Obama Campaign Falsehoods: Attacking Romney on Bain Capital.





From the Washington Examiner:

Romney’s Bain Turnaround

By Conn Carroll

May 15, 2012

President Obama’s reelection campaign launced an attack on Mitt Romney’s record as a job creator yesterday, comparing his role at Bain Capital to a blood sucking vampire. “It was like a vampire. They came in and sucked the life out of us,” union steelworker Jack Cobb tells the camera.

The two-minute ad (airing in Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Virginia) blames Romney for the 2001 closing of GST Steel in Kansas City, Missouri. More than 750 workers lost their job after Bain tried to turn the company around.

But the ad hadn’t been released more than a couple hours before Obama’s story started falling apart. First, Obama’s hand-picked car czar, Steve Rattner, said on MSNBC, “I think the ad is unfair… I don’t think there’s anything Bain Capital did that they need to be embarrassed about.” Then the Romney campaign followed up with an official response echoing Rattner’s message: “We welcome the Obama campaign’s attempt to pivot back to jobs and a discussion of their failed record. Mitt Romney helped create more jobs in his private sector experience and more jobs as Governor of Massachusetts than President Obama has for the entire nation.”

The Romney campaign then followed up with a detailed accounting of Romney private sector job creation record, their own video featuring steel workers from a different company thanking Romney for creating their jobs, and a “GST Steel” tumblr filled with links to stories fact-checking Obama’s attack.

Seperately, conservative media outlets also pushed back against Obama, reporting that while Romney left Bain in 1999, Obama bundler Jonathan Levine was still at the firm when the steel company actually went bankrupt in 2001, and that The Washingotn Post had already given an earlier and similar Obama attack “Three Pinocchios.”

Team Romney may have appeared blindsided when Newt Gingrich attacked Romney’s Bain record, but they were ready for Obama to do the same. For every bad investment Romney made at Bain, they seem ready to tell their own success story. Is Obama prepared to do the same thing for his economic record?

Campaign 2012 
Poll: A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows Romney beating Obama 46 percent to 43 percent among registered voters.

Obama: The same day he attacked Romney for running a private equity firm, Obama hosted a $35,800-a-head fundraiser at the home of the president of the nation’s largest private equity firm.

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While Richard Trumka Trumpets About “out of control CEO pay”: Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy






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