Thoughts about America 2012. Americanism vs. Communism.





Up until July 2008, I WAS a Blue Dog (Conservative) Democrat. A Reagan “Blue Dog” Democrat. Early into the elections of 2008, I realized that the words spoken by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “pinged” the words of Marxism. “Share the wealth”, “For the Common good”, “Taking profits from Oil Companies”, etc.

I decided I wasn’t going to become a Marxist/Communist sympathizer, gave up my Democrat voting status and became an Independent voter in July, 2008.*

My parents were Conservative Democrats, but make no mistake, they brought me up with morals and virtues. My father was Catholic, my mother a Unitarian.  *My mother gave birth to 5 Children within 6 years*  Needless to say I remember the “religious” arguments at home. BUT in the late 60’s I learned valuable lessons that I keep to this day.

My High School graduation class (Pre Carter years) was so large, they did the ceremonies in THREE sessions. Students then were held to a higher standard, including dress code and school code (no cursing in any form allowed).  The Dean of Girls and the Dean of Boys were feared then and the awaiting parents at home were even worse. Yes, I went to Public Schools. In my college major (medical field), we were taught empathy.  To listen to the needs both physical and mental of EACH of our patients.  Today, being in the role of a patient, I found it to be of low caliber.

When my daughter graduated in 2006, there were only 164 kids that qualified for graduation.  Some of the graduating classmates and their antics demoralized the sanctity of their graduation ceremony, yet not one peep from the Principal at the ceremony.

We, as a nation have been on a slippery slope of moral declineWe have now become an amoral society.  What was once a society of religion, helping those in need of physical assistance and neighborly “love” has now become a society of “self interest”. As I call it the “me” generation.

My personal insights to moral decline:

1.  Prior to the President Carter years, films and entertainment were “censored”; no nudity, cussing or “pelvic thrusting”. Then along came Elvis Presley. He dared the entertainment industry with his “expositions” and once society thought about it and literally women were swooning over him, the entertainment industry’s “censorship” went to the wayside.  Remember silence is acceptance. Yesterday, I witnessed a trailer to a children’s cartoon movie.  In it was a character that’s pants dropped down and exposed his underwear; this movie is rated “G”.  What is that teaching 3-4 yr olds? That it is acceptable to drop your pants to your ankles and expose your underwear?  A Nickelodeon actor tweeted very vulgar comments about Ann Romney; silence from Nickelodeon.  The actor is still working there and the vulgar tweets have been deleted by the Actor; again silence is acceptance America.

2.  Prior to 1968, I had to take a course in High School called: “Americanism vs. Communism”; we studied different Communist leaders, their actions against their people and that America was GOOD.  Today most curriculum is to the “Left”, colleges have Marxist professors and University students are taught Che Gueverra was good, a fighter and an idol.

The Communist Party USA brags about how they have been fighting for the Rights of Men and Women since 1919.  Abortion rights; what about the child’s rights that are in the womb?  Wild sex is okay, but women are “punished” if they become pregnant; abortions are promoted no matter what stage of pregnancy.  Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger who thought the “unwanteds (black children) and “weeds” of society (disabled) and the “ignorant” should be disposed of (abortion).  Marxists today promote population control and “sustainability” to push their agenda.

Thanks to Woodrow Wilson, we had years of where bigotry and racism were allowed to infiltrate the lives of Americans; gradually and purposely.  Wilson started the League of Nations that later became the United Nations; currently promoting Global Socialism and the “sharing” of wealth between poor third world countries and the larger more prosperous countries.  This all hails back to the Bible talking about giving a man a fish or teaching him to fish.

3.  Unbeknownst to a lot of Americans, Saul Alinsky (the Obama idol) followed the works of Antiono Gramsci, an Italian Communist who believed in Communism through gradualism and Hegelian Dialect.  Saul Alinsky also studied under Frank Nitti of the Al Capone mob of tactics used to “persuade” people.   Saul Alinsky tactics have become front and center thanks to the “Sunshine” turned on by the Tea Party.  The Tea Party are the defenders of the U.S. Constitution and believe in the U.S. founding documents.  Instead of thanking the Tea Party for trying to preserve America, they are labeled as “Racists”, “Radicals”, “Extremists”, etc. by none other than the Democrat Party.  What does that tell you America?

The true Progressive (Democrat) radicals and “community organizers” have come  out of hiding.  The Black Panthers that want to “kill some Crackers and White babies”, the pastor that claimed we are a nation of the KKKA., Che flags visible on the wall of an Obama campaign office, Obama condoned “Occupiers”,  and now Code Pink “Dancing Vaginas”.

Unions that believe that they are the only ones right and everyone else is wrong.

Is THIS the America we have become?

4.  The Obama administration promoting food stamps and welfare (now without any work restrictions).  Think about this:  47% of Americans are now on food stamps; how many are on government welfare?  Whatever the government giveth; the government can also take away.  Think about the Kristallnacht and Hitler.  Hitler brought government to its knees during that time with the result of Germany’s populations begging for the government to help them.  What happened then?  Neighbors turning in neighbors, children inducted into Hitler’s youth squad, the slaughter of millions of Jews, Hitler’s using doctors to find the “perfect” child with BLUE eyes.  Russian communists moved into the vacuum created by Hitler losing WWII.  East Germany was a Soviet controlled bloc until Reagan worked to free the people by uttering “Mr. Gorbachev, tear dow this wall.”  Note: Gorbachev also studied Gramsci Communism.

When you get into “friendly” discussion about food stamps and welfare with a recipient; ask them this, would YOU like to have your own money instead of living with the fear the “goodies” they receive may suddenly and purposely disappear?  Then what?  Cloward and Frances Fox Piven worked on a theory called the Cloward-Piven strategy.   Basically to cause financial collapse causing the United States to convert from a free Capitalist society to a Socialism/Communism style society; everyone equal and the claim of “societal justice”.  Do these recipients think that Obama and his minions will do the same?  That they will give up their wealth and power to be “equal”?

Socialists and Communists aren’t really against Capitalism.  They need it to “fuel” their agenda.  They just don’t think other people should lay claim to profits; they believe they know better than anyone else.  You see their objective is POWER and CONTROL; not that people really matter.


A former KGB agent explains the Communism takeover in America and what our future holds; a must watch video.

Link to video HERE.


How do we fix America?  We need someone we can TRUST and one to LEAD America back into prosperity.

Changing the mindset of the 47% of Americans being infused by government programs will be a SLOW and arduous task.  They were slowly then quickly infused with the ideology of the Progressives.  Changes WILL NOT happen over night.  We can only hope that by having a job, thus their “own money” that they personally will control, can be a goal for them to attain.  We must give POSITIVE support to those making the change and POSITIVE support to businesses both large and small the ability to turn profits into more jobs therefore pulling America away from the brink of obsolescence back to the “Beacon on the hill”.

We, as Americans MUST teach/give those blinded by Marxism/Communism the tools to understand the difference between power, control and tyranny vs. Liberties and the Freedom to CHOOSE.


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