Easily Another Progressive Radical Few Americans Know About…..READ, LEARN and EMPOWER…..


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By Trevor Loudon posted at Keywiki.org

Robert Borosage

Robert Borosage is easily one of America’s most dangerous radicals.

He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the ultra-left Institute for Policy Studies. He is also the President of the Institute for America’s Future and the Secretary-Treasurer of Campaign for America’s Future.

He writes widely on political, economic, and national security issues for publications including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Nation and The American Prospect magazine.

Borosage is a frequent commentator on television and radio, including Fox Morning News, RadioNation, National Public Radio, C-SPAN and Pacifica Radio. He teaches on presidential power and national security as an adjunct professor at American University’s Washington School of Law.

Borosage is acting chair for the American Progressive Caucus Policy Foundation, which is a major conduit of socialist policies from the Institute for Policy Studies, into the US Congress via the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

On April 10, 1982, an IPS-sponsored group, including Borosage, visiting Moscow for a week of meetings with high-level Soviet officials responsible for disseminating disinformation and propaganda for U.S. consumption. The IPS group identified only two of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee officials they met – Georgi A. Arbatov, head of the Institute of the USA and Canada, a “think-tank” that provides research and analysis and also cultivates and develops contacts with Americans at the direction of the KGB and the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee; and Vadim V. Zagladin, first deputy chief of the International Department.

Robert Borosage has served as an issues advisor to progressive political campaigns, including those of Senators Carol Moseley BraunBarbara Boxer and Paul Wellstone. In 1988, he was Senior Issues Advisor to the presidential campaign of Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Campaign for America’s Future

In 1996 Robert Borosage, was one of the original 130 founders of Campaign for America’s Future.[10]

He was also and founder and president of CAF sister organization[11] Institute for America’s Future.

The organizations were launched by 100 prominent Americans to challenge the rightward drift in U.S. politics, and to develop the policies, message and issue campaigns to help forge an enduring majority for progressive change in America.

Recently Borosage spearheaded[12] the Campaign’s 2006 issues book, StraightTalk 2006, providing activists and candidates with distilled messages on kitchen table concerns, from jobs to affordable health care.

Apollo Alliance

In 2004, Joel Rogers from the Center On Wisconsin StrategyRobert Borosage from the Institute for America’s Future, and environmental visionary Dan Carol approached Steelworkers President Leo Gerard and SEIU President Andy Stern, among others, to propose a new alliance of labor, environmental groups, business and social justice leaders called the Apollo Alliance. The Alliance, which soon included over 200 supporting organizations, released a report that year arguing for a ten-year program of investment in a “clean energy, good jobs” economy.[13]

Apollo Alliance board

In 2008 Borosage served on the board of the Apollo Alliance.

Soros connection

On November 29, 2006 Open Society Institute held a roundtable discussion entitled “How Do Progressives Connect Ideas to Action?”

Individuals and organizations with similarly progressive goals often dilute their power by working alone or even working at cross-purposes. As Americans who are politically left of center move forward, questions of infrastructure, communication, and collaboration are particularly important.

Participants included several key leaders of the “progressive” movement[14];

  • Eric Foner Columbia University, Department of History

Take Back America America – “progressive plan for victory”

On March 17, 2008, at the Take Back America conference in Washington D.C. Dianne ArcherRobert BorosageDonna Edwards and Van Jones spoke in the Opening Plenary entitled “The Progressive Plan for Victory”[15]

Foreign Policy in Focus

Robert Borosage serves on the Advisory Committee of Foreign Policy in Focus – a project of the Institute for Policy Studies.[16]



About Campaign for America’s Future:

  • Progressive organization that supports increased taxes to pay for an ever-growing number of social welfare programs

  • Has received funding from George Soros

Working to revitalize a progressive agenda and to “expose the conservative agenda that has made things worse,” Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that supports tax hikes, socialized medicine, and a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs. UndueInfluence.com describes CAF as a “labor-dominated lobbying and electoral network heavily influenced by progressive plutocrats and secret donors working on anti-corporate, anti-military, welfare-state, and other ‘progressive’ programs.”

CAF was co-founded in 1996 chiefly by: (a) Robert Borosage, who previously served as Director of the Institute for Policy Studies and founded the Progressive Majority political action committee; and (b) Roger Hickey, who co-founded the Economic Policy Institute and was the Media Director for the National Center for Economic Alternatives. (Borosage and Hickey also co-founded CAF’s sister organization, Institute for America’s Future or IAF, in 1999.) All told, some 130 people played a role in founding CAF. Among the other notables were Mary Frances BerryJulian BondHeather BoothRobert BorosageJohn Cavanagh, Richard ClowardPeter DreierBarbara EhrenreichBetty FriedanTodd GitlinTom HaydenDenis Hayes,Roger HickeyPatricia IrelandJesse JacksonJoseph Lowery, Frances Fox PivenRobert Reich, Mark Ritchie, Arlie SchardtSusan ShaerAndrew SternJohn Sweeney, and Richard Trumka.

More here………


Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s “Boss”? It Is Not Obama….

In 2002, Borosage led the production of CAF’s book StraightTalk 2002, which provided readers with leftist talking points on the major issues of the day. “The StraightTalk strategy,” Borosage wrote, “would help mobilize the Democratic base — unions, African Americans, Hispanics, women, environmentalists — while reaching out to seniors and working families.”

In a November 2002 L.A. Weekly articleThe Nation editor David Corn quoted what Borosage had said backstage during a recent anti-war rally sponsored by International A.N.S.W.E.R.  According to Corn, Borosage stated: ”This [rally] is easy to dismiss as the radical fringe, but it holds the potential for a larger movement down the road…. History shows that protests are organized first by militant, radical fringe parties and then get taken over by more centrist voices as the movement grows. They provide a vessel for people who want to protest.”

In February 2005 Borosage wrote a piece condemning President Bush’s most recent budget:

“[T]he federal budget … offends common decency even as it cuts investment in our future. … [It] breaks [Bush’s] promise to fund reforms of our schools … America’s health care system is broken. … Yet the president’s budget would cut Medicaid … hurting the most vulnerable in our country … Poverty is rising … Yet the president’s budget will cut food stamps for some 300,000 recipients, eliminate child care for thousands of poor working mothers and slash support for affordable housing. Many Americans still don’t have safe water, but support for sewage systems is to be slashed. … On the other hand, America … spends almost as much on its military as the rest of the world combined. The military is also the largest cesspool of waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government. But in Bush’s budget, military spending will increase. America will police the world, even as the Bush budget cuts back support for policing its own streets. We now witness an inequality not seen since the Gilded Age. The wealthy capture more of the nation’s income and wealth, while middle-income and poor families are losing ground. Yet the president’s budget will extend tax cuts for the very wealthy, even as it cuts services for the many.”

In December 2006, a month after Democrats had seized control of Congress on election day, Borosage co-chaired the initial meeting of Change America Now, a national campaign of some 30 leftist organizations supporting the “100 Hour” legislative agenda outlined by the victorious party’s leadership. “Democrats ran the most populist elections in memory,” Borosage told those in attendance. “We need to make sure the Democrats deliver on their promises, and that the 100 Hours Agenda is just the first step in creating an economy that works for working people.” [My note here:  Remember out of Nancy Pelosi’s own mouth the words of WHAT they were going to accomplish in the “First 100 hours” of gaining control of the House.]

Borosage has co-authored two books — The Next Agenda: Blueprint for a New Progressive Movement (with Roger Hickey), and Taking Back America: And Taking Down the Radical Right (with Katrina vanden Heuvel).


Do Progressives Want to Plot and “Seize” America?


June 8, 2010

(CNSNews.com) – Andy Stern, the former head of the Service Employees International Union who now sits on President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reformsaid the United States needs an economic plan that does not include “worshipping” the free market.

“America needs a 21st century economic plan because we now know the market-worshipping, privatizing, de-regulating, dehumanizing American financial plan has failed and should never be revived, worshipping the market again,” Stern said in remarks at the annual conference of the liberal activist group Campaign for America’s Future in Washington on Monday.

“It has failed America and everyone that works here,” Stern said.

Stern said the changes that Obama and Democrats in Congress have made are nothing short of a “revolution” that will move the American economy from national to international.

“This not our father’s or our grandfather’s economy,” Stern said. “We’re as far today from the New Deal as the New Deal was from the Civil War. And we cannot drive into the future looking in the rear view mirror.”

He said the progressive movement must build on the past and look to the future as the economy is transformed “from a manufacturing base, to a service, finance, knowledge, green, Internet, and bio-science economy.”

“This revolution’s going to only take 30 years,” Stern said. “No single generation of people have ever witnessed this much change in a single lifetime.

 Continue reading here………


America’s Future Now!

From June 7th to 9th, thousands of progressives will gather in Washington, DC for the America’s Future Now! conference, and deliver a message to the special interests: you will not stop change.

ProgressiveCongress.org Executive Director, Darcy Burner will make two presentations.
•    The Great Debate: Progressives in the Obama era
•    Holding Congress Accountable

Other presenters include Progressive Congress Board Members:Katrina vanden Heuvel, Robert BorosageMarkos Moulitsas,Celinda Lake, and Digby ,along with presentations by numerous other progressive leaders including: Arianna Huffington, Richard Trumka, Howard Dean, Van Jones, Andy Stern, Rep. Donna Edwards, Deepak Bhargava and more!





Blue-Green Leaders Call on President to Focus on Climate, Infrastructure in State of the Union

WASHINGTON, DC (February 11, 2013)

WASHINGTON, DC (February 11, 2013) The day before the State of the Union address, BlueGreen Alliance leaders called on President Barack Obama to launch a national dialogue on climate change and to make it a top priority in his second term. In addition, the labor-environmental partnership highlighted the steps needed to address climate change, rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure and to create quality American jobs.

“It’s time we move forward with a bold vision to get the systems we rely on every day in America –power, water, transportation, and communications – back to where we need to be to safeguard our communities as best we can,” said BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster. “We’re calling on President Obama to lay out a clear path for reducing carbon pollution, rebuilding America’s infrastructure, creating good jobs and building a stronger, cleaner, and fairer economy.”

The steps included improving energy efficiency to reduce carbon pollution from power plants and upgrading our electrical transmission systems. In addition, the partnership called for improving energy efficiency in manufacturing, which will make the sector cleaner and more efficient, and deploying clean energy manufacturing.

“In order to address climate change, we need to make our industries more efficient. We need to invest in new sources of power, including wind and solar, and we need to manufacture the clean energy infrastructure and its products here in America,” said USW International President Leo W. Gerard. “Today, we’ve put forward common-sense steps America can take to be ready for the changing climate, and each of these steps will also create good jobs that will get the economy moving.”

Noting the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the region’s basic infrastructure systems and that some union members are still working to repair the electrical grid, the coalition called for rebuilding our energy, water, pipe, and transportation systems, as well as improving the efficiency of the U.S.’s building stock — including schools — to achieve significant energy savings and emissions reductions.

“By investing now in our infrastructure, including energy and water infrastructure, we can cut down on inefficiencies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create good American jobs and ensure that our infrastructure is reliable in the face of the impacts of climate change,” said Mike Langford, President of the Utility Workers Union of America.

“Last year was the hottest year on record in the U.S., and we all saw the tragic impact that extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy had on communities around the country,” said Union of Concerned Scientists President Kevin Knobloch. “Extreme weather is going to be much more common as climate change continues and we need to get our country ready for it. The President has made it clear that action on climate change will be a priority in his second term, and the highest priority is to make our energy systems, manufacturing facilities, transportation options and infrastructure more resilient while deeply reducing heat-trapping emissions from every source.”

The Six Steps are as follows:

  • Improving efficiency to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, while bolstering the transition with a dedication to economic development, as well as upgrading transmission distribution systems across the board, will make America’s electricity distribution system cleaner, smarter, more efficient, and more resilient.
  • A sincere, dedicated investment in industrial energy efficiency and clean energy manufacturing is needed in this country. Improving industrial energy efficiency and deploying clean energy manufacturing will make the U.S. manufacturing sector cleaner and more competitive.
  • Updating our schools, homes and businesses will create energy savings and reduce emissions. And those updates will not just create jobs in construction, but also in the supply chain creating the needed materials to do them.
  • America’s century-old water infrastructure damaged by the elements, age, and population growth. We must rebuild our water systems with complementary sustainable, green infrastructure will create jobs and ensure clean water for generations.
  • Across the country, pipelines are leaking pollution into our air and water. We can fix this by fixing existing pipelines and improving oversight and implementing strong pipeline safety regulations.
  • America needs transportation networks that move people and goods efficiently. Building a 21st century, multi-modal transportation system will ensure our nation competes effectively in the global economy.

Listen to the call at this LINK



The Russians and American Progressives: Together Again


The Russia Today (RT) Moscow-funded propaganda channel, which is backing the murderous regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, aired a special program on Tuesday night on how progressives in the U.S. can Take Back the American Dream by defeating Republicans. The propaganda effort was broadcast throughout the United States and produced in collaboration with major liberal groups such as the Campaign for America’s Future, MoveOn.org and Demos, all of them Soros-funded.

The host was Thom Hartmann, who regards himself as the nation’s number one progressive radio talk-show host.

The “National Teach-In to Take Back the American Dream” featured Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor; Heather McGhee of Demos; Leo Hindrey, a businessman and self-styled “Patriotic Millionaire;” Natalie Foster, the co-founder of Rebuild the Dream; and Robert Borosage of the Campaign for America’s Future.

Nobody on the program, which also aired on DISH Network, DirectTV and the Free Speech TV Network, demonstrated any concern about appearing on a Moscow-funded channel to promote the “American dream.”

The Russian regime, which has a habit of murdering journalists and political opponents, has a covert and overt program of manipulation of the Western media, similar to what the old Soviet KGB used to specialize in. Interestingly, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has just posted a blog on The Huffington Post, one of RT’s official “partners” in the media business.

However, demonstrating sensitivity to the charge that he is a paid Russian agent working in the progressive movement, Thom Hartmann has refused to discuss how much the Russians pay him to air his program “The Big Picture” on RT. When I questioned him about this, he actually grabbed my camera recording his response in order to avoid being seen stonewalling.



Obama Officials, Dems Support Global Socialism


Dean’s comments came in a video address in which he joked that his failure to personally attend the Party of European Socialists (PES) convention, which was advertised as a “carbon neutral congress,” was actually a smart move because he avoided flying and contributing to global warming. “We’ve saved a lot of carbon,” Dean said.
In his comments, Dean called for a “long-term global vision” for the transformation of the global economy and mentioned that disgracedDemocratic President Bill Clinton had previously spoken at a meeting of the PES-sponsored Global Progressive Forum. The April 2-3 Global Progressive Forum also featured Robert Borosage of the left-wing group that calls itself the Campaign for America’s Future.

The Global Progressive Forum is also sponsored by the Socialist International, whose U.S. affiliate, the Democratic Socialists of America, includes long-time backers of Barack Obama.

“Free-market globalization alone cannot achieve social justice,” Dean told the PES convention.  “What the world needs is a global New Deal.”


H. SWOBODA: With Obama we can work together for a progressive future in Europe and the USA

Posted on 07/11/2012

With Obama we can work together for a progressive future in Europe and the USA

Following the victory of Barack Obama last night, re-elected for another four years as president of the United States, S&D Group president Hannes Swoboda said:

“We congratulate Barack Obama on his well-deserved victory.

“His re-election is great news not only for the US but for the world as a whole and for Europe in particular.

“Close co-operation between progressive forces in Europe but also between Europe and the US is crucial to promote our values and the political principles we stand for.

“The path towards equality and greater social justice is the right one and Obama has successfully implemented crucial reforms on issues such as healthcare which particularly benefit the poorer people in the US.

“Yet, more needs to be done. In times of crisis and harsh right-wing austerity policies, our joint fight for growth and investment and against the high and rising unemployment rates – especially youth unemployment – remains more important than ever. Other important reforms such as the regulation of financial markets must also be pushed at the international level and the re-election of Barack Obama is an important step forward for the progressive agenda around the globe.”






Americans need to educate themselves about the Progressive/Socialist/Communist “agents” working within our Government.

Eagle sharpening talons


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  2. I live in Minnesota and am a business owner here since 1981. Back in 1982 I rented an office from a company that was providing software for the University of Minnesota, Library System. I sat down in their lounge one day and on the table were the english versions of Pravda and Izvestia. Shocked at that, I asked the obvious question, What is that all about? They said, “What, you didn’t know we were Communists?” They went on to say that there were a large number of members of the Communist Party that were part of the University of Minnesota faculty and activists with the DFL party. “Progressives”, was their new name. The wife of the owner of the software company was a MN State Representative and State Senator who almost was selected as a candidate for Governor. Who knows what we are in for, here in our country. I believe there is a concerted effort by progressive groups to legislate the insidious ideals of Marxism and Communism. I’ve experienced it first hand and when I do tell someone about it they think I’m some sort of McCarthy nutcase.


    Start your own blog on WordPress. It is free! Expose those in Minnesota BY NAME.

    Don’t worry about being called “names”; I personally have been called names I won’t repeat but I continue to “slog” through the idiocracy of the Left. Progressives like to attack; it is Alinsky style. “Pick a target; freeze it, personalize it”.

    DO NOT let them silence you. Silence is acceptance.

    The ONE thing the Progressives cannot attack are FACTS. Be TRUTHFUL and link to your sources.

    Keep up the fight! Progressives abhor flood lights…..



  3. […] Easily Another Progressive Radical Few Americans Know About…..READ, LEARN and EMPOWER….. […]

  4. THANK you for your amazing work here!

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