Joe Biden’s ‘good friend,’ donor receives $20 Million Federal Loan to open foreign luxury car dealership in Ukraine



From the Daily Caller:

Biden’s ‘good friend,’ donor receives $20M federal loan to open foreign luxury car  dealership in Ukraine


August 17, 2012

In late July, John Hynansky — a longtime friend of Vice President Joe  Biden, and a major donor to Biden’s campaigns as well as President Barack  Obama’s — was awarded a $20 million taxpayer loan to build a foreign-car  dealership in Ukraine.

According to a public summary document, the loan, from the  federal government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation, is for “[u]p  to $20.0 million,” and is designed to “expand Winner Import Ukraine’s automobile  business, [and] construct and operate ‘Winner Autocity,’ which will have  two new, state-of-the-art dealership facilities for Porsche and Land  Rover/Jaguar automobiles.”

Porsche is a German-made luxury and sports car, and Jaguar Land  Rover is a British luxury and sports car company owned by an Indian  subsidiary.

Under “U.S. Economic Impact,” the summary document says, “This  project will have a positive developmental impact on the host country, Ukraine.  The project will generate a significant number of new local jobs. Running a  dealership for premium automobile brands requires a highly trained sales force,  mechanics, accountants, communications and advertising specialists, IT  specialists, service personnel, warehouse managers, and customer relations  specialists.”

Along with his family, Hynansky and his family also own car dealerships in  Pennsylvania and Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Since at least 1999, Hynansky and his family have been regular donors to  Biden’s campaigns, and, later, Obama’s. John Hynansky has donated 7,690 to a  combination of Biden’s Senate campaigns and failed presidential campaign;  Michael Hynansky donated $7,690; Alexandra Hynansky donated  $7,280; Deanne Hynansky donated $4,645; and Susan Hynansky donated $1,000 — coming to a total family donation of $28,715.

During Obama’s 2008 run for president, John Hynansky gave $30,800 to the  Obama Victory Fund; Alexandra Hynansky gave $2,550; and Deanne Hynansky  gave $2,000 — totaling $35,350 to that campaign.

Understandably, during a speech during a diplomatic trip to Ukraine in 2009,  Biden described John Hynansky as “my very good friend, John Hynansky, a very  prominent businessman from Delaware. … I had breakfast with him the other  day.”

Watch Biden’s comment on Hynansky at 4:37:

LINK to video here.

Though the Overseas Private Investment Corporation report says that “the project is not expected to have a negative impact on the U.S.economy  or employment,” the revelation that Biden’s “very good friend” and donor, John  Hynansky, received a taxpayer loan to open a business selling foreign luxury  cars in a foreign country using foreign labor stands in stark contrast to the  Obama-Biden 2012 campaign charges that the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan campaign  stands for breaks for big business and shipping American jobs overseas.




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  1. Biden You All help Your rich friends out. Tell Me are they dirty Republicans or do they Kiss Your rotten asshole.



    You do realize Biden is a DEMOCRAT, right?

    Biden helping his rich friends out that donate to their “friends”campaigns (Obama and Biden) is called Crony Capitalism.

    Obama Cronyism Built That….DEM DONORS RAKE IN BILLIONS UNDER OBAMA ADMINISTRATION Read about it here:

    Rich people are NOT just Republicans.

    Nancy Pelosi is rich.
    Harry Reid is rich.

    Do you classify them as “dirty” Leon?



  2. […] Joe Biden’s ‘good friend,’ donor receives $20 Million Federal Loan to open foreign luxury car … […]

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