Obama Lied: Obamacare IS the Largest Tax Increase on Americans in HISTORY. Is the Tea Party Re-Awakeniing in Numbers?



With the SCOTUS ruling June 28, 2012, Obama has insured through the IRS that ALL American taxpayers will now have their taxes increased as a “penalty” if you don’t have insurance.

Penalty:  1% in 2014

                 2% in 2015

                 2.5% in 2016.

“Progressive taxation”……the Liberal/Progressive way!


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The IRS will come after you and demand penalty tax; garnishing wages if need be.


Real Estate Sales Tax in Healthcare Bill? Surprise!~~…..

Hidden Real Estate Sales tax in Health care bill – Surprise! There are already at least 20 hidden taxes in the Obama Health care plan coming down upon us the next few years.  So,  along with rationed care for seniors and forced health insurance,  we now find there is a Real Estate Tax snuck into the Health care plan.  You may ask,  what in God’s green earth does health care have to do with Real Estate taxes???  Absolutely nothing,  that is precisely why one got snuck in there.

I was forwarded this latest tax scheme by Van Hipp, President of American Defense International and the former Deputy Secretary of the Army under Bush senior and Ronald Reagan. He recommended the well known accountant and expert witness on tax matters, Paul Guppy who wrote a commentary on the various hidden taxes in the Spokesman Review paper, “Health Law’s Heavy impact.”

Starting in 2013, not only will you pay the closing costs and real estate fee when you sell your house but now you will pay a 3.8% Sales Tax. So, if you sell your home for $400,000, perhaps wanting to down size if you are a senior you will pay $15,200 in Tax.

Here we have another assault on our seniors again. Many downsize their homes as retirement comes closer, so along with long lines and rationed care that is substandard, seniors and anyone will have to pay more tax on the home they just sold.

Penalties for individuals: We will pay 2.5% of our annual income as a fine/penalty if we don’t purchase the government approved health care plan.

Penalties on families: Parents will pay a yearly $347 per kid if they don’t purchase a government approved health care plan.

Penalties on employers: If you are a business with 50 or more employers you will get fined at least $2,000 per employee if you don’t provide, once again the ‘government approved health care plan.

Other special taxes and fees:

Investment income: Anyone making $200,000 or over gets to pay 3.8% of their annual investment income. Start adding up them apples, folks.

If you have a fancy health care plan and pay as an individual, $10,200 or $27,800 for a family, you get to pay a 40% annual tax on those health care plans.

Medical aid devices have gotten hit hard as well. They will see a 2.9% tax hike. Sorry if you have an artificial limb….you are screwed.

Medicare gets more money because if you earn $200,000 or more you pay a special Medicare tax of 3.9.%



Circa 2010

America Rising Tea Party Patriots

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Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner

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In the past, we’ve brought you conservative rock bands who mesh patriotism with lyrical genius and obvious musical talent. Among those musicians and groups making a splash is Madison Rising, a band founded upon basic American values. This week, the band announced an interesting initiative to commemorate Independence Day and the upcoming general election battle —  the “One Million Star Spangled Banner Challenge.”

Through the initiative, Madison Rising will offer an opportunity for Americans to rail against the negative comments that liberal commentators have uttered about the National Anthem (Current TV’s Bill Press recently called it “an abomination,” as you may recall).



Thomas Paine – Now is the Right Time, Join a Tea Party

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Trouble viewing video?  Click Here.



There are 30 Senate seats up for election this November…..23 of which are DEMOCRAT.



Speaker Boehner vows to Repeal Obamacare.  We heard what you said Speaker Boehner……now mean what you say.

Clintonian James Carville proclaimed the Tea Party is Dead……

James Carville is about to have a rude awakening……the Progressives/Liberals have just provoked a ground swell that will grow into a tsunami.



Since the SCOTUS ruling:  Donations to the Mitt Romney campaign will grow exponentially. [$4.3 MILLION since ruling yesterday 6/28]

Those that had doubts about Mitt Romney now have an even greater reason to vote FOR Romney.

The Conservatives running for office will now have even MORE Tea Party Patriots behind them.




The Government Can’t Make You Eat Broccoli; But Will TAX YOU if you Don’t


Obama’s Politics Are More Insidious Than Socialism. Obama Wants to Control the Economy.





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  1. Democrats are running away from this countries biggest tax hike in American history:

    1. http://weaselzippers.us/2012/06/29/video-axeldouche-still-wont-call-individual-mandate-a-tax-after-scotus-ruling/

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzs3aoRnl0E

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL7ak__MGyw

    4. Barack Obama evoking Jesus to sell us the more taxes while we are “broke”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCr7bP5pZ6I

  2. Reblogged this on dlothemartian and commented:
    Check out the article, common sense people! Cancer and other genetic type diseases are one thing but if you don’t plan on being healthy diet and exercise then you should be prepared to pay (physically and monetarily) to continue living your unhealthy lifestyle.

  3. […] Obama Lied: Obamacare IS the Largest Tax Increase on Americans in HISTORY. Is the Tea Party Re-Awake… […]

  4. […] Obama Lied: Obamacare IS the Largest Tax Increase on Americans in HISTORY. Is the Tea Party Re-Awake… […]

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