ACLU Demands 53-Year-Old Cross Statue Be Torn Down



June 3, 2012

MIDDLEBORO (CBS) — A statue that has stood in the same spot for 53 years is now at the center of a Constitutional debate.

In 1959, Middleboro Kiwanis Club erected a 12-foot brick cross bearing the word “worship” on a traffic island on Route 28.

Recently, the statue caught the eye of a Boston attorney who has since filed multiple complaints with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The state declined to release the name of that attorney.

The cross sits mostly on town land. The state owns a small fraction of the traffic island where it is located, and thus, the ACLU says, the cross violates church and state separation laws.

A number of locals who spoke to WBZ-TV defended the statue, including Bob Kinney of the Middleboro Kiwanis Club. They argue that the statue is a local landmark.

“For someone to go by it one time and complain, I think that’s sad,” he said.

But the state and the ACLU want to see the structure come down.


**Emphasis added***



The Cross has been there for 53 YEARS, but NOW is a problem?

**Do YOU find it ODD that the State refused to divulge name of the attorney who complained about the cross? WHO or WHAT are they protecting?***




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  1. Is there any doubt who runs this country! It is very sad that more power is with the ridiculous people of this world than those who are sane. Who is harmed by the cross? If you understand the true meaning, you will realize that no one is harmed but saved.

    You people of Middleboro need to stand up to these liberal asses and fight to keep your cross!!! What’s the matter with people? Fight for what is right and what you believe in. Get a backbone and don’t let them win another battle!!!!

    Barb W.

  2. […] ACLU Demands 53-Year-Old Cross Statue Be Torn Down […]

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