HATING ANDREW BREITBART MOVIE TRAILER: Exposing LEFT Wing Liberal Hatred for Conservative Americans



**WARNING: Explicit language in this movie trailer**

Link to video

To find theaters and times go here: http://www.hatingbreitbart.com


For those that DON’T KNOW what the expression of “tea baggers” or “tea bagging” means:


Slang .

to place one’s scrotum in the mouth of one’s sexual partner.


Yep, Liberal Biased Obama protectionist Media like CNN, MSNBC and Bill Maher show such class don’t they?





Patrons to a D.C.-area movie theater this weekend got a 3D-style experience while watching “Hating Breitbart.” Not only was The Huffington Post’s Ryan Clayton featured in the film, Clayton himself was in the audience. The liberal reporter became so disruptive during the screening he was temporarily kicked out of the theater.

Matthew Balan of Newsbusters was also in attendance and helped get Clayton removed, although the generous-minded theater management eventually let him back in.

I sat towards the back of the theater, as many of the seats were filled by the time I entered. When the documentary started, Clayton somehow thought it was appropriate to add his own commentary track and laughed like a hyena at various points. I spoke up and told him to stop talking. But he didn’t stop.

After putting up with his antics for about 10 to 15 minutes, I got fed up, and quickly made my way out of the theater to track down the management of the theater complex. I discovered that a young Hispanic woman, who also had enough of Clayton’s outbursts, had already left to do the same thing, and the two of us waited for the managers to come up to where we were.

When I reentered the darkened theater, instead of going back to where I had been sitting, I decided to sit in an empty seat near the front and next to the aisle. The managers came in not long after I did, and removed Clayton. As he was leaving, he walked right past where I was sitting and stopped in front of me, thus blocking my view. I told him to get lost, but he kept up his asinine behavior, pretended to have trouble hearing me, and moved closer to me. I repeatedly told him to get out of my face, and after a moment, he finally left.


From 2010: Breitbart Explains the Tea Party Conservative Movement:

Link to video


A tribute video to Andrew Breitbart, a conservative warrior and fearless fighter for the truth and all things good about America.


RIP: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)


**To the Liberals who THINK the Tea Party is dead and does NOT have a voice: THINK AGAIN. We have just morphed into a BRIGADE of Andrew Breitbarts!**

Brigade – 3,000 to 5,000 solders



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  1. People from the left that hate conservatives show exactly what they are with their profanity and misguided humor like Bill Maher. I will no longer watch his show because he is not even funny anymore.

    The tragedy is that these people are so suckered in by Barack Obama and the deception of this fantasy figure the MSM created.

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