Progressives’ Center for American Progress Mourns Passing of Newly Elected French Socialist Parliament Member



From the Center for American Progress:

Statement on the Passing of Olivier Ferrand

Newly Elected French Parliament Member Was a Partner in Global Progressive Movement

CAP mourns the passing of longtime colleague and friend Olivier Ferrand.

SOURCE: Parti Socialiste

June 30, 2012

It was with great regret and sorrow that we learned today of the sudden and untimely death of Olivier Ferrand, newly elected member of the French parliament, founder and president of the progressive think tank Terra Nova, and longtime friend and colleague to many of us at the Center for American Progress.

For over a decade, Olivier was at the heart of the renewal of the French Socialist Party and the global progressive movement. A committed advocate of the French people, and a convinced and instinctive internationalist, early in his career he served as a European advisor to French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, and then to President of the European Commission Romano Prodi. Later, as the founder of A Gauche en Europe and more recently Terra Nova, Olivier created French institutions at the cutting edge of the European and global policy debate.

When we at the Center for American Progress created our Global Progress initiative, a program that nurtures and fosters dialogue between young progressive leaders across the globe, we naturally turned to Olivier for help and counsel.

In four short years, Olivier drove a new wave of transatlantic progressive dialogue from Paris. He led study groups from the Socialist Party to analyze the lessons of the U.S. primary process and was instrumental in the adoption of the process for the first time ever by the French Socialist Party last October.

Inspired by the election of Barack Obama in 2008, he also spearheaded the application and adaptation of social media and modern online communication and organizing techniques within the French progressive movement. Both made an invaluable contribution to Francois Hollande’s and the Socialist Party’s victories this summer.

Most recently, and most deservedly, after years of tough political battles, he defeated both the center-right and National Front candidates in the legislative elections in mid-June to become the Socialist member of parliament for Bouches Du Rhone. He was due to take up his seat when parliament reconvened on Tuesday, and much was expected from him.

Today, French President François Hollande saluted Olivier for his work in the Socialist party, as well as his leadership over Terra Nova.

“He was a talent that our country could pride itself on, and whose future held enormous promise. His voice will be missed at the National Assembly,” Hollande said in a statement from the Elysée Palace.

Oliver was indeed a remarkable talent; one that not just France but progressives everywhere could pride themselves on. He will be sorely missed.




Podesta, the Center for American Progress, and the Communist-friendly Modern Progressive Movement.


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Bait And Switch on Obamacare. Obama and Progressives/Democrat Socialists Knew Exactly What They Were Doing to the American People


While the Liberal Think Tank, the Center for American Progress states this:

In its fiscal year 2013 budget request, the Department of Defense has proposed a series of adjustments to military pay, health care, and retirement benefits which aim to place the programs on a more sustainable footing. These changes—analyzed in a new Center for American Progress report by Lawrence Korb, Alex Rothman, and Max Hoffman—would include reducing the rate of increase for military base pay, introducing new fees and co-pays for Tricare services, and the creationof a Military Retirement Modernization Commission to oversee the overhaul of the current system.



Financial Advisors and Academia Discussing/Influencing World Markets and Finance? News: U.S. Treasury Gives China “Direct Link” to U.S. Treasury Auction System.




So Glenn Beck, denoted as a “loon” and a “clown” by Progressives and Liberals was RIGHT about:

1.  The Middle East Uprising and Caliphate by  Muslim Brotherhood.

2.  The Progressives and their intent for America, including Van Jones.

3.  Trying to Nationalize America through Statism. Nationalizing the Auto Industry, Finance (Banks) through Dodd-Frank, Nationalizing Energy (against Coal), etc.

4.  Cass Sunstein “Nudging” and Manipulating America through Regulation. Regulating Salt, Sugar, etc. through Behavior Modification.  Now will include Obamacare.

5.  Climate change, now called Sustainable Development.  John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar who believes in Eugenics.

NOW will you listen to Glenn Beck about the Economy?


Allen West was right about the Progressives and Democrat Socialists in the Progressive Caucus of Congress.

Allen West has sounded the clarion trumpets about Radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now this:

Allen West: “Every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm”


Obama’s Politics Are More Insidious Than Socialism. Obama Wants to Control the Economy.





Will you Listen Now?

Written and Exposed in 2009: No One Listened Then; Will YOU Listen Now? Barack Obama sought the New Party’s endorsement knowing it was a radical left organization


This November 2012 elections will NOT be Democrat vs. Republican.

It WILL BE Progressivism/Socialism/Communism vs. Liberty and Freedom to CHOOSE.








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