Russia and China Strengthening Ties. Where is Obama’s “Reset” or Has Obama Pushed the “Forward” Button?



Is Obama viewed as weak by Putin and now China?

OR is Obama viewed as a “weaker” version of themselves?


The Communist Slogan “Forward” now Adopted by Obama


From Trevor Loudon:

Russia and China Unify Further

June 24, 2012

Most Western policy makers work on the false assumption that Russia and China are competing states with separate interests.

In reality, Russia and China are political, economic and military allies, united by their Leninist creed, and a hatred of the West, and America in particular.

He Guoqiang and Ivan Melnikov, deputy speaker of the State Duma from the Russian Communist Party.

From the Communist Party of China, international Department Website

Russia, June 20 — Visiting senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) He Guoqiang on Wednesday arrived in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, where he met with Vyacheslav Makarov, chairman of the legislative assembly of the city, on regional cooperation between the two countries.

On Tuesday, He met in Moscow leaders of major Russia political parties on strengthening inter-party cooperation.

When meeting with Lyudmila Shvetsova, deputy speaker of the State Duma from the United Russia party, He said China is willing to make joint efforts with Russia in promoting bilateral ties.

“The United Russia party, as the most significant political power in Russia, has played an important role in maintaining the stability in the country, developing economy, improving people’s living standard, among others,” said He, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau.

China attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with the ruling United Russia party, He said, adding that recent years have witnessed fruitful achievements in the relations between the CPC and the United Russia, as a multi-level exchange mechanism has been established.

“China will further its ties with the United Russia, sharing experiences in governance and exploring a development path in line with the national conditions of the two countries to promote economy while improving people’s living standard,” he said.

Shvetsova said cooperation between Russia and China, as strategic partners, in the Asia Pacific and international affairs has been very close in the past years, playing an important role to peace in the region and the world. United Russia would like to further exchanges with the CPC to promote bilateral relations.

He Guoqiang also held talks with Ivan Melnikov, deputy speaker of the State Duma from the Communist Party.

The CPC has always cherished its friendship with Russia’s Communist Party, which has offered great support to China on issues that pertain to China’s core interests, he noted, pledging that the CPC would further its ties with Russia’s Communist Party to advance China-Russia relations to a new high.

Melnikov said his party attaches great importance to the Russia- China comprehensive strategic cooperation and partnership, adding that Russia’s Communist Party will actively implement cooperation agreements with the CPC to boost inter-party relations.

The West is not facing two different opponents, but one united foe.



Strained ties cloud Obama, Putin G20 meeting

Barack Obama will embark on what may be a treacherous presidential relationship with Vladimir Putin on Monday, as rising antagonism, especially over Syria, clouds reset US ties with Moscow.

President Obama will face off with President Putin for the first time since the former KGB man’s return to the Kremlin in closely watched and delicate talks ahead of the G20 summit in the Mexican resort of Los Cabos.

The US leader sees the “reset” of relations with Russia — engineered with ex-president Dmitry Medvedev — as a foreign policy highlight that has yielded a START nuclear arms treaty and cooperation on Iran and Afghanistan.

But angry exchanges over Syria, Putin’s prickly approach and political turbulence in both Moscow and Washington appear to be driving the relationship between two former Cold War foes towards open confrontation.

US officials insist the “reset” was based on interests not personalities.

They also argue that Putin, as a power behind his predecessor’s throne, signed off on key aspects of US-Russian relations.

“In the initial phone calls that President Obama has had with President Putin, the indication that we’ve given and that the Russians have provided is that (they) want to continue to build on the common ground that we’ve had,” said Ben Rhodes, a US deputy national security advisor.

Yet Putin, who jealously guards Russia’s “great power status” has made no secret of his suspicions of the United States, blaming Washington for organizing anti-government protests in Moscow last year.

The Russian leader, citing the need to form a cabinet, declined to attend the G8 summit that Obama hosted last month.

Though US officials denied his no-show was a snub, Putin has since shown up in Beijing, Berlin and Paris, perhaps hinting where his priorities lie.

Analysts say that when Obama and Putin met in 2009, the then Russian prime minister delivered a tirade against Washington.

So the tone of their interactions before reporters Monday will be closely watched.

As well as taking heat from Romney, Obama is also under pressure from Congress, after asking lawmakers to lift a Cold War measure limiting Russia’s trade privileges known as the Jackson Vanik waiver, as Moscow enters the World Trade Organization.

Instead, rebellious lawmakers are pushing legislation that would sanction some Russian officials over the death in jail of Sergei Magnitsky, which Moscow has branded anti-Russian.



Photo: Carolyn Kaster/Ap



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Wolves and wise









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  2. […] Russia and China Strengthening Ties. Where is Obama’s “Reset” or Has Obama Pushed the “Forwa… […]

  3. […] Russia and China Strengthening Ties. Where is Obama’s “Reset” or Has Obama Pushed the “Forwa… […]

  4. […] Russia and China Strengthening Ties. Where is Obama’s “Reset” or Has Obama Pushed the “Forwa… […]

  5. […] Russia and China Strengthening Ties. Where is Obama’s “Reset” or Has Obama Pushed the “Forwa… […]

  6. […] Russia and China Strengthening Ties. Where is Obama’s “Reset” or Has Obama Pushed the “Forwa… […]

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