While Washington, D.C. Thrives and Federal Workers Salaries/Bonuses are High…..The Unemployed Elsewhere in America get…..




The Socialist/Marxist Ruler Has No Clothes Romanian Style. Will Smith Gets a Lesson in French Socialist President Hollande Taxation Ideology.


Attacking the rich who “do not pay their fair share” is just a campaign ploy to pretend that a president cares for the poor. In reality, he is only interested in sharing other people’s money and wealth, not his own.


I do know how many communist elites and their loyal lackeys became millionaires and billionaires in Romania. During the terror reign of Nicolae Ceausescu, they pillaged and confiscated private property from all citizens but particularly the wealth of those who owned multiple homes, land, paintings, gold coins, cars, and jewelry.

Many communists had huge bank accounts in Switzerland and lived like kings while the population starved, fearing for their lives daily, and lucky to be alive. Shortly after Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed on Christmas 1989, several billion dollars worth of financial aid earmarked for economic development in Romania, disappeared without a trace.To this day, it has not been found, and nobody was held accountable for its disappearance.

***Think MF Global and John Corzine here…..***



Federal workers raking in millions in bonuses, new database shows

May 16, 2012

A new in-depth database of federal worker salaries shows the government paid out a whopping $105 billion in salaries last year for most of its civilian workforce — to boot, the workers got $439 million in bonuses.

The information, which was obtained and number-crunched by The Asbury Park Press through a Freedom of Information Act request, challenges the old notion that government workers trade high salaries for job security and benefits.

In fact, many workers get all those things.

“They get better pay and they especially get better benefits,” said James Sherk, senior policy analyst with the conservative Heritage Foundation.

The database, which is now online, allows users to enter a federal worker’s name and their department, and then look up their salary information. The trove covers about 70 percent of federal workers, with some eye-opening results.

The average salary, for instance, for New Jersey’s federal employees was $83,749. Many senior executives throughout the federal government make a six-figure salary.

Attorney General Eric Holder makes $199,700 – like other Cabinet-level officials. And Jeff Neely, the suspended General Services Administration employee at the heart of the Las Vegas convention scandal, was pulling in $172,000.

The database also shows the government has been liberally handing out bonuses, with many in the ten-of-thousands-of-dollars range. The top bonus in the Justice Department was $37,505.

In the Agriculture Department, it was $62,895. Some of the biggest bonuses, though, were the product of a special presidential award program.

Moira Mack, a spokeswoman for the Office of Management and Budget, told the Asbury Park Press that the administration has “eliminated bonuses for all political appointees.” The administration, she said, has also “directed agencies to adopt more rigorous personnel management processes, and set a cap to reduce spending on awards for career staff, saving taxpayers an estimated $200 million this year alone.”

In addition, the Office of Personnel Management says that it continues to improve its pay-for-performance systems.

But Sherk said that while some of these bonuses and pay raises are being handed out on merit, the “vast majority” are automatic, “just for sitting in their seat.”

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While Richard Trumka Trumpets About “out of control CEO pay”: Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy


From the Washington Free Beacon,

“Trying to stir union members into protesting the disparity between the wages of CEO’s and the worker’s they manage, Trumka’s email said, “Runaway CEO pay isn’t just bad for our economy, it’s bad for the morale of working families, too. All workers, from the executive suite down to the shop floor, contribute to making a company successful. But these corporations are buying into the myth that the success of a corporation is the result of its CEO alone.”

As President of the union, Trumka makes over eight times as much as the average American worker.


In 2011, Trumka earned $293,750.

According to the recent email from Trumka’s desk, the average American worker makes about $34,000 a year.”

Unfortunately Richard Trumka isn’t the only Big Labor boss with a salary that’s out of control. In fact, his very generous income of $293,750 in 2011 is about average.  According to the Labor Department’s total compensation figures, many of the top labor leaders make even more than Trumka:

  • Mary Kay Henry, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), earned $290,334 in 2011;

  • Gerald McEntee, President of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal employees, AFL-CIO (AFSCME), earned $512,369;

  • James Hoffa, General President of the Teamsters, earned $372,489;

  • Dennis Van Roekel, President of the National Education Association (NEA), earned$460,060;

  • Joseph Hansen, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), earned $361,124, and

  • Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), earned$493,859.

While Trumka calls on his members to get “CEO pay under control,” he should take a hard look at the dollars he and other union bosses are pocketing compared to the American workers they claim to represent.


Employers in Washington added 58,300 jobs year over year

By Aaron Corvin

 April 18, 2012


An estimated 289,400 people in Washington were unemployed and looking for work in March, down from a peak of more than 365,000 in February 2010. The Employment Security Department paid unemployment benefits to 189,467 people in March, down from a peak of more than 350,000 in January 2010.

As of April 7, 77,512 workers in Washington had run out of all unemployment benefits. About 12,500 people will lose benefits at the end of this week, mostly due to the required shutoff of extended benefits. Another 11,000 people will likely run out of benefits by mid-June.

The phasing out of extended benefits is triggered by an improving economy and a falling unemployment rate.




France’s New Socialist President Owns Three Homes On Exclusive French Riviera…Birds of a Feather? Champagne and Limousine Liberals/Socialists


Obama Campaign Falsehoods: Attacking Romney on Bain Capital.


END NOTE:  Is Obama and his administration trying to create an illusion that the economy is improving and the unemployment numbers are dropping?

The phasing out of extended benefits is triggered by an improving economy and a falling unemployment rate.

Will the manipulation of numbers create another crisis?






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