Author: ‘Anti-Colonialism’ Explains Obama’s ‘Secret Agenda’ For America. Does Obama Think He is a Global Ruler?



Obama did a world tour apologizing for America’s strengths.

Is the following his secret agenda?

From CNS News:

Author: ‘Anti-Colonialism’ Explains Obama’s ‘Secret Agenda’ For America

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.

August 22, 2012

New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza spoke at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, yesterday about his new book, “Obama’s America.”

The book, which I read over this past weekend, seeks to explain the actions and policies of President Barack Obama using the principles of Anti-Colonial ideology.

Obama’s Anti-Colonialism, D’Souza suggests, is based on the premise that rich countries got rich by looting poor countries and that, within the rich countries, plutocratic and corporate elites continue to exploit ordinary citizens.

Throughout the book, D’Souza endeavors to explain the origins of Obama’s ideology, including stories about the president’s father, Barack Obama Sr. and the influence of individuals such as Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers.

At Heritage, D’Souza proposed that Obama seeks to diminish the role of America in the world.  He cited examples such as Obama’s decision to strike down the Keystone oil pipeline while funding Brazilian oil production and the president’s reluctance to aid Syrian rebels against the Assad regime, while supporting the toppling of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, an ally of the United States:

“Why support the overthrow of Mubarak, but not the democratic movement in Iran?  Short answer: What does Kaddafi and Mubarak – what do they have in common?

“They only have one thing in common.  They are either doing business with or allied with the United States.”

D’Souza quoted Obama’s controversial “You didn’t build that” comment to small business owners as evidence that the president believes that society, not the individual, creates wealth – so, society (not the individual) owns that wealth:

“[L]ook at Obama’s statement to business guys: ‘You didn’t build that.’  I just want to analyze that for one second.  What is he saying? What he’s really saying is society creates wealth.”

D’Souza said that Obama believes that “Businessmen swoop in and grab [the wealth] for themselves.”

“And what Obama’s saying is: the government, in seizing that wealth – it’s not confiscating it – it’s really taking what doesn’t belong to these guys in the first place.”

D’Souza explored how this attitude might explain Obama’s tax policy:

“Think about it this way: Let’s say you came to my house and stole my furniture.  What’s the proper tax rate for you?  100%, because it’s not your furniture.”

D’Souza said that the Anti-Colonialism mindset explains not only Obama’s attitude toward small business owners, but also his view of America’s proper place in the world.

According to Anti-Colonialists, America has plundered the rest of the world to become the super power of the earth and the rich have plundered the poor for their success.

D’Souza concluded his presentation by suggesting that Obama is not only a domestic redistributionist, but also a man with a “secret agenda” who seeks to redistribute the wealth of powerful nations to developing countries around the world.

D’Souza said that this philosophy would not be popular with the American public, so Pres. Obama does not want to publicize it:

“He has a different goal for America – that he’s not telling – because if he did…you might say, well, that’s implying that Obama has a secret agenda.”

“We know from his conversation with (Russian President) Medvedev that he does.”

Obama’s “hot mic” comment to the outgoing Russian president that, “After my election, I have more flexibility,” shows the president’s plans to undermine American interests if he gains a second term, D’Souza said.


***Written By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.***




“Love him or hate him; but YOU don’t know him”





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