and now possibly into Syria.

    Obamacare taxes to kick in January 2013. Amazing how Obama can instill taxation that started this year, increases exponentially in 2013, but the actual Healthcare will not be seen until 2014. Obamacare taxes will affect YOU; especially the tax on medical devices (gloves, IV tubing, crutches,etc.).

    For YOU to believe workers salaries have only grown 5% since 1979 is amazing. WHO gives you this information? Look, don’t believe me; look up the information FOR YOURSELF. Seek and verify information.

    Do YOU believe it is fair that Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE is on Obama’s Business Financial commission? That GE did NOT pay one dime in taxes due to tax loopholes AND is shipping jobs overseas? Maybe you work for them in Japan?

    Increasing Corporate taxes for revenue won’t work either. GE is a prime example. Move jobs overseas to countries with LOWER corporate taxation and not one word from Obama about this action.

    Socialism (sharing the wealth) only works until you run out of other people’s money. Then what?

    Progressivism/Marxism has infiltrated America and has basically converted the U.S. from a manufacturing productive powerhouse into a “Consumer nation” not a “Producing Nation”.

    FYI: Read the steps of Changing America from a REPUBLIC to a Communist nation. This was read into Congressional records in 1963. HOW many steps have already been accomplished? http://roadsassy.com/communisms-45-steps/



  8. Richard Trumpka $292,000 a year!!! LMAO. What a loser.

    Oracle Corporations CEO made $78.4 million dollars.

    Tesla Motors Inc CEO made $78.15 million.

    McDonald’s CEO made $27 million

    Activizion Blizard Inc CEO made $64 million a year!!!

    By comparison, Trumka is a chump, a loser…lol. And whoever posted this articles is even more of a chump.




    So are you proclaiming the AFL-CIO is a Corporation?

    Business unionism?

    What about Zuckerberg’s salary?

    Do you actually believe that Richard Trumka deserves nearly a QUARTER MILLION in salary per year? For WHAT?

    That salary quote for Trumka was for 2012. What is his salary today?



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