For Those That Missed the Great Speeches at Republican Convention on Wednesday Night Due to Liberal Biased, Obama Protectionist (State Run) Media……


**Remember the Progressives/Liberals NEED Discontent/Discord in order to pass their Progressive agenda**

The TRUTH is unknown to a majority of them.

To be fair here; even Fox News does cut away and do commercials during music interlude/some speeches.  IF you want to watch the FULL Republican National Convention without interruption, go to CSPAN.


First, John Nolte at was “Live blogging” different media broadcast channels last night (Wed. August 29,2012) to see what they didn’t/refused to show the American People.

by John Nolte


11:15 — Tipster Says Tom Brokaw Used Condi Speech To Talk About ‘Birthers’

Email: Right after Condoleezza Rice’s speech Tom Brokaw on NBC took her comment “it doesn’t matter where you came from but where you’re going” and actually tried to tied it to the “birther theory.”

I’m sure he was so excited to have a chance to bring that up!

That’s my only one, I couldn’t stand to watch MSNBC for more examples, The thought of listening to Rachel Maddow makes we want to throw my TV out the window

11:08 — As Soon As Ryan’s Speech Ended, Wolf Blitzer Rushed To Call Him a Liar

The first words out of the execrable Wolf Blitzer’s biased mouth after Paul Ryan’s speech were how the “fact checkers” were going to be busy.

Erin Burnette just nodded along and said, yep.

This is nothing more than these two Obama shills making damn sure their viewers were left with impression that Paul Ryan is a liar before they could even turn their televisions off.

The Rush to bring up the need for fact-checking Ryan’s speech and then doubling and tripling down on it wasn’t  the act of a journalist, it was the act of Obama’s Palace Guards.

Man alive, these people are equal parts awful and desperate.

As I write this, Blitzer is still going on about fact checkers.

10:20 — ABC News All But Ignores Condi’s Speech

The networks are only broadcasting an hour of the convention a night. So here you can watch George and Diane come up with every excuse they can to eat up that hour with nonsense, you know, like the sound of their own voices.

The media absolutely hates the fact that this convention and the GOP is diverse and loaded with smart. charismatic women and people of color. And so, in order to protect Obama and the Democrats, they do everything they can to ignore and cover up that fact.

Day in and day out, the media just ignores these good people.

During the convention, though, they have to play games like George and Diane did tonight and NBC did last night.

10:18 — Tipster Says Univision Leftist Interviewed at ABC Instead of Susana Martinez Speech

Email: ABC Interviews Leftist Univision News Anchor Jorge Ramos instead of showing the speech by Governor Susana Martinez.

George Stephanopoulos: “Right now at the podium Susana Martinez of New Mexico… Mexican-American First Term… She addressed the Convention in Spanish just a few minutes ago, and of course Diane… You know… Trying to get more of the Hispanic vote… Such a major challenge for Governor Romney right now… He’s well behind President Obama at a rate right now where it will be very difficult for him to win…”

Looks like ABC is keeping the minorities off their airwaves tonight… Unless you’re a Leftist/Progressive on their panel trying to destroy conservatives and their message…

10:10 — Some Good Reporting at CBS — Tony Lee

Norah O’Donnell: Paul Ryan will touch the third rail of politics. She says Democrats say Premium Support will end Medicare as they know it. Does not mention Democrats helped developed the idea during the Clinton administration. Does not mention Ryan’s plan would not impact current seniors. She does give the GOP’s side — that without reform Medicare will not be solvent.
Scott Pelley and John Dickerson say Paul Ryan does not appeal to independents despite polls to the contrary. They quote “establishment Republican officials” who have been trying to undermine Ryan from the beginning.
CBS, though, unlike ABC devotes considerable time to Condoleeza Rice’s speech. They cut in to the speech and air until she finishes the speech.

10:05Brown Out: CBS News, ABC News, ABC News/Yahoo Do Not  Air Susana Martinez Speech — Tony Lee

God forbid Republicans have an American of Mexican descent who also happens to be female who is an effective governor of an important swing state. No national airtime for her!
ABC has Univision’s Jorge Ramos, who has been biased against Republicans, instead, slamming Republicans regarding the Hispanic vote. Ramos says Republicans will have a tremendous challenge appealing to Hispanics. Mainstream media makes it tougher by effectively muting Martinez.
CBS is interviewing John McCain instead of airing Martinez’s speech.

10:15 — PBS Surprised Condi’s Speech Wasn’t ‘Mean-Spirited’ — Warner Todd Huston

As Condi wrapped up, the PBS Newshour team had a minute for a few words to assess Condi Rice’s speech. Ifill said that it was “the speech of the week” and remarked that the crowd was really on its feet and paying close attention the whole time. “It wasn’t a mean spirited speech in any way, Woodruff said. Mark Shields felt that Rice’s speech was the “distillation of the compassionate conservatism of George W. Bush.”

10:15 — NBC News Suspends ‘White Only’ Speech Rules, Broadcasts Condi Rice Speech

How so very progressive of them.

9:55 — At The Politico Livestream Four White Guys Lecture GOP About Diversity — Tony Lee

Four white guys — Mike Allen, Jon Allen, Jake Sherman, Jim Vandehei — in tedious discussion about how GOP needs more diversity with straight faces. Irony lost on them. No talk about POLITICO’s newsroom or their “top-shelf” talent in need of diversification. Mainstream media does not hold themselves to same standards they hold Republicans.

9:15 — PBS Relentlessly Pushes Class Warfare. Romney Likability Narrative — Warner Todd Huston

Gwen Ifill welcomed Senator Ron Johnson (R, Wisc.) at this break. David Brooks began by asking Johnson how the GOP gets around being thought of as the party of business, one that doesn’t care about the waitress that makes only $22,000 a year. Of course Johnson disputed that characterization and countered that the GOP cares about everyone.
Woodruff went on to note that business people say they are reluctant to hire because of the uncertainty Obama had engendered. Johnson noted that regulations are really hurting the nation. It costs over a trillion dollars a year to satisfy regulations Johnson said. He said we need to put a halt to regulations until we can get the economy moving again. Woodruff was aghast at this. “So, NO new regulations,” she asked skeptically.
Johnson replied that we should stop regulatory avalanche until we get our economy moving again.
Ifill said that the Democrats would love to hang the Paul Ryan budget ideas around the necks of Republicans. “Wouldn’t if be better to step away” from Ryan’s ideas she wondered. Johnson said of course not and that his great ideas are why he was picked for the VP spot.
Woodruff then went right back to the panel’s favorite topic: Romney isn’t likable. She asked Senator Johnson if Romney needs to “open up.”
Johnson went on to note that Ann Romney’s speech went a long way to do that, but when he met Mitt he decided to endorse a presidential candidate even though he initially thought he should not endorse a candidate. Johnson says that Mitt is perfectly likable.
Mark Shields’ final question was if the GOP takes any blame for the bad economy. Johnson notes that he ran for office because he was not happy with what was going o from both sides in D.C., but he noted that Obama made it far, far worse than the Republicans that run Congress earlier in the decade could ever do.

9:36 — Rather Than Air Pawlenty Speech, CNN Grills Christie Over His ‘Flop’ Speech

Even MSNBC aired Pawlently’s speech.

But CNN instead chose to have Piers Morgan interrogate Christ Christie over how “bad” his speech was and nitpick it apart. Of course, most of this nitpicking surrounded Christie’s criticism of Obama. Once that was over, Morgan grilled Christie for not promoting Romney enough. Piers had even counted the number “I’s” Christie used and compared that number to the number of times Christie said “Romney.”

9:16 — AP Upset GOP Isn’t Undermining Own Convention With Talk of Offshore Tax Havens, Todd Akin

Just in case you forgot who awful and corrupt the media is, here’s the opening of an AP piece titled: On RNC stage, nettlesome issues unmentioned“:

Viewers tuning into the Republican National Convention have heard Ann Romney speak lovingly of her husband and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pledge “a new era of truth telling.” What they haven’t heard is talk of offshore tax havens, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, or questions about President Barack Obama’s birthplace – the kind of divisive issues that have bedeviled Mitt Romney in the weeks before formally accepting his party’s presidential nomination

Trust me, it only gets worse.

9:12 — CNN’s Dana Bash Is Doing a Great Job

I should be less sweeping in my condemnations of the CNN crew. For the last two nights, Dana Bash has done a superb job asking smart questions and letting her subjects answer. She doesn’t debate them with Obama talking points or undermine them later.

8:45 — PBS Commentator Tired of GOP Immigrant Stories, Upset Settlers Pushed Indians Off Land — Warner Todd Huston

Once again PBS commentator hits his favorite theme. Shields again praised Rick Santorum for being “genuine” and “warm” and tried to contrast that with how he feels Romney appears. “Americans do vote for the candidate they like more,” said Shields, and no one like Romney he insisted.
The meme was continued as the booth went to floor reporter Jeffery Brown.
Brown was talking to Virginian Evan Draium, who at 17 is the youngest delegate at the convention. “What about Mitt Romney. Does he connect to young people. Can he get them to like him,” Brown asked.
Young Mr. Draium said that as the campaign heats up his generation would likely warm to Romney.
Brown then went to Sen. John McCain asking the Senator of Mitt Romney is failing by not mentioning foreign policy more often. McCain, of course, said that this election is about jobs and the economy. “Mitt Romney understands America’s role in the world, he understands American exceptionalism.”
After the floor reporter finished, Mark Shields indulged his inner native American saying, “Tonight we’ve heard how ‘my grandparents came here,’ and I’m waiting for one native American to come on and say my grandparents were pushed off their land by those grandparents.”
Yeah. White men are evil, remember, Mark?

9:03 — Politico Livestream Goes TMZ, Breaks Rumor About Tebow — Tony Lee

Maggie Haberman says she is about to break a scoop on the livestream even though it’s just rumor and not a “hard fact.” The four POLITICO panelists laugh that it is just gossip. Haberman reports there is a rumor that Tim Tebow will be the surprise speaker. When asked how certain she is Tebow will speak, Habeman says, “51.7%,” and they laugh.
The broader point (speculating about Tebow is all fun and games on a livestream), though, is that the POLITICO folks were laughing and joking about reporting rumors as facts, acting like it is something they have done many a time.
Makes you wonder how many of their stories based on “anonymous” sources that slam Republicans are reported in a similar fashion. Is 51.7% probability POLITICO’s threshold? And makes you wonder if POLITICO really is a hybrid of the National Enquirer (they actually got the John Edwards case right, so maybe that is not a fair comparison) and

8:44 — Politico Livestream Goes On Childish Palin-Bashing Spree — Tony Lee

After John McCain’s speech, Maggie Haberman, Jim Vandehei, Mike Allen, and Jake Sherman blather on about how only two people in the Republican Party — John McCain and Sarah Palin — think Sarah Palin was the right vice presidential pick in 2008.

Haberman, trying to act smart, then says there is one more Republican — a third! — who thinks Palin was the right choice: Palin’s husband Todd. Except, smarty-pants Haberman doesn’t seem to realize Palin’s husband Todd is not a Republican but a registered independent.

The four POLITICO stooges who know nothing of conservatives then talk about how Sarah Palin has no more influence within the Republican party even as every GOP candidate begs for her support in the primary. To POLITICO, the only Republicans that exist are the insiders that stroke their egos. To POLITICO, these insiders speak for all Republicans.

In fact, their own publication ran a story titled, Sarah Palin: Senate Kingmaker. Do these people not read what is written in their publication? Do they not see the thousands of Republicans who turn out to watch Palin speak?

The author of that piece, Dave Catanese, got reprimanded recently by POLITICO’s brass for doing what a reporter is paid to do (when he first heard Rep. Todd Akin’s remarks, Catanese took to Twitter to think out loud about why Akin made those comments, if there was any science behind those comments, etc … of course, Akin’s comments were beyond reproach, but Catanese never assumed Akin’s comments were ridiculous before he had proof that the science Akin was speaking of was junk. But because Catanese did not immediately condemn Akin and follow the politically correct mainstream media herd, he got taken off the Missouri Senate beat by an editor-in-chief whose wife used to work for branches of NARAL.

His tweeting was in direct contrast to how POLITICO reporters often “report” on conservatives and any piece of outrageous news or rumor about conservatives they assume to be true until proven false.). Catanese’s tweeting was unlike the “reporting” the bumbling POLITICOS who bob their heads like seals and scarf down whatever scoops are handed to them by Washington insiders they wine and dine with when writing about conservatives like Palin. Either POLITICO writers are so stupid they do not know these GOP insiders are playing them like fiddles or they are willingly letting themselves be used. Either way, it does not speak well of POLITICO.

8:38 — Unfunny ‘Onion’ Can’t Stop Proving It’s an Unfunny Obama-Toadie With Attack On McCain

This isn’t funny; it’s just sad.

Ha-har-har McCain blew his brains out! Aren’t we edgy?!?!?

Political correctness and deference to The State murdered comedy a decade ago.

8:15 — PBS Panelist Beats ‘Romney Not Likable’ Drum Endlessly — Warner Todd Huston

Once again in the lull between speeches, Mark Shields beat the he’s-not-likable drum as Rick Santorum came to the booth to talk to the panel. After Santorum’s speech the night before, Shields thought that he gave us “more” than we got from Romney. “We’re talking about a candidate we don’t know. When do we get that from Mitt Romney? We don’t get any of that from Mitt Romney!”
But, haven’t we had all sorts of stories from the Romney family, the sons the wife, and other surrogates telling us of the people Mitt has helped, the people he’s interacted with and lived with? Does Shields not pay attention to the whole milieu of the news? Mark Shields is determined to underscore his meme that Mitt Romney “isn’t likable.”

8:28 — To Protect Obama, Wolf Blitzer Finishes Argument Crowley Lost With McCain

Unbelievable. McCain schools Crowley on Obama’s handling of Israel and as soon as we cut back to the booth, as though he was David Axelrod, Blitzer starts shilling his heart out explaining that “he heard” just the opposite when he was in Israel.

The CNN crew tonight is absolutely no different than listening to Team Obama host this convention.

8:18 — CNN is DEDICATED to Undermining Every Single Criticism Launched At Obama

Whether it’s John King, Erin Burnett, Candy Crowley, or Wolf Blitzer — no criticism of Obama goes untouched tonight. No matter what’s said, one of these shills is always explaining why that criticism of Obama isn’t true or isn’t “exactly true” or isn’t “quite true.”

This squad of shameless journOlists are breaking their backs to shield Obama and “Republican” David Gergen just nods right on along.

This really is something to witness.

Right now, Candy Crowley is arguing with John McCain over his criticism of Obama and Israel.


8:03 — ABC News/Yahoo Livestream Sow Seeds Of Division With Paul Supporters — Tony Lee

The first question ABC News’ Jon Karl asks Sen. Rand Paul: “How many [Ron Paul supporters here] are enthusiastic about Mitt Romney?”

Mainstream media want libertarian voters to leave the Republican party and not vote Romney to help Obama. That is why they are also trying to build up Gary Johnson.

7:50 — PBS Commenter Uses Bush Tribute Video to Trash Romney As Artificial — Warner Todd Huston

PBS contributor Mark Shields commented on the affecting video shown the convention that featured the two Bushes, George H.W. and George W. After the video the whole panel agreed that it was a wonderful little video, funny, affecting, and genuine.
But Mark Shields decided to use the Bush video to bash Romney saying, “clearly that was more personal than anything we’ve seen about Mitt Romney.” Shields went on to say how great its been that George W. Bush has, as an ex-president, refused to criticize Obama. One wonders if Shield’s could condemn jimmy Carter for being the most bitter ex-president we’ve had as Carter has indulged criticism of every president since Gerald Ford!

7:59 — Both CNN and MSNBC Air Full Bush Tribute Video

Then trash them afterwards: WMD, deficit, “read my lips,” unpopular, blah, blah, blah…

7:49 — In Defiance of Media ‘Fact Check’ Overlords, Rand Paul Bases Speech on ‘You Didn’t Build That’

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler’s face is probably melting now as impotent, elitist rage fires on all cylinders. How dare Rand Paul not abide by my corrupt fact-checking!

Expect Kessler to fire off a gajillion Pinocchios tomorrow, baby!

7:38 — CBS Evening News: Anthology of Shameless Obama-Shilling – Tony Lee

Navy Seals. Hurricane. RNC. Teaser of Romney interview.
“What do you say to the single mother?” is the question featured in the teaser. CBS News wants to hammer home Romney’s “connection problems.”

CBS leads with the new book about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. This shifts the subject back to national security, which helps Obama.

Even though CBS News has an online story about how details from the book contradict the accounts the Obama administration gave to the press, this is not mentioned during the broadcast.

Pelley wants to trap him, keeps asking Romney to name more cuts. MSM wants Romney to go on record with specific cuts so they can help Democrats build more narratives based on whatever cuts Romney names.
Romney doesn’t play the game. He wins, for now.

This continues HERE………….


Gov. Susana Martinez’s Full RNC Speech 8/29/12

Link to Video here


Condoleezza Rice RNC Speech 2012

Link to video here

**NOTE HERE: Condoleezza Rice spoke WITHOUT a telepromter***

Listen carefully from 10:45  to 11:50 mark AND from 17:15 to19:25


Sen. Rand Paul’s Full RNC Speech 8/29/12

Link to video


Paul Ryan RNC Full Speech 2012, Hits Obama For Failing To Deliver

Link to video


AND while America was focused on Hurricane Isaac and the Republican National Convention, Obama did this:

Obama’s Sneaky, Deadly, Costly Car Tax


My column today looks at the latest radical maneuver by the Obama administration — slipped through yesterday while much of the media’s attention was on Hurricane Isaac and the RNC convention. GOP leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee issued a related statement today on the flawed, rushed rules that were cooked up in secret.

“The rule finalized today by the Obama Administration will hurt American consumers by forcing them to drive more expensive and less safe automobiles. The Administration drafted these standards in secret, strong-arming automakers and short-circuiting the deliberative regulatory process to achieve a purely political result, abandoning sound science and objectivity to appease its political allies in the extreme environmentalist lobby,” Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif, said in a statement on the oversight panel’s website. “I support the goal of higher fuel efficiency, but this rule will only add to the burdens American small businesses and middle class families face under the heavy hand of the Obama Administration.”

On Tuesday, the administration announced that it had finalized “historic” new fuel efficiency standards. (Everything’s “historic” with these narcissists, isn’t it?) President Obama took a break from his historic fundraising drives to proclaim that “(by) the middle of the next decade, our cars will get nearly 55 miles per gallon, almost double what they get today. It’ll strengthen our nation’s energy security, it’s good for middle-class families, and it will help create an economy built to last.”

The Obama administration touts the support of the government-bailed-out auto industry for these reckless, expensive regs. What they want you to forget is that the “negotiations” (read: bullying) with White House environmental radicals date back to former Obama green czar Carol Browner’s tenure — when she infamously told auto industry execs “to put nothing in writing, ever” regarding their secret CAFE talks.

Obama’s number-massagers cite phony-baloney cost savings that rely on developing future fuel-saving technology. Given this crony government’s abysmal track record in “investing” in new technologies (cough — Solyndra — cough), we can safely dismiss that fantasy math. What is real for consumers is the $2,000 per vehicle added cost that the new fuel standards will impose now. That figure comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

War on Middle-Class Consumers, anyone?

Remember in November.


Vision this:  a Mini-Cooper style cookie box on 8″wheels with ALUMINUM doors/body instead of steel and a lawn mower engine. HOW ELSE will car manufacturer’s reach the Progressives’ agenda of 54 miles/gallon?

In order to achieve Obama’s outrageous gas standards, the weight of your vehicle will be much less, the height of your vehicle will be much less (to reduce air drag); plus remember this DOES NOT apply to 18 wheeled tractor trailers.

Then ADD the added cost of around $2,000 per automobile to even buy one AND the price of gas currently double in price from when Bush left office.

Obama’s Energy Sec. wants $7 to $9 Unleaded gas prices


With Gas Prices over $4.00 per Gallon, the Obama Administration Does THIS: OBAMA KILLS ATLANTIC OFFSHORE DRILLING FOR FIVE YEARS

Yep, get out your beanie hats with spinning propellers and follow Obama while he rides in “The Beast” (Obama’s limo) that probably gets 9 miles to the gallon; that is IF you can keep up.





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