Nose under the Tent: Is Obama Administration Trying to Control the Media and Their First Amendment Rights?




By Warner Todd Huston

June 9, 2012

Journalists are crying foul at a new Obama policy that will deny them the right to use their own computers to write stories from economic data issued inside the halls of the Department of Labor. Instead, the DoL says, journalists will have to use government-owned computers, government-selected software, and government-owned Internet transmission lines to write their stories about the data issued by the department.

All news organizations have been ordered to remove their computers, tools, and other electronics from the Department of Labor by June 15 and will not be allowed to bring any of their own electronics into the place from that point forward.

Until this change, the practice had been that the economic data was released to journalists ahead of the official release date in a special “lock-up” room inside the DoL. Reporters then used their own computers and software to write their draft reports and create their graphics and tables on the data. Then, once the release time for the data was reached, the DoL allowed the journalists to transmit their stories from inside the special room over Internet lines that have been installed and paid for by news media outlets.

The new policy, however, will demand that reporters use only government-issued computers and Internet transmission lines from now on. DoL authorities are citing security as the reason for the policy change, saying that the already stringent past practices were not secure enough.

Media organizations have expressed worry over this policy. Not only could the government now have access to the rough drafts of the journalist’s work, but there is a fear that the new transmission lines will not be able to handle the onrush of filings once the release time arrives.

Carl A. Fillichio, the department’s senior adviser for communications and public affairs in Washington, was quizzed during a conference call by media outlets if the new government-owned transmission system would allow all of them to transmit their stories at the same time, but Fillichio said, “I’m not going to guarantee anything.”

Matthew Winkler, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, says this extreme policy is “troubling.”

There are few government reports that have the wide- ranging impact on the market as the Department of Labor statistics, and we are troubled by the degree of government restrictions on how the press can fully and accurately report this data to the public.

Others agreed.

“Requiring journalists to draft and publish stories using government owned computers loaded with government-controlled software simply crosses the line the First Amendment clearly drew to separate the press from the government,” said Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Another troubling aspect about this new policy is that the change was made out of hand with no period of public comment. Obama’s DoL simply made the decision without informing the public or the media ahead of time.

This authoritarian underpinnings of the policy change also raised the eyebrows of some in Congress. As Bridget Johnson reports, Congressman Darell Issa expressed alarmed, saying this “unprecedented action has serious freedom of the press implications.”

“The abrupt nature of this change, coupled with the absence of a clear explanation and a lack of public input, raises key questions about who made this decision to implement this change and why,” Issa said. “Did that individual have the authority of law?”

Issa held a hearing recently and was critical of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis (pictured above) for refusing to come testify, sending underlings instead. “Ultimately, if you’re the secretary of Labor the buck should stop with you,” he said.

Others are wondering why any change had to be made at all.

“The public has benefited enormously from the process the department currently uses,” Rick Blum, coordinator of the Sunshine in Government Initiative, wrote May 8 in a letter to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. “The practice used to this point ensures the simultaneous release of information while also providing time that enables reporters to place the new data in meaningful context.”

Requiring all journalists to use government-provided software, hardware and dedicated lines would inhibit journalistic independence, and, “as the government grows more concerned about cybersecurity, the proposed policy would create a single point of failure,” according to the letter.

While running for President in 2008, Obama complained about the Bush Administration’s lack of transparency. While in office, however, it seems that transparency and a free and open government has been of far less importance to him.


**Written by Warner Todd Huston**

****Emphasis added***



More on Labor Dept. vs. Journalists

Agency officials have said they want reporters who analyze, then write about economic reports inside their so-called “lock up” room to use U.S. computers, software and Internet lines so the government can further protect against such potential security breaches as hacking.

But the plan also resulted in cries about potential free-speech violations and the government now having computer access to news agencies.

“This proposal threatens the First Amendment,” Bloomberg News Executive Editor Dan Moss said during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing. “The government would literally open the reporters’ notebooks.”

Carl Fillichio, a Labor Department communications specialist, told committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., at the close of the hearing Wednesday that he would provide some flexibility on the June 15 deadline.

On Friday, Fillichio issued an e-mail received by Bloomberg and several other new agencies that said the start date is being revised, according to The Washington Examiner and

Labor Department officials could not be reached Saturday.

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Hilda Solis (now Obama’s Labor Sec.)

Hilda Solis also enjoyed strong union and Communist Party USA backing when she ran for U.S. Congress in 2000.

In a report submitted to the Communist Party in November 2000 Evelina AlarconVice Chair CPUSA and Chair Southern California District, commented on Hilda Solis’s Congressional victory;

The monumental victories which are occurring in Los Angeles electorally and in the workplace are because of the coalition building that the labor movement is doing with the Latino and African American community. In Los Angeles, the Labor Federation not only targeted three congressional districts but it had organized 250 volunteers to help State Senator Hilda Solis win her Congressional seat by turning out the union household and Latino vote…
We in the Party can also be proud because our members were involved in all the targeted electoral efforts…[2]

Democratic Socialists of America conference

An “insurgent” Hilda Solis was a keynote speaker at the 2005 Democratic Socialists of America national conference “Twenty-First Century Socialism” in Los Angeles, with DSA leaders Peter Dreier and Harold Meyerson (Washington Post)

Saturday evening delegates recognized the contributions of DSA vice chair and Washington Post]columnist Harold Meyerson, Occidental College sociologist and longtime DSAer Peter Dreier and insurgent California Congress member Hilda Solis (D) who in turn provided in-depth perspectives of the political scene.

Other speakers included ACORN chief organizer Wade RathkeKent Wong of the UCLA Labor Center and Roxana Tynan of the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.[6]


Second Cuba Trip

Congressional Delegation meet with Cuban Foreign Minister, Felipe Perez Roque

Congressional Delegation meet with Cuban Foreign Minister, Felipe Perez Roque

From Dec. 15 – Dec. 18, 2006, a Congressional Delegation of ten congressmen and women from the U.S. House of Representatives visited Havana, Cuba. Leading the delegation were Jeff Flake and Bill Delahunt. The other participants were Hilda SolisJo Ann EmersonJerry MoranMichael ConawayJane HarmanLincoln DavisGregory Meeks and Jim McGovernThe delegation met with Cuban Foreign Minister, Felipe Perez Roque and other communist officials. The delegation asked to meet with Raul Castro during their weekend visit to Cuba, but there was no word on whether such a meeting would take place.[9]



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