Don’t Let Progressives/Liberals Claim the Legacy of Abraham Lincoln, just like they Did with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. TRUTH about KKK and Jim Crow.



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Study the tactics of Dialectic Process; a system used by the Progressives/Liberals to sway American opinion.

Deceived by the Dialectic Process

From Twisting Truth through Group Consensus: “Tension, created by diversity, is essential to the dialectic process. It energizes members and — when manipulated by well-trained facilitators — produces synergy. You can’t guide people toward synthesis (compromise) unless there are opposing views — both “thesis and antithesis.”

That’s why the consensus process must include all these elements:

  • a diverse group

  • dialoguing to consensus

  • over a social issue

  • led by a trained facilitator

  • toward a pre-planned outcome.

The true dialectic group never reaches a final consensus, for “continual change” is an ongoing process: one step today, another tomorrow. To permanently change the way we think and relate to each other, our leaders must set the stage for conflict and compromise week after week, year after year. Dialectical thinking and group consensus must become as normal as eating. Eventually, people learn to discard their old mental anchors and boundaries — all the facts and certainties that built firm convictions. They become like boats adrift, always ready to shift with the changing winds and currents.


Saul Alinsky:

“Radicals must be resilient, adaptable to shifting political circumstances, and sensitive enough to the process of actions and reaction to avoid being trapped by their own tactics and forced to travel a road not of their choosing. In short, radicals must have a degree of control over the flow of events.”



Background information of Dialectic Process:

●  Georg Hegel (1770 – 1831), an occultist, laid the foundation for Communist brainwashing. Today, his compromising philosophy and transformational process are changing churches as well as politics, education, business and communities.

●  Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) adapted Hegel’s philosophy to his vision of a Communist/socialist world system. (See From Marx to Lenin, Gramsci & Alinsky)

●  Like Marx, Lenin and Stalin saw Hegelian dialectic process as an essential tool for managing the masses. Through their hierarchical system of soviets (groups led by trained facilitators who led the group dialogue toward a prescribed and evolving consensus). Everyone had to trade individual thinking for collective thinking and communal values. The vision of “common good” was simply the carrot that justified total and cruel control. (See When Iron Gates Yield).

●  The United Nations (1995) has promoted the dialectic process around the world. Like the mythical Phoenix rising out of its ashes, the UN emerged from the fiery devastation of World War II as a beacon of light to utopian humanists and their hopeful followers. Within two years after Communist leader Alger Hiss presided over its birth, some of its most powerful agencies had been established.

●  UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) would be led by Julian Huxley — brother of Aldous and a Fabian Socialist. He made the dialectic process the heart of UNESCO’s global education plan. In his 1947 book, UNESCO: Its purpose and Its Philosophy, he wrote:

“The task before UNESCO… is to help the emergence of a single world culture. ….at the moment, two opposing philosophies of life confront each other from the West and from the East….  You may categorize the two philosophies as two super-nationalisms, or as individualism versus collectivism…. or as capitalism versus communism, or as Christianity versus Marxism.  Can these opposites be reconciled, this antithesis be resolved in a higher synthesis? …through the inexorable dialectic of evolution, it must happen….

“In pursuing this aim, we must eschew [shun] dogma – whether it be theological dogma or Marxist dogma…. East and West will not agree on a basis of the future if they merely hurl at each other the fixed ideas of the past. For that is what dogma’s are — the crystallizations of some dominant system of thought …. If we are to achieve progress, we must learn to uncrystalize our dogmas.”

●  WHO (The World Health Organization) was led by Canadian psychiatrist Brock Chisholm. He summarized his socialist philosophy at a 1946 US conference on mental health. His message was published by the (now prestigious) magazine Psychiatry, and by his Communist friend, Alger Hiss in the socialist magazine, International Conciliation. Notice the obstacles to “mental health”:

“Can we identify the reasons why we fight wars…? Many of them are easy to list — prejudice, isolationism, the ability to emotionally and uncritically to believe unreasonable things….

“The only psychological force capable of producing these perversions is morality, the concept of right and wrong…. For many generations we have bowed our necks to the yoke of the conviction of sin. We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers….

“Individuals who have emotional disabilities of their own — guilts, fears, inferiorities — are certain to project their hates on to others… Whatever the cost, we must learn to live in friendliness and peace with… all the people in the world.…”

Those “poisonous certainties” include all the unchanging truths and values that can’t be compromised. That’s why Biblical Christianity was — and continues to be — incompatible with the world’s standards for “mental health.” Many who refuse to conform to the evolving guidelines for tolerance, inclusiveness, group dialogue and adaptability to the UN plan for “continual change” are facing severe consequences.5 [See “Ban truth, reap tyranny“]

Like Karl Marx, today’s globalist leaders seek ways to undermine Biblical truth. They know that the main obstacle to global solidarity, is God’s uncompromising Word. They cannot build “a single world culture” without first undermining absolute Truth. After all, that’s why Christians were persecuted in the Soviet Union and other Communist countries!

●  ASCD (the curriculum arm of the NEA), published a 1970 book with a chapter by Dr. Raymond Houghton, who envisions a world managed through the subtle but manipulative collective “dialogue.” His warning should be a wake-up call for all who love truth and factual integrity:

“…absolute behavior control is imminent…. The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will… never self-consciously know that it has happened.”[1]

●  UNESCO published a 1995 book titled Our Creative Diversity. It tells us that–

“The challenge to humanity is to adopt new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of organizing itself in society, in short, new ways of living.”[2] (See Reinventing the World)

●  Marc Tucker, the master-mind behind today’s global school-to-work system.

“[Our objectivewill require a change in the prevailing culture — the attitudes, values, norms and accepted ways of doing things.”[3]

In other words, the old Christian ways and values are out! The new, subjective postmodern ways are in. Already trained to follow feelings rather than facts (and peer culture rather than parental counsel) today’s youth are marching happily toward an amoral, permissive (at least for the moment) collective society. Many have already internalized the ground rules for the dialectic process:

  1. Seek “common ground” in the midst of today’s diversity
  2. Show respect, tolerance and appreciation for all beliefs and values (unless they reflect Biblical truth).
  3. Train everyone to share their feelings, listen empathetically, and identify with opposing views, then blissfully flow with the group consensus.

It works! This process transforms individual thinkers into group thinkers. Since the sense of belonging feels good, the threat of group disapproval inhibits members from voicing “offensive” views.


Dialectic Process being used in our Schools Today:

**Brainwashing the masses including children**


From Reinventing the World Part 2: The Mind-Changing Process: …the Hegelian Dialectic has become the cornerstone not only of the global education system, but of ‘Quality’ management [TQM] in all kinds of governmental, corporate and private organization around the world. Meanwhile, the training programs, assessment technology and data tracking systems that complement and monitor this psycho-social process are growing increasingly sophisticated and intrusive….

Today’s postmodern America shows the effects of that revolutionary ideology. So it should not surprise us that a fifth-grade teacher in the Seattle area would use intimidation to twist a student’s absolute truth into a personal opinion. She had told her class to complete the sentence, “If I could wish for three things, I would wish for…”

A Christian student, Matt Piecora, wrote “infinitely more wishes, to meet God, and for all my friends to be Christians.” Since each student’s wishes would be posted on a wall for “open house,” they had to be just right. Matt’s didn’t pass. The teacher told him that his last wish could hurt people who didn’t share his beliefs. Matt didn’t want to hurt anyone, so he agreed to add “if they want to be.”

He had to complete another sentence which began, “If I could meet anyone, I would like to meet…” Matt wrote: “God because he is the one who made us!” The teacher told him to add “in my opinion.”

When Matt’s parents visited the school, they noticed the corrections. “Why did you add this?” his mother asked.

“The teacher didn’t want me to hurt other people’s feelings.”

“But these are just your wishes….”

“I thought so.” Matt looked confused. Later, the teacher explained to Matt’s parents that she wanted “diversity” in her class and was looking out for her other students. But why couldn’t Matt share his views?

“I try to instill God’s truths in my son,” said Matt’s father, “but it seems like the school wants to remove them.”

He is right. Both absolute truth and contrary facts clash with the mind-set needed for the global management systems. The planned oneness demands “new thinking, new strategies, new behavior, and new beliefs” that turn God’s Word and values upside-down. Facilitated group discussion is key to the transformation, and UNESCO’s plan for “lifelong learning” calls for universal participation. Young and old everywhere must be trained to think and work collectively.

Professor Benjamin Bloom, called the “Father of Outcome-based Education,” summarized it well:

“The purpose of education and the schools is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of students.”  “….a large part of what we call ‘good teaching’ is the teacher’s ability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students’ fixed beliefs and getting them to discuss issues.”

Since Matt’s last comment exposed his “fixed beliefs,” the teacher challenged it. Absolute truths such as “God made us” can’t be modified or synthesized to please the group. Those who take a firm position on truth or facts will resist compromise and offend the group.

This mind-changing (Hegelian dialectic) process required students in Communist nations to “confess” their thoughts and feelings in their respective groups. Trained facilitator-teachers would then guide the group dialogue toward a pre-planned consensus. The original thesis and antithesis — opposing views such as Christianity versus Marxism — would be merged or synthesized into ever-evolving higher “truths.”

This revolutionary program was officially incorporated into American education in 1985, when President Reagan and Soviet President Gorbachev signed the U.S.-USSR Education Exchange Agreement. It put American technology into the hands of Communist strategists and sanctioned our use of their psycho-social strategies, including the mass media. As Julian Huxley suggested back in 1947,

“the techniques of persuasion and information and true propaganda” must be “deliberately” used “as Lenin envisaged – to ‘overcome the resistance of millions’ to desirable change.”

Today, a more sophisticated version of this brainwashing process drives the social transformation. …it helps root out individualism and the “intolerant” attitudes that could bring conflict and division. When bonded to the group and trained in the new relational rules, few dare offend the majority by take a contrary stand.

“We have moved into a new era,” said Dr. Shirley McCune, keynote speaker at the 1989 Governor’s Conference on Education.  “What we are facing is total restructuring of society…. We no longer are teaching facts to children.” …

The masses must learn to feel that traditional values are an intolerable threat to peace, and Christians must be willing to trade their God-given absolutes for Huxley’s view of evolving truths and collective thinking.

But God says, “do not be conformed to this world.” Therefore, we make it our aim to “obey God rather than men.” Though the world demands consensus, we take our stand on the unchanging, eternal Word of God. [Romans 12:2; Acts 5:29]



From Marx to Lenin, Gramsci & Alinsky

**Saul Alinsky embraced Antonio Gramsci’s Communism through gradualism**

Antonio Gramsci:

“On top of all that, Marxists must imitate, perfect and expand the roles already invented by Lenin and his ‘intelligence expert.’… Marxists must join with women, with the poor, with those who find certain civil laws oppressive. They must adopt different tactics for different cultures and subcultures. They must never show an inappropriate face. And, in this manner, they must enter into every civil, cultural and political activity in every nation, patiently leavening them all as thoroughly as yeast leavens bread.

“Even such a pervasive blueprint as that would not work in the end, however, unless Gramsci could successfully target Marxism’s greatest enemy. … the Christianity that had created and still pervaded Western culture in all its forms, activities and expressions. ….
“For this purpose, Gramsci felt the timing was rather good. For though Christianity appeared on the surface to be strong, it had for some time been debilitated by unceasing attacks ag failing remnant of Christianity. … Marxists must change the residually Christian mind… so that it would become not merely a non-Christian mind but an anti-Christian mind.” [p.250]

“…he needed to get individuals and groups in every class and station of life to think about life’s problems without reference to the Christian transcendent, without reference to God and the laws of God. He needed to get them to react with antipathy and positive opposition to any introduction of Christian ideals or the Christian transcendent into the treatment and solution of the problems of modern life.” [p. 251]

“…Gramsci was a Marxist through and through. And the bedrock essence of Marxism—the cornerstone of the Marxist ideal of a this-worldly Paradise as the summit of human existence—is that there is nothing beyond the matter of this universe. There is nothing in existence that transcends man—his material organism within his material surroundings.”

“…such goals, like most of Gramsci’s blueprint, had to be pursued by means of a quiet and anonymous revolution. No armed and bloody uprisings…. Rather, everything must be done in the name of man’s dignity and rights…. [The new world must not only move beyond — it must learn to despise] the claims and constraints of Christianity, above all. …

“Do that, he promised, and in essence you will have Marxized the West. The final step—the Marxization of the politics of life itself—will then follow.” [p. 251]

Liberation Theology was a perfectly faithful exercise of Gramsci’s principles. It could be launched with the corruption of a relatively few well placed Judas goats. Yet it could be aimed at the culture and the mentality of the masses. It stripped both of any attachment to the Christian transcendent. It locked both the individual and his culture in the close embrace of a goal that was totally immanent; the class struggle for socio-political liberation. [p. 260-261]

[**Note by Romanticpoet here: Liberation Theology was embraced by James Cone who was admired by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Remember him? “The U S of KKK”…..Related Link**]

“In the United States and Europe, meanwhile, the poor were too small in numbers, too isolated and too uninterested to serve as a primary target for Gramscian opportunity. No matter, For in both areas there were major seminaries that were already a… anti-traditional in their theology. They rapidly enshrined Liberation Theology as the new way of thinking about all the old questions. [p. 261-262]

The process of secularization in the Catholic and Protestant churches progressed so rapidly and with such energy that, just as Gramsci had foreseen, it fed into other streams of anti-Church influence in the West.  Those were streams that, seemingly independent of Marxist influence, advocated a materialistic interpretation of all sectors of human through, investigation and action. [p. 262]

“…the academic faculties of Europe and America, already proud of the position in the vanguard of liberal and forward-looking political thinking, took like ducks to the rising tide of Marxist interpretations of history, law, religion and scientific inquiry.

“(Dawkins — no God — just aliens  –  Look Who’s Irrational Now)…. All the meaning of human life and the answer to every human hope were contained within the boundaries of the visible, tangible, material world of the here and now.” [p. 262]

“The ‘liberalized’ culture of the West nations essentially converged with the process of mounting secularization, sharing freely and solidly in the new sacred principle that all the life, activities and hopes of mankind rested on the solid structures of this world alone. [see WSJ article on religious superstition]

…secular systems of beliefs– Humanism, Mega-religion and the grab bag of New Age….forged their own not-so-strange alliances with Gramsci’s heirs, rushing into the religious vacuum of formerly Christian societies. For they too, were united in insisting… that faith had no function expect to help all mankind to unite and be at peace within this world, in order to reach its ultimate peak of human development.” [p.264]

“…Gramsci’s ghost had captivated them all into his “Marxist hegemony of the mind..” The transcendent had bowed to the immanent. Total materialism was freely, peace fully and agreeably adopted everywhere in the name of man’s dignity and rights… autonomy and freedom from outside constraints. Above all, as Gramsci had planned, this was done in the name of freedom from the laws and constraints of Christianity.” [p.265]




“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels quotes




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