National Labor Racket: Obama LABOR BOARD Pick has Ties TO MOB



And here we thought the mafia/mob was in recession too.

Previous blogs posted here already hinted at Unions being run Cosa Nostra style.

Did you know Saul Alinsky studied under Frank Nitti of the Capone mob?


From the Washington Free Beacon:



BY:  – 

June 22, 2012

One of President Obama’s controversial recess appointees to the National Labor Relations Board has ties to corrupt mafia bosses, Fox News reports.

That recess appointee, Richard Griffin, was former general counsel for the 400,000-member [International Union of Operating Engineers] – a union tainted over the years by mob connections and a history of corruption.

Public documents obtained by Fox News show that more than 60 IUOE members have been arrested, indicted or jailed in the last decade on charges that include labor racketeering, extortion, criminal enterprise, bodily harm and workplace sabotage.

In some of the more egregious examples, federal prosecutors alleged in February 2003 that the Genovese and Colombo crime families wrested control of two IUOE locals, and stole $3.6 million from major New York area construction projects — including the Museum of Modern Art and minor league baseball stadiums for the Yankees and Mets in Staten and Coney Islands.


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Saul Alinsky studied Frank Nitti of the Capone mob. Read interview and Alinsky’s responses at link below.

Saul Alinsky “studied” mob tactics through Frank Nitti of the Al Capone mob


Saul Alinsky’s son: “Obama learned his lesson well”


Obama’s NLRB Unleashes Ambush Elections on America’s Job Creators. Will “Mafia Style” Protection Money from Businesses Come in the Form of Union Dues?


Are Unions Hurting the Middle Class? Is the NLRB becoming a Cosa Nostra Style Power?


The Upper Echelon of the Unions are the highest paid, protected squad in the unions.

While Union Members Rank and File Eat Hot Dogs and Generic Mac and Cheese: Union Leadership Yearly Salary AND Jet Set Includes Labor Bosses


While Richard Trumka Trumpets About “out of control CEO pay”: Union Boss Salary Hypocrisy


Mafia chart; apply this to the Union bosses and their underbosses:


Richard Trumka, while head of the United Mine Workers and now the AFL-CIO President, and the murder of Eddie York.

Trouble viewing video?  Click Here.


Read the report below for just ONE MONTH of corruption reporting!

Union Corruption Report: March 2012


Proof Obama Appointee Corrupts Criminal Investigative Process; Privileged Treatment to Union Officials

From Big Government:

By   Don Loos  

November 18, 2011


The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) internal document excerpted below supports the allegation that Obama appointee John Lund has told union officials to ignore federal investigators and deal with him personally.  His actions irreversibly taint criminal investigations and subvert employee protections in favor of union bosses, while raising the prestige of his labor consultant team in Wisconsin.

More importantly, union members and those forced to pay dues to these unions would likely be painted as victims that they are.  Perhaps the press would even look back at the last three years of union disclosure elimination that John Lund has orchestrated that has no benefit for the rank-and-file. No, Lund has been systematically dismantling union financial disclosure and union boss conflict-of-interest reporting to the benefit of his union boss clients.

As OLMS Director, Lund wields the power to instigate, influence and/or shut down criminal investigations or union audits.  This kind of authority requires responsible oversight and unimpeachable ethical standards, which, it appears, are not being maintained, and thus destroying public confidence in the integrity of OLMS.

According to the official DOL minutes excerpted above, Lund is not only “directly” providing his personal services to delinquent union disclosure filers, but he has also instructed union officers “not to deal with OLMS investigators.”  If this does not violate federal employee ethics, then there are no federal employee ethics.

John Lund has betrayed the trust of the American public and the hard-working union members and forced-dues payers who never have a say in where their money goes and now may never know where it went.




Democratic Socialists of America Grows Like a Slow Tumor. NOW Is the Time to Educate Yourself; BUT will YOU Read this?


For a rundown on President Obama’s extensive ties to DSA go here.

While just under 6,500 may not seem a huge number in a country of over 300 million, it is important to remember that DSA is not a normal political party, but more of a political ‘mafia’ or secret society. It exerts its influence, not under its own name, but by infiltrating and manipulating other organizations.

DSA has hundreds of members and supporters in key academic and media positions. It has influence in Hollywood and the churches.

DSA dominates the AFL-CIO and America’s two most powerful unions AFSCME and SEIU. It controls, or influences dozens of mass organizations from Jobs with JusticeCoalition of Labor Union Women,Coalition of Black Trade UnionistsNational Jobs For All Coalition and the Apollo Alliance to the Gray Panthers.

DSA has thousands of members in the Democratic Party, virtually running the party in states like Michigan and Massachusetts.

DSA helped establish the now more than 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus.

It has dozens of members or allies currently serving in Congress and the Senate – including John ConyersJerry NadlerBob FilnerJan SchakowskyDanny DavisJohn LewisEleanor Holmes Norton and Bernie Sanders.

Many cancer sufferers don’t even realize they have a tumor until its too late.

Americans need to wake up to the fact that DSA is working hard to destroy your country from within.

It will succeed, unless America’s ‘immune system’ starts to kick in very quickly.



Statism Needs Division and Discontent to Push Their Progressive Agenda







Democrats rich ppl telling poor ppl



Eagle I will fight socialism








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