Democrats See “Blacks” as “Useful Idiots”. Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats







Democrats See “Blacks” as “Useful Idiots”.

Link to video HERE.


Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats

Link to video HERE.



Stop The Haters: Black Conservatives Respond

Link to video Here.




The Progressives Like to Use The Word Racist: Let’s Discuss Racism and the DEMOCRATS


‘Washington Post’ Catches Democrats Rewriting Civil Rights History. Since the Democrat Party Likes to Play the “Race Card” and “Racism”… Let Historical Facts Prevail


Is Obama Taking the Black Voting Bloc For Granted? Does Obama Believe Blacks Will Vote for the “Color of the Skin” Instead of the “Content of Character”?


In 1963 Mitt Romney’s Dad led a march in Detroit suburb to highlight housing discrimination against blacks.

Mitt Romney’s father pressed an aggressive agenda on the issue of civil rights. The Democrat race card is a joke.




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  1. Great… yes, I believe the Democrats honestly think they can easily control the black race if they can keep them dependent on the Govt. with social programs and keep them under or un-educated. It’s actually sad that they don’t realize or won’t listen to the truth and vote by color or who is going to give them the most “freebies”.. Entitlement society is being “grown” by the government for that express purpose I think, but then no one asked me.. LOL


    The Democrats have been successful about re-writing Civil Rights History to HIDE the Truth. Marxists have usurped our Educational system and are brainwashing our youth against the REAL history of our nation. The Progressives endlessly like to use the word racist.

    Read this:

    Also one young black student was chastised by the Liberal Left because she was against the Democrat Plantation:

    If it Doesn’t Fit the Progressive Propaganda Machine: Black Teen Run Off the Liberal Plantation:

    Attacks on Black Conservatives like Tim Scott of S.C., Mia Love of Idaho, Allen West of Florida, etc.

    If it doesn’t fit their agenda; distort, try to discredit and call them “Uncle Toms”

    The liberals don’t want the credit for STARTING the KKK in the South…..

    We must continue to put this information out in the “social stratosphere” at a CONTINUAL pace…..Maybe we can save some from the Progressive plantation. Others are hopelessly trapped in what I call a “Stockholm syndrome”… victims afraid to leave their captors.



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