Gov. Scott Walker’s “Union Freedoms” Paying Off in Huge Dividends



Pay attention Union Members

From Big Government:


By John Nolte

May 31, 2012

It’s one of the greatest scams in the history left-wing scams, and it goes a little something like this: Taxpayers of all political stripes pay the salaries of public employees, public employees are forced to join public unions, public unions garnish dues from members and then use those dues to fund Democrat candidates to the tunes of hundreds of millions of dollars.

What a racket.

In other words, against our will, you and I are helping to fund Democrat campaigns. But so are those public employees forced into unions.

But now, thanks to Governor Walker’s reforms, the rights of Wisconsin public employees are protected. They are no longer forced into unions, forced to pay dues, forced to fund political causes they disagree with, and the benefits of this liberation are now paying off:

Public-employee unions in Wisconsin have experienced a dramatic drop in membership — by more than half for the second-biggest union — since a law championed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker sharply curtailed their ability to bargain over wages and working conditions.

That could mean the sharp losses that some Wisconsin public-worker unions have experienced is a harbinger of similar unions’ future nationwide, union leaders fear. Failure to oust Mr. Walker and overturn the Wisconsin law “spells doom,” said Bryan Kennedy, the American Federation of Teachers’ Wisconsin president.

Wisconsin membership in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees-the state’s second-largest public-sector union after the National Education Association, which represents teachers-fell to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March 2011, according to a person who has viewed Afscme’s figures. A spokesman for Afscme declined to comment.

Here’s the rub:

Much of that decline came from Afscme Council 24, which represents Wisconsin state workers, whose membership plunged by two-thirds to 7,100 from 22,300 last year.

In other words, that’s how many people Walker’s reforms liberated to make their own choices.

The left’s year-long freak out in Wisconsin has NOTHING to do with workers’ rights — what about the right NOT to join a union? — the freak-out was about the loss of an immoral law that forced public employees to join public unions and the subsequent loss of those dues that turn into a gajillion dollars for Democrat campaign contributions and anti-Republican ads.

The fewer union members, the less dues you collect and the less you can then spend on getting the Democrats in office who vote to force people into public unions in order to keep this corrupt vicious circle turning.

Got that?

It is immoral to force people into unions and it is even more immoral to use my tax dollars to fund candidates I oppose.

The same thing is happening with Planned Parenthood right now. That abortion mill receives federal funding — our tax dollars — and then spends money on ads opposing Mitt Romney.

It simply doesn’t get any more corrupt than that.

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**Emphasis added**



Big Labor’s forced union dues and fees for politics comes under scrutiny





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  1. What people do Not Know is Scott Walker is a Bad Republican and a Criminal. Scott Walker actually Fired a million American Citizens and replaced them with Foreigners With Criminal Backgrounds….All kinds of Foreigners Even Muslims with Big Turbans on their heads That Hate Americans. It’s True Look it Up…Wake Up People!!!



    It is FUNNNY that you are commenting on Gov. Walker while sitting in the City Hall of Philiadelphia, Pa.!

    The Unions and Progressives are getting desperate and accusing Gov. Scott Walker of all kinds of things; grasping at any dirt and throwing it to see if it “sticks”.

    Gov. Walker has LOWERED the unemployment rate of Wisconsin to around 6.5%. Gov. Walker has SAVED Union jobs by working with Unions instead of laying the government workers off to improve the state budget. Gov. Walker has balanced the State of Wisconsin budget.

    Wake UP Wisconsin……Tiffany is but ONE example of desperation.



  2. Scott Walker is not even a real Republican. He does Not even believe in Gun Rights the 2nd Amendments Rights. He calls Wisconsin hunters Socialists. Walker is more of a Closet Democrat and Barrett seems more like the Republican here…or at least a Blue Dog Dem b/c Barrett Believes in the 2nd Amendments Rights


    Tiffany is a desperate Democrat. She is commenting from the City Hall of Philadelphia, Pa.


  3. What Republicans have to know seeing this Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall is this:
    Public Sector Workers Are Middle Class Workers And they Do Pay Taxes. I myself want to Vote for Romney in November. But hopefully Romney will Not make the Same Mistake Gov. Scott Walker did by demonizing Public Sector Workers And Unions. This election is going to be close. And even if Scott Walker wins, Guess What We Saw? A Lot of People that are Middle Class Working Americans Going towards the Democratic Side for this reason alone. There was a Republican Strategist on Fox News And He said This. “What Republicans need to know is that Public Sector Workers are Middle Class Workers and Voters. They make up a lot of the public that would probably go Republican This Year.. But I have told the Republican’s this And They Are Not Listening To Me.” This is what this Republican Strategist said.. There was also Another Great Republican Strategist We All Know that said this is well. Dick Morris!!!!!! Need I Say More??????


    Tiffany, the commenter is a Democrat commenting from the City Hall in Philadelphia,Pa. (ISP lookup)

    Tiffany: If Walker is so bad for Unions, WHY are some Union members voting FOR Walker? Could it be they realize that Walker, in his wisdom, is helping Union members KEEP THEIR JOBS?


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