Obama’s Hidden Bread Lines. The Obama Economy is NOT WORKING…..



From Trevor Loudon

Obama’s Hidden Bread Lines

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

September 23, 2012

Americans are experiencing sticker shock and it is about to get a whole lot worse thanks to Obama. Between gas and groceries, our household is sinking fast. My husband works about 35 miles from here, so gas is an issue. For a household of three, where two drive for work, our gas bill this month will be close to $900. Groceries will come in at a modest $1000 since we have cut back. And folks, we live in a state that has reasonable pricing. Inflation is just clearing her throat and getting ready to sing, so this is going to get very, very disturbing. Because of QE3 and all the other Keynesian stimulus atrocities as well as crop failures, America will pine for the days of Jimmy Carter’s 21% inflation. We are staring down the barrel of 30 and 40% inflation. Most American households are already on the edge, I can’t even imagine how we will all get through this. The only prayer we have is if Obama is ousted in November and we face reality in this country over what has been done to us fiscally. It is going to be very, very painful. But if we don’t remove Obama from office, it will be fatal. Period.

We are in a depression. The only reason the government achieves any plausible deniability with their assertions that “we are not in a depression” is by comparing the “obvious” visuals: we “don’t have bread lines” like they did in the 1930s. No. No, we don’t. Because the “bread lines” of today are concealed electronically. That guy checking out in front of you just paid for his groceries with a card. Did you get to see what kind of card? No? Roughly a third of those “guys in front of you” are paying with “food stamp” cards. It lets them hide the shame of living on the dole. Don’t believe what you hear from the government and the media. It’s all crap. The reason you don’t see people starving in the streets is because Obama’s hidden bread lines have taken the form of chic electronically delivered food stamps. At last count 47 million were on food stamps – about 15% of Americans. When that flow of freebies is shut off, people will starve in their homes or wherever they live. When Obama removed the work requirement for food stamps,the filing for them doubled. In a country that is already broke and just digitally printing money whenever we need it, that is a recipe for mass death. There are now more Americans added to food stamps, than those that can find work.

From Business Insider:

The cost of the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,” as it is now euphemistically called, has soared even faster than usage in recent years (see chart at right). The annual cost of the program in the fiscal year ended September was $76 billion, more than double the cost of four years earlier.

We all feel for the needy and the hungry and there are people out there who genuinely need help until they can get back on their feet. But that is not what this is. This is Cloward and Piven straight up. Progressives have overloaded the system to the fracturing point – which is exactly what they want. People want jobs and dignity. They want to raise their families and have a good life. Slavery and poverty are not part of that equation and that is what unemployment and food stamps are. Both have been massively pushed and implemented by our Progressive government. When people get hungry, they get violent. Riots follow, allowing the government to come in and forcefully subdue the masses. Then a new form of government arises and takes over. You see it all throughout history. This is what Progressives want – a ‘transformed’ America.

Bread Line in the Bowery, NYC

If you go out and around over the weekend, many places are reporting that retail parking lots are pretty much empty – a genuine sign of economic collapse in the making. Except at certain times it would seem – from Zero Hedge:

I don’t need to tell you that our customer remains challenged…You need not go farther than one of our stores on midnight at the end of the month. And it’s real interesting to watch, about 11 p.m. customers start to come in and shop, fill their grocery basket with basic items – baby formula, milk, bread, eggs – and continue to shop and mill about the store until midnight when government electronic benefits cards get activated, and then the checkout starts and occurs. And our sales for those first few hours on the first of the month are substantially and significantly higher.

Take a look below at the numbers as of 2010. They are significantly worse today. How long can this go on?

Our government currently claims that unemployment is at 8.1%. Conveniently, that leaves out all those who no longer look for work. The real unemployment rate is closer to 22%. Some claim it is much higher than that. No jobs plus no food equals violence. This is why the government is prepping for civil unrest. It’s coming one way or the other it would seem. Add to that falling household incomes and the fuse has been lit on a bomb that is meant to destroy America. If that isn’t the ultimate form of homegrown terrorism (which never needed to happen), I don’t know what is.

Are you better off than 4 years ago? We aren’t. Not even close. Check out the sobering reality of where America stands and weep – then vote for Mitt Romney in November:

Bill Sardi says it best:

The bread lines of yesterday are the Food Stamps of today. In the 1950s Russian people stood in bread lines for hours. It was the best way to control the people and keep them from overthrowing the government. Hungry and tired from standing in bread lines, they would never pose much of a threat to the government.

Now you might begin to guess why Americans are being impoverished in a seemingly intentional manner. Wealth is being transferred to the elites and in 5 years the trillions of dollars in savings accounts will erode in value by ~50%. Government knows there will be unrest. Government has squandered the American dream for its citizens by its paper money printing policies. This has allowed politicians to promise what they cannot possibly deliver. If you are beholden to the federal government for Food Stamps, just how much of a protest do you think you will be able to launch against the government?

This is now personal for each and every one of us, whether you have a job or not. Even if you are prepared with some food set aside, this affects you. No one wants America to devolve into barbarism in the streets, where others take what you have and kill any and all who get in their way. That is where this path leads for all of us. Right now, many of us are counting pennies wondering how we will make it to the next paycheck. You are not alone in this fight. This next election IS the most important one of our lifetime. If Romney wins, it won’t be a walk in the park. If Obama wins, it will be a stroll in hell. Behold Obama’s hidden bread lines and the future of America if we don’t stop this and fast.

***Emphasis added**



Losing Ground

United States behind Mauritius and Qatar in survey of worldwide economic freedom

September 24, 2012

The United States ranked 18th in a recent study on worldwide economic freedom, falling behind countries such as Finland, Chile, Mauritius, and Qatar.

The annual Economic Freedom of the World report examined data from 144 countries, considering 42 different variables to determine the degree to which a given country is “economically free.”

Variables included size of government, legal systems, property rights, free trade, and market regulation. The countries were then rated and ranked accordingly.

After decades of being ranked among the world’s freest economies, according to the report, the U.S. has steadily declined from 3rd in 2000 to 8th in 2005 to 18th in 2010, the most recent year for which complete statistics are available.

“The United States, long considered the standard bearer for economic freedom among large industrial nations, has experienced a remarkable plunge in economic freedom during the past decade,” the report said.

The country’s declining rank should come as no surprise given President Barack Obama’s policies over the past several years, experts said.

“There is a clear, direct line between Obama’s policies and the decline in ranking,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a former White House budget director and president of the American Action Forum. “High debt and deficits, the regulatory burden. This administration is not committed to economic freedoms, and it’s troubling that we’ve declined because we’re losing our competitive edge.”

Yuval Levin, Hertog Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, concurred.

The decline of economic freedom in America is reflective of the Obama administration’s “general attitude toward the economy, a crony capitalism that prefers big players over small players and stifles competition,” Levin said.

Other countries experiencing a marked decline in economic freedom include Venezuela and Zimbabwe, which are currently ruled by authoritarian regimes.

The United States’ ratings have dropped in four of the five major variables considered: legal system and property rights protection, size of government, free trade, and regulation. The reports cited several reasons for the decline in U.S. economic freedom.

Developments such as “the increased use of eminent domain to transfer property to powerful political interests” and “the violation of the property rights of bondholders in the bailout of automobile companies” have “weakened the United States’ tradition of the rule of law,” the report found.

The U.S. ranked 33rd in the legal system and property rights category, behind Estonia, Botswana, and Kuwait, among others.

Size of government has increased due to higher consumption and spending levels and increased government transfers and subsidies.

Federal spending as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) under Obama is projected to reach 22.8 percent over the next decade, a full three points higher than the historical average since World War II.

Spending on welfare programs increased 90 percent between 2000 and 2010, according to a Heritage Foundation report. A record of nearly 47 million Americans received food stamp assistance as of June 2012.

The U.S. ranked 61st in size of government, behind countries such as Uganda, Egypt, and Russia, according to the report.

Keep reading here…..

**Emphasis added**


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