Interesting Find: Leftist Jewish Publication also named “Forward”. Is Obama Collectivizing Vote of Marxist/Socialists/Jewish Voters?




**Note here: I am NOT against the Jewish religion; just bringing to light through research, the usage of the slogan “Forward” by the Obama 2012 campaign. I am Pro-Israel and a firm supporter of Netanyahu.**


Personally I have to commend David Axelrod, a Communist sympathizer and a Jew combining the Obama Campaign slogan of “Forward”as a slogan for the Communist party as well as the uber-Orthodox publication Forward… as brilliant.

WHY you ask?

Here is the proof.

First read this by clicking on link below:

The Communist Slogan “Forward” now Adopted by Obama


Now ADD this Interesting find on the internet (saved to screen shots just in case)

From the Jewish Daily publication FORWARD.


Abraham CahanThe Forward is a legendary name in American journalism and a revered institution in American Jewish life. Launched as a Yiddish-language daily newspaper on April 22, 1897, the Forward entered the din of New York’s immigrant press as a defender of trade unionism and moderate, democratic socialism. [Emphasis added].  The Jewish Daily Forward quickly rose above the crowd, however; under the leadership of its founding editor, the crustily independent Abraham Cahan, the Forward came to be known as the voice of the Jewish immigrant and the conscience of the ghetto. It fought for social justice, helped generations of immigrants to enter American life, broke some of the most significant news stories of the century, and was among the nation’s most eloquent defenders of democracy and Jewish rights.

By the early 1930s the Forward had become one of America’s premier metropolitan dailies, with a nationwide circulation topping 275,000 and influence that reached around the world and into the Oval Office. Thousands more listened regularly to the Forward’s Yiddish-language radio station, WEVD, “the station that speaks your language.” The newspaper’s editorial staff included, at one time or another, nearly every major luminary in the then-thriving world of Yiddish literature, from the beloved “poet of the sweatshops,” Morris Rosenfeld, to the future Nobel laureates Isaac Bashevis Singer and Elie Wiesel. At the helm, guiding the paper for a full half-century until his death in 1950, was Cahan. Both as an editor and in his own writings – including his timeless advice column, the Bintel Brief – he set the populist, down-to-earth tone that was the Forward’s hallmark. In thousands of Jewish households across the country, the Forward was for decades more than just a daily newspaper – it was a trusted guide and a member of the family.

With the end of World War II the Forward entered a period of decline. The vast, Yiddish-speaking world of Eastern European Jewry was no more. Without replenishment, the Forward’s own readership was dwindling and graying. In 1983 the paper cut back to a weekly publishing schedule and launched an English-language supplement.

In more recent years the Yiddish paper has experienced a modest revival, benefiting from the renewed interest in Yiddish on college campuses and from the leadership of editor, the Russian-born essayist and novelist Boris Sandler, who took over in 1998. [Emphasis added]

In 1990 the Forward Association, the newspaper’s non-profit holding company, made the bold decision to remake the English-language Forward as an independent, high-profile weekly newspaper committed to covering the Jewish world with the same crusading journalistic spirit as Cahan’s Jewish Daily Forward. Led for its first decade by Seth Lipsky, a longtime editorial board member of the Wall Street Journal, the new Forward quickly established itself as a fearless and indispensable source of news and opinion on Jewish affairs. Its cultural pages have featured reviews and original belles letters by such writers as Cynthia Ozick, Phillip Lopate, Anne Roiphe and Ilan Stavans, while the sassy FastForward section has become a leading window into the lifestyles of younger Jews.

The veteran journalist and author J.J. Goldberg took the reins in July 2000. He continued and expanded the paper’s commitment to incisive, hard-hitting reportage while at the same time returning to the populist, progressive spirit that was the Forward’s hallmark in its early years. Under Goldberg’s leadership the paper reached its largest-ever English-language circulation, while firmly cementing its reputation as American Jewry’s essential newspaper of record.

After Goldberg decided to return to writing, the newspaper took another bold turn by appointing its first woman editor, Jane Eisner, in 2008. A respected reporter, foreign correspondent, editorial page editor and syndicated columnist for 25 years at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Eisner also taught for five years at the University of Pennsylvania and authored “Taking Back the Vote: Getting American Youth Involved in Our Democracy” (2004). Helped by a strong editing team, she is growing the Forward in print and on line, with new and innovative features and an even sharper focus on telling the contemporary Jewish story.

Today’s Forward is once again becoming what its parent publication was nearly a century ago: a trusted guide – to the varieties of Jewish experience – and a welcome member of the family.

The Forward family of newspapers continues to carry on the founding vision of Abraham Cahan, serving together as the voice of the American Jew and the conscience of the community.

Source:  The Jewish Daily FORWARD


About the Founder of the Jewish publication FORWARD:

Abraham Cahan:

Abraham Cahan (1860–1951), was a Lithuanian-born American author, socialist leader and editor of the Yiddish newspaper the Jewish Daily Forward.

The 1890s were a dark era for many Jews. Between 1887 and the outbreak of World War I, more than 2 million Jews came to America. Most were poor and came from what are now RussiaUkrainePolandLithuania and other centers of Eastern European Jewish life. The new arrivals clustered in unsanitary tenements, worked long hours in sweatshops and open air markets, spoke mainly Yiddish and possessed few skills with which to enter the English-language labor force. They faced religious prejudice and the challenges of adapting to an unfamiliar environment.

The Forward became a leading advocate for these Jewish immigrants. Named after the great Social Democratic newspaper in Berlin, the Forverts appeared on the streets of New York in April 1897, written entirely in Yiddish. Its first editor was 37-year-old Abraham Cahan. [Emphasis added]

Cahan was born in the town of Pabrade (Podberezye) near Vilna, Lithuania, on July 7, 1860, and emigrated to the United States in 1882. A dedicated socialist, he fled the mass roundup of revolutionaries after the assassination of Czar Alexander 11 of Russia. [Emphasis added] Cahan settled on the Lower East Side of New York and became equally fluent in English and Yiddish. He quickly emerged as a leading writer, lecturer and editor for the socialist and labor movements. Cahan’s articles and short stories appeared in America’s leading magazines and newspapers. His novels, especially “The Rise of David Levinsky,” won the praise of William Dean Howells and other leading literary critics.

Cahan had clear ideas about the kind of paper he wanted to edit. He wanted the Forward to rise above the ideological baffles that divided the socialist and labor movements. Although he retained his socialist beliefs and was always an advocate for labor, he wanted the paper to do more than preach Marxist doctrine in dry prose. Cahan believed that his paper must “interest itself in the things that the masses are interested in when they aren’t preoccupied with the daily struggle for bread.” Twice he resigned as editor, once staying away for several years, because he could not agree with the paper’s backers about its editorial content. In the end, Cahan won out.

A beacon for immigrant acculturation into American life, under Cahan the Forward never lost its pro-working class orientation or its thirst for social justice.

Source: Jewish virtual


Source: Jewish Daily Forward

Soros Next Generation Steps Up

April 23, 2012

By Josh Nathan-Kazis


In the 2012 election cycle, the biggest single political donation made by a Soros didn’t come from George.

The progressive hedge fund billionaire was outdone by his 26-year-old son, Alexander, who in March wrote a $200,000 check to the Democratic-leaning super PAC responsible for the 2008 Great Schlep campaign backing then presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The elder Soros still outpaces his second-youngest child in overall political giving, according to Federal Election Commission records.

But Alexander Soros’s major gift may point to a generational shift in the philanthropic and political efforts of the Soros family. As George Soros enters his 80s, the five children of the controversial Hungarian-born Jewish investor appear to be emerging from their father’s long shadow.

In the lead is Alexander who, in addition to his super PAC gift, has announced the launch of his own foundation. Jonathan Soros, 41, Alexander’s half-brother, also drew attention in April for his support of a new effort to introduce public financing of elections in New York State.


Another observer noted the similarity between the philanthropic aims of George Soros and those of his children.

“It looks like this commitment to justice and rights seems to be carrying through, and that’s really interesting,” said Bradford Smith, president of the Foundation Center, which provides information about philanthropy. “That’s not always true in the case of family foundations.”

Alexander Soros’s philanthropic interests appear to be more focused on the Jewish community than those of his father. Alexander sits on the board of Bend the Arc, the Jewish social justice group formerly known as Jewish Funds for Justice. [Emphasis added] Though his father has also given to the group, Bend the Arc has so far played a central role in Alexander Soros’s philanthropic profile. [Emphasis added]

“I identify very strongly as being Jewish, but my Jewish identity is wrapped up in universal values of social justice,” the younger Soros told The Wall Street Journal in September. [Emphasis added] “What’s good about Jewish Funds for Justice is that it sees as its role as a Jewish organization the strength of American society as a whole.”

Alexander Soros’s political giving, too, has been aimed at the Jewish community. His big March super PAC check was made out to the Jewish Council for Education and Research, the group behind 2008’s Great Schlep. That campaign, boosted by a viral video starring comedian Sarah Silverman, encouraged young Jews to travel to swing states in support of Obama. The organization hopes to undertake expanded activities this year. [Emphasis added]

“I appreciate their creativity in finding ways to engage younger voters using new media,” Soros said of his gift to JCER in a statement to the Forward. “I believe in 2012 they will provide for the Jewish majority a voice commensurate with its numbers.”

George Soros’s relationship with the Jewish community is famously fraught. In 2010, the dovish pro-Israel group J Street was revealed to have lied about receiving donations from Soros, who had given the group $250,000. The group had claimed it received no money from him.

Jonathan Soros, whose support for the new election reform group New York Leadership for Accountable Government recently made headlines, left his position managing his father’s firm, Soros Fund Management LLC, in March. He will open his own office to invest his own money.

Read more here……….


Alexander Soros’ Bend the Arc:

We Bend the Arc Toward Justice

Bend the Arc engages people and communities throughout the United States in creating economic opportunity and promoting social justice. We are building a national movement that pursues justice as a core expression of Jewish tradition. We invest to revitalize neighborhoods, organize in communities across lines of race and faith, and train Jewish and interfaith social justice leaders. Join us.

Jewish tradition is about liberation and love for humankind. We believe in the dignity and inherent right of all people to live in a just, fair and compassionate society. As Jews immigrated to America, this belief was stowed in their luggage. Throughout American history, courageous Jews have worked with others to hold the nation to its promise, whether in the abolitionist movement, the anti-sweatshop movement, the movement against child labor, the modern labor movement, the civil rights movement or the movement for LGBT inclusion (just to name a few). We are proud to continue living this legacy.


Bend the Arc a jewish partnership for justice

Inspired by Jewish tradition to hold America to its promise. Formerly known as PJA & JFSJ.


For those doubters that think Socialism WILL NOT lead to Communism:

Out of the Mouth of the Communist Party USA’s Leader: Socialism Leads to Communism


The masks have come off of those supporting a Marxist/Socialist agenda.

Does the Obama 2012 campaign slogan Forward cause YOU to pause in your thoughts about the upcoming election?

**Note here: The Progressives think they are the better party  yet campaign as a Democrat.  Some Progressives don’t even consider themselves Democrats. Think about that America!**

The elections in November 2012 will NOT be Democrat vs. Republican; it WILL BE Marxism/Socialism and tyranny vs. Liberty and Freedom.

The choice will be YOURS to make……choose wisely.






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  1. “I will be a One Term President if I do not fix this economy within 3 years”! We can not agree more Mr. President. Either you can resign or not run again because if you do, you will be defeated. Move over Jimmy Carter, we have found your replacement for the worst of the worst Presidents and it is ………….YOU!

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