Allen West: “Every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm”



From BIZPAC Review:

Allen West: “Every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm”

By Michelle Kirk

July 1, 2012

Congressman Allen West united his Treasure Coast audience Sunday at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center with a speech honoring the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, and a scathing criticism of the current administration’s healthcare tax on all Americans.

During the official campaign kickoff event for Martin and St. Lucie Counties, West brought up tax reform as a segue to his strong objection of the Supreme Court’s decision last week and the Obama administration’s defense of it.

“But now we find ourselves in a situation where the tax code in the United States of America is being used as a weapon against the American people,” West said. “It’s being used for behavior modification.”

West called the measure unconscionable and expressed his concern with the precedent the Supreme Court ruling sets about the government’s authority to tax people for not taking an action.

To make his point West made a suggestion that brought the crowd to it’s feet.

“I have a great idea. I believe that for personal security every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9 mm . . . and if you don’t do it, we’ll tax you.”

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From Breitbart:

As Breitbart News suggested last week, it appears Chief Justice John Roberts did, in fact, switch his vote on the Obamacare decision under pressure from President Barack Obama, the Democrats, and the mainstream media. John Fund at National Review has more details today–including evidence about a bizarre address by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), chair of the Judiciary Committee, that singled out Roberts himself.


Patrick Leahy tries to intimidate Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts into upholding Obamacare

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Obama’s Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein thinks Americans are lemmings stepping to the orders of the Totalitarian government.

Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s Regulatory Czar, believes that in order for a government to get what it wants, it has to slowly and steadily “nudge” people, to a point in which the people to not realize it.

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ALSO, Obama and Cass Sunstein hopes that a majority of Americans are “Homer Simpsons”:

Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s Regulatory Czar, believes that people are generally stupid and they are easy to manipulate.

Cass Sunstein on Manipulating People

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Pelosi: Mandate is a tax penalty but not a tax

**Welcome to Orwells’ 1984.  Only Obama’s voters and dems are stupid enough to believe it.***


For Those Arguing Obamacare is NOT a Tax/Doesn’t Raise Taxes……Facts are Pesky Things. Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes


Bait And Switch on Obamacare. Obama and Progressives/Democrat Socialists Knew Exactly What They Were Doing to the American People



Obama Lied: Obamacare IS the Largest Tax Increase on Americans in HISTORY. Is the Tea Party Re-Awakeniing in Numbers?

For those of YOU not already part of the Tea Party and are interested in either observing/joining a Tea Party go here:  LINK


The Government Can’t Make You Eat Broccoli; But Will TAX YOU if you Don’t



NO, this discussion about Obamacare is NOT over, I WILL NOT shut up, I WILL NOT sit down……






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  1. KEEP ON! people are finally catching up to the truth. yea!

  2. […] Allen West: “Every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm” […]

  3. […] Allen West: “Every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm” […]

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