Trying to Garner More Power: Unions are Trying to Organize the UNEMPLOYED



Unemployed ‘Union’ Demands A Second WPA

From the Daily Caller:

Union aims to organize the unemployed

Caroline May | 06/13/2012

America’s jobless are unionizing, or at least furthering an agenda of one of the nation’s biggest unions.

An organization aimed at giving the unemployed more influence has announced it now has more than 100,000 jobless activists in their ranks.

The Union of Unemployed (UCubed) Activists is an Internet-centric “community service project” of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) — one of the country’s largest industrial trade unions.

“Our objective is to pull together unemployed Americans in a way that allows them to connect, communicate and press their political leaders for policies that will get them back to work,” Rick Sloan, UCubed’s executive director and IAM communications director, told The Daily Caller.

According to the group’s website, jobless “Jobs Activists” assert their influence through coordinated communication with public officials.

“Jobs Activists, organized by their zip codes, advocate for sound public policy, emailing public officials to alert them about policies that directly impact the jobless,” the website explains.

This is what is known as astroturfing, which David Axelrod practically invented. Activists carry out these organized campaigns while pretending to be spontaneous grassroots everyday people.

Among those policies the group advocates is a second Works Progress Administration or WPA 2.0.

“We’d like to see [policymakers] recreate the Works Progress Administration, WPA 2.0. Which in the 1930s put between 6.5 and 8 million people back to work,” Sloan said

The group is currently pushing passage of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s recent “21st Century WPA Act” to reinstate the New Deal employment program, and Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s attempt to rejuvenate another New Deal program with her “21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Act.”

This is how Obama and the ‘progressive’ Democrats want to move us forward. By returning us to the glorious days of the 1930s and the artificially prolonged Great Depression.

Lautenberg’s bill would cost $250 billion through 2013; Kaptur’s would cost $16 billion annually through 2015. Both bills are pending in committee.

Proving once again that it is very expensive to live in the past.

UCubed is also interested in supporting extensions of long-term unemployment benefits

Why not? Unemployment is paying them to be ‘activists.’ And being an activist sure beats working for a living.




The Union of Unemployed (UCubed) will join joined thousands of labor activists at Netroots Nation 2012 on June 7-10, in Providence, RI.

Each year, organizational leaders, grassroots organizers, online activists, newsmakers, social justice advocates, and bloggers come together to make new connections, hone their organizing skills, share best practices and build stronger relationships with others working on the issues they care most about. This year’s event will include speeches, workshops and panels led by national and international experts, including a keynote address by Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

Other speakers include AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka, Democratic Senate candidate for Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and political commentator Keith Olbermann.




About Us

Ur Union of Unemployed, nicknamed UCubed, is a community service project of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). With over 31 million Americans idled to some degree by this Grave Recession – and no relief in sight — the IAM and its partners saw a need to unify the unemployed in a unique and useful way.

UCubed does exactly that. It brings people together – the unemployed and underemployed alike – to build a community of Jobs Activists who will create local networks, support one another and help get America back to work.


The IAM is among the nation’s largest industrial trade unions, representing nearly 700,000 active and retired members under more than 5,000 contracts in aerospace, transportation, shipbuilding and defense-related industries. It has been in the forefront of the battle for American jobs.


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IAM Local 701

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Will UCubed insist their new non-union members pay them “dues” for joining their new “unemployed union” for political action through their unemployment benefits?


Will the “Partners” in UCubed take MORE dues money from its members to help UCubed?


Is this new “Union of the unemployed” about money in their members pockets….OR…..about POWER?



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