Obama’s Pants are on FIRE….Lying with a Straight Face to America



From American Thinker:

Barack Obama, Pants on Fire

By William Sullivan

October 10, 2012

Now we have hard documented evidence that President Obama will go before an audience and lie to their faces.

Remember the video, released the night before last week’s debate, from June 5, 2007?  The one where Obama alleged to a black audience that the federal government had not waived the Stafford Act requirements for New Orleans after Katrina like they did for New York after 9/11 or for Florida after Hurricane Andrew?  The implication was obviously that this was because the federal government doesn’t care as much about New Orleans or its “predominantly black” inhabitants.

Thomas Sowell clears up a bit about the president’s then, ahem, “confusion” on this matter in his latest piece at Townhall:

 If you want to know what community organizers do, this is it — rub people’s emotions raw to hype their resentments. And this was Barack Obama in his old community organizer role, a role that should have warned those who thought that he was someone who would bring us together, when he was all too well practiced in the arts of polarizing us apart.

Why is the date of this speech important? Because, less than two weeks earlier, on May 24, 2007, the United States Senate had in fact voted 80-14 to waive the Stafford Act requirement for New Orleans, as it had waived that requirement for New York and Florida. More federal money was spent rebuilding New Orleans than was spent in New York after 9/11 and in Florida after hurricane Andrew, combined.

Truth is not a job requirement for a community organizer. Nor can Barack Obama claim that he wasn’t present the day of that Senate vote, as he claimed he wasn’t there when Jeremiah Wright unleashed his obscene attacks on America from the pulpit of the church that Obama attended for 20 years.

Unlike Jeremiah Wright’s church, the U.S. Senate keeps a record of who was there on a given day. The Congressional Record for May 24, 2007 shows Senator Barack Obama present that day and voting on the bill that waived the Stafford Act requirement. Moreover, he was one of just 14 Senators who voted against — repeat, AGAINST — the legislation which included the waiver.

Not only was the Stafford Act waived by Congress two weeks before Barack Obama went all Kanye West in this speech in 2007, but Barack Obama voted against the bill that waived it.  It is impossible to think that Barack Obama “forgot” that he took part in the vote that waived the financing requirement for New Orleans, and it is equally impossible that he “forgot” that he voted against waiving that financial obligation for New Orleans.  In a manner of speaking, Obama was speaking of himself when warning the audience about the bad guy trying to take money from poor New Orleans.  So there can be no denying that it was an outright and particularly deceitful lie told for the sole purpose of rousing the rabble and fabricating the specter of racism.

This is a bombshell.  It completely and utterly destroys whatever remnants of credibility remain that Barack Obama is an honest man — and right before the election.  It proves that millions of sobbing fans in 2008 were duped by someone only too willing to lie to their faces if it would generate a feeling of social resentment and further his political ends.  But Sowell seems to know, as we all do, that the media at large will discount this damning revelation of dishonesty and this proof of Obama’s sinister design — and they have done so for nearly a week, as it has been reported many times in one way or another.  Sowell writes:

Some people in the media have tried to dismiss this and other revelations of Barack Obama’s real character that have belatedly come to light as “old news.” But the truth is one thing that never wears out. The Pythagorean Theorem is 2,000 years old, but it can still tell you the distance from home plate to second base (127 ft.) without measuring it. And what happened five years ago can tell a lot about Barack Obama’s character — or lack of character.

As we near the finish line on the 2012 election, it is clear that we cannot rely on the leftist shills in the media to relay this information.  Thankfully, however, we do have intellectual leaders like Thomas Sowell and others with an unshakable dedication to truth, and likewise, it is our responsibility to share this truth.


**Emphasis added**





He’s worn it on his wedding-ring finger since before he met Michelle


Moreover, according to Arabic-language and Islamic experts, the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: “There is no God except Allah.”

Inscription on Obama’s ring

The Shahada is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam, expressing the two fundamental beliefs that make a person a Muslim: There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s prophet.

Sincere recitation of the Shahada is the sole requirement for becoming a Muslim, as it expresses a person’s rejection of all other gods


PBS: Classmate Recalls Obama Claiming He Was An “Indonesian Prince,” Told Other Students He Was “Kenyan Royalty”…

A phony from the very beginning.

Via PBS Frontline:

PBS’s ‘FRONTLINE’ interviewed former Barack Obama classmate, Kristen Caldwell.  She grew up and attended Punahou School with “Barry” Obama. She recalls how as a young child, Obama alternatively told classmates he was an Indonesian prince or Kenyan royalty.

So what do we know about Obama and his background? He wasn’t rich. Would he have needed help? How did he fit into this –

Kristen Caldwell – My understanding is that Barry — and that’s what we called him, so I’m not meaning to be disrespectful, but I’m going likely to refer to him as Barry for the most part. My understanding is that Barry was on a scholarship. And a lot of times if you’re on scholarship you had to do some work at the school. You worked in the snack bar.

My father told me — and I didn’t know it at the time — that Barry did some work at the tennis courts. We all did work at the tennis courts, those of us who hung out there. So it wasn’t unusual when the tennis pro would ask me, “Go and walk courts 1 and 2,” and that sort of thing, because he would ask any of us to do that. So I wasn’t aware of that.

When I first met Barry, when he showed up I think it was the summer before fifth grade, he was hanging out at the tennis courts. And at the time that was the very Wimbledon-like, where everyone had to wear white clothes and white tennis shoes. Very careful about the soles of the shoes because you didn’t want to scuff up the courts, mark them up.

So yeah, I can picture him as this slightly — “chubby” is too strong, but rounded, short little guy, Barry Obama. And he told us that his father was an Indonesian king and that he was a prince, and after he finished school he was going to go back, and he would be a ruler in Indonesia. And I absolutely believed him.

Keep reading here…………


Obama’s Hidden Bread Lines. The Obama Economy is NOT WORKING…..





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