Is THIS What Liberalism Looks Like? Leftists and union thugs on Twitter send Gov. Scott Walker death threats (Video). Woman slaps Tom Barrett for Conceding too Early.




You know it was coming. This is a perfect example of the leftist and union filth in this country. Democrats, progressives, union thugs, occupiers and other idiots sent Scott Walker death threats via Twitter, as the following video shows. You know those anonymous, keyboard cowboy leftists and union thugs are really tough dudes. This is what liberalism looks like.

Twitter Users Want Scott Walker Dead

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More can be found at Twitchy.




Woman slaps Tom Barrett for conceding too early [VIDEO]

Trouble viewing video? Click Here.

All Mayor Tom Barrett wanted after losing the Wisconsin gubenatorial race was a hug. He got slapped instead.

After giving his concession speech in the race where Governor Scott Walker won his own recall election, a woman came up to him and asked, “Can I slap you?”  Apparently, she was upset about him conceding while she felt there were still votes to be counted, reports Politico.

Barrett responded, “I’d rather you hug me.”  Thinking he had made himself clear, he leaned down and received a slap in the face.

The Washington Times reports that Barrett was stunned and “just simply walked away after that.”




Are Leftists Sub-Clinical Psychopaths? Are Lefty Followers Just Lemmings?



What the Liberal Biased Media ISN’T telling Americans about the Tea Party:







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  1. Obama gets a lot of death threats, too. Face it–there are whackos on
    BOTH sides of the aisle…



    Yes Obama does, however he has the protection of 150 Secret Service agents. What does Scott Walker have?


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